Linkedin QR Code: How to Generate & Print on Business Cards? [4 Steps]

Linkedin QR Code: How to Generate & Print on Business Cards? [4 Steps]

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Have you heard of Linkedin QR Codes? I’m sure you have.

Even if you haven’t, you’re in the right place. 

LinkedIn is a massive platform that evolves and introduces new features every day. And you don’t want to fall behind on the latest updates

In this blog, we will learn a new way to gather more Connections and grab the attention of high-quality leads by using a LinkedIn QR code

We won’t just see what LinkedIn QR codes are, but rather be the definitive guide to finding, customizing, and sharing these codes. The best part? There’s something to learn for beginners and seasoned LinkedIn networkers alike. 

And if you think I’ll leave you with just these pieces of information, you’re in for a surprise.

So what are you waiting for? Get ready to master the full potential of your LinkedIn QR code in just minutes!

What is a LinkedIn QR Code?

QR code that leads to Rick Astley's Never Gonna Give You Up music video

You’ve probably come across QR codes before. Its design hides encrypted numbers that can link to different kinds of information (Don’t be shy; scan the QR code above).

As for a LinkedIn QR code, you can imagine it like a shortcut to your Linkedin profile. People who scan the QR code can instantly view your LinkedIn profile.

And you know what’s crazy? Every LinkedIn profile has a unique QR code, and it is incredibly easy to get your own!

Why Do I Need a LinkedIn QR Code?

LinkedIn QR code of Saurav Gupta's profile.
Source: Linkedin

But what do you really get out of using a LinkedIn QR code?

Picture this. You’re at a networking event. You hit it off with a high-profile lead, and now you need a way to stay connected so that they convert for your company.

And here is where things can go extremely wrong for you. Give them a business card? They can lose it within five seconds. Give them your phone number? You’ll be just another contact they never reach out to on their list.

It would be an entirely different story if you gave them your LinkedIn QR code to scan

People can just scan your QR code and view your LinkedIn profile instantly. Better yet, they can add you as a Connection or follow you to stay updated on your business.

And with the perfect outreach, you get to secure a warm lead with a better chance of converting into a paying customer. All because they connected with you on LinkedIn without any additional hassles. 

So, a LinkedIn profile QR code will always come in handy if you’re a recruiter, a business owner, or even a job seeker.

How to Get LinkedIn QR Code (All it Takes is 4 Taps)

You want to get your LinkedIn QR code to embrace this innovative way of staying in touch with leads.

Or you just want to avoid fumbling for your business card and save yourself from an awkward situation (trust me, been there).

Phil Dunphy talking about the best business card.

Whatever your reason might be, it's never too late to find, create, and share your LinkedIn profile QR code.

How to Get LinkedIn QR Code on Desktop?

Okay, starting with the bad news first. You cannot scan or share LinkedIn QR codes from your desktop

Ron Swanson throwing away a desktop.

But hey, don’t give up just yet. I have the perfect alternative to get the QR codes for your LinkedIn profile.

How to Get LinkedIn QR Code from the App?

To get your LinkedIn QR code, you need to first download the LinkedIn app from the App Store of your Android or iOS device

Got that covered? Perfect! Let’s look at how you can find your QR code on both devices:

📲 Android - 

  1. Open the LinkedIn app from your Android device. 
  1. Tap on the Search bar from the home page and select the QR code icon as shown in the picture below.
LinkedIn search bar.
Source: Linkedin
  1. Your QR code should be in the “My code” tab.
LinkedIn QR code on Android
Source: Linkedin
  1. You can click “Share my code” to share your LinkedIn profile QR code by attaching it with your outreach messages, or you can choose “Save to gallery”. 
Sharing LinkedIn QR codes
Source: Linkedin

And what if you want to scan someone else’s QR code from your Android device? It’s much easier than you think:

  1. Tap the “Scan” tab right next to “My code”.
Scan tab for LinkedIn QR code
Source: Linkedin
  1. Select “Enable camera access”. 
  1. Place the camera over the LinkedIn QR code. 
  1. If you have a LinkedIn profile’s QR code saved, you can tap on “Add code from gallery” and select the saved image. 
Add LinkedIn QR code from Android gallery.
Source: Linkedin

📲 iOS - 

  1. Open the LinkedIn app from your iOS device. 
  1. Tap the Search bar on the top of your home page and select the QR code symbol on the right.
LinkedIn search bar on iOS.
Source: Linkedin
  1. Allow the LinkedIn app to access your camera.
  1. Your QR code should be in the “My code” tab.
LinkedIn QR code on iOS.
Source: Linkedin
  1. You can share your LinkedIn profile QR code with “Share my code” or save it to your camera roll by selecting “Save to photos”.
Share LinkedIn QR code on iOS.
Source: Linkedin

Figuring out how to scan a LinkedIn QR code on iOS? Follow these steps:

  1. Tap on the “Scan” tab.
LinkedIn QR code scan tab on iOS.
Source: Linkedin
  1. Hold the camera over the QR code you want to scan to visit someone’s LinkedIn profile.
  1. Tap “Scan from photos” to use a QR code already saved in your camera roll.
Scan LinkedIn QR code from iOS photos.
Source: Linkedin

See? Not hard at all, was it? I wasn’t kidding when I said you just needed 4 taps.

But I get it. Simply sending out a QR code for your LinkedIn profile can seem a bit dull (not to mention, will your leads really scan a random QR code?). 

You want to add an extra oomph to your outreach messages, and a regular run-of-the-mill QR code doesn’t sit right with you.

Here’s what you can do…

How to Create & Share a Personalized LinkedIn QR Code

Believe it or not, you can start from LinkedIn if you want personalization.

LinkedIn assigns you a default URL for your profile. But truth be told, linking this to important places just looks unappealing. 

Edit public profile and URL option on LinkedIn.
Source: Linkedin

Lucky for you, your LinkedIn URL can be customized to fit your business needs

Just to bring you up to speed:

  1. Head to your LinkedIn profile. 
  1. Navigate to “Public profile & URL” on the top right.
Edit custom URL on LinkedIn.
Source: Linkedin
  1. Click on the pencil icon next to it.
  1. Select the pencil icon next to “Edit your custom URL”. 
Source: Linkedin
  1. Customize your LinkedIn URL.

So, everything seems to be in order, and you’re ready to interact with new Connections through your LinkedIn QR code. 

But what if you wanted to still take things up a notch? 

Instead of simply sharing your QR codes everywhere, you want to know the platform from which most leads are coming to your LinkedIn profile.

Or maybe you want your LinkedIn QR code to stay consistent with your branding and stand out. 

Here’s how you can achieve both:

Using a LinkedIn QR Code Generator 

Creating a custom QR code for your LinkedIn profile helps you track useful metrics and numbers.

Although using a LinkedIn QR code generator can sound complex. But trust me, you’ll be ready with a personalized QR code in no time.

Oh, did I mention? Using a QR code generator is the only way to create a QR code for your LinkedIn business page.

Take a look at this guide:

  1. Find your LinkedIn URL from your browser’s address bar or your profile. 
  1. Choose a QR code generator website. Here are some of my favorites:
  1. Place your LinkedIn URL.
  1. Choose between static or dynamic QR codes (if the option is available).
  1. Scan your brand new LinkedIn QR code before sharing it everywhere!

But what if you wanted to stay consistent with your branding?

Personalize Your LinkedIn QR Codes (Bonus Guide for Logos)

Wanna know how you can create a LinkedIn QR code with a logo for your business? Most QR code generators already support uploading custom images in PNG or JPEG formats.

Add your own logo by uploading them in the supported image formats and generate your very own QR code that shows off your company logo right in the center.

Take The QR Code Generator as an example. Once you sign-in to their browser platform, you get the ability to customize or choose one of their default logos for platforms like Youtube or Facebook.

While the requirements change for every third-party QR code generator, you can use this feature on most of these websites for free. 

After that all you have left to do is download your LinkedIn QR codes as a PDF file and attach them wherever you want!

Top 5 Places to Share Your LinkedIn QR Code to Get More Leads [With Real Examples]

Your LinkedIn profile is in order; you have your QR code or generated a custom one. Good job for following along! 

Now comes the most important part: getting your LinkedIn QR code out there

How to Share Your LinkedIn QR Code

The most direct way of sharing your LinkedIn QR code is by tapping the “Share my code” option on the “My code” tab.

From here, you get multiple platforms to choose from. Facebook, Instagram, and, of course, LinkedIn itself.

If you want my opinion, there are five places you absolutely don’t want to overlook.

  1. Share LinkedIn QR Code on Business Card

Let’s be real, how often do you keep every business card that you pick up? Chances are you throw most of them out on the same day. 

The last thing you need when looking for jobs or business partners is a boring networking or business card. 

Man throwing business cards.

Only 12% of prospects actually keep your business cards. So you have to make it count!

If you’re a job seeker, you want your contact details and LinkedIn URL front and center. As for your QR code, you can place it on the back of your business card or on the side, as you see in the picture below. 

LinkedIn QR code on a business card.

Your LinkedIn profile QR code will be extremely hard to miss, giving more incentive to scan it immediately!

  1. Share LinkedIn QR Code on Resume

Same principle as a business card, you can place your LinkedIn QR code on your resume when you’re job hunting

Employers receive hundreds (if not thousands) of resumes each day. Simply listing your achievements and skills on a resume template from the Internet can seriously reduce your chances of getting hired. 

If you were to add your QR code on the top right with a call-to-action (CTA) that reads “Scan for my LinkedIn profile”, recruiters can instantly view your academic and professional history in seconds.

Better yet, if the recruiter is on LinkedIn, they’d appreciate you making full use of LinkedIn’s features!

LinkedIn QR code on a resume.
  1. Add QR Codes to Gated Content

While branded content helps you increase your SEO ranking and market awareness, gated content is an excellent strategy to convert more quality leads

Think of gated content as extra goodies, exclusive for leads most likely to become loyal customers

Everything from whitepapers, eBooks, webinars, etc., can be kept as gated content. Once a lead shares their contact information with you, rest assured, they REALLY want to know more about your company.

With that in mind, wouldn’t it make sense to include a LinkedIn QR code on your profile or business page (if you’re using external tools) on every piece of gated content? Like this presentation slide right here:

LinkedIn QR code on a presentation slide.
  1. Add QR Codes in Your Email Signatures

Cold emails are incredibly difficult to get right. Your email has to stand out in the recipient’s inbox, write a catchy opening, keep them engaged with the content…And honestly, the list gets longer with each passing day

However, if you’re worried that your recipients might just scan through your email, you can add a LinkedIn QR code alongside your email signature.

How does that help you? Leads can instantly scan the QR code to view your career history and urge them to follow or Connect with you on LinkedIn.

Better yet, this small move can help you win customer trust as they can check if they’re working with a business that knows what it's doing. 

LinkedIn QR code on an email signature.
  1. Don't Forget Your Company Website!

Your company website is where your leads can learn everything about you. And I really mean everything.

You must ensure that your business solutions, target audience, and industry niche are clear to read and understand for any newcomer to the website. 

And for a step in the right direction, you can add your LinkedIn QR code to show your excellent track record. 

Example of a LinkedIn QR code on a fitness company page.

Leads can also go through your LinkedIn post to find out more about you through your educational, inspirational, or just straight-up hilarious content.

Trust me, evoking emotions is a surefire way of gaining a new customer

Best Practices to Make the Most Out of Your LinkedIn QR Code

Before you go crazy with this newfound knowledge of LinkedIn QR codes, there are a few best practices you have to follow to make your QR codes count:

Keep it reasonably small. Most LinkedIn QR codes average around 3 - 4 cm (or about 1.2 inches), so they’re easily scannable without taking up too much space in your marketing materials.

Make them noticeable. While you want to ensure your codes don’t clutter your business cards or resumes, you have to place them where your leads can’t miss them. 

My recommendation? Try the top-right corner or the back, based on the content you send. 

Double-check your codes. The first person to scan your QR code should be you. Because having a faulty QR code is worse than having none at all!

Pay attention to new Connections! Handing out your LinkedIn QR code is only half the job. You have to focus on engaging them till they convert for your business. 

Now that you have learned the best practices, I have to come clean. Betting on your LinkedIn QR code alone is a terrible idea

What do you do once you find profiles that meet your ICP and get new LinkedIn Connections?

Let me guess. You write dozens of personalized messages to Connections and cold emails manually

Mr. Incredible typing on a computer looking exhausted.

If this hasn’t driven you nuts already, you must send follow-up messages and keep the conversation alive

And that’s just one prospect. Multiply this by 500. What about 1000? Still think this process is sustainable for you? 

Your revenue and business visibility is on the line. Don’t you deserve an outreach strategy that doesn't keep you up at night?

That’s why you can trust Salesrobot to help you forget these problems were ever a thing. 

Salesrobot is an automated LinkedIn outreach tool that lets you target your ICP, create personalized messages that actually convert, and configure follow-up sequences. 

But that’s just the beginning. Let me show you what you’ve been missing out on.

Salesrobot lets you pull prospects from Sales Navigator and LinkedIn Searches, Groups, Events, and even CSV files to help you contact quality leads. All you have to do is share the Search URL when you create a campaign with Salesrobot, and you’re good to go.

Confused as to how all of this works? Don’t worry, this video tutorial will go through everything you need to start with Salesrobot

<Sales Robot | Short Demo | How to get started on SalesRobot>

We support a fully customizable workflow where you can set up a follow up sequence. You can configure delays between each follow up message till you get a reply from your leads.

What’s more? Our Smart Reply Detection feature automatically stops sending follow up messages once your recipient sends a reply. You get to take complete control and close the deal!

Still need a little more help? Leverage AI technology with SalesGPT to create your first campaign on Salesrobot


So there you have it. You have a new way of meeting potential customers and future business partners on LinkedIn other than just sending them Connection requests. 

A LinkedIn QR code helps you share your profile in seconds with a single scan. This opens up opportunities to build trust, show your online presence, and present your business solutions in an engaging manner.

And all it takes is 4 taps! Access your LinkedIn application from an Android or iOS device. Or, generate a LinkedIn QR code for your business page from third-party sources. 

Don’t just sit there with your codes. Go share them in the five places you absolutely cannot miss out on.

But with that said, simply relying on LinkedIn QR codes to gather more Connections and leads isn’t a good enough strategy. 

You need an automated LinkedIn outreach campaign that not only targets your ICP, but reaches out to them with engaging messages. 

Of course, just one message isn’t going to do the trick. So you also need to automate your follow-up sequence that doesn’t drive you crazy trying to keep up with every lead.

Think you need a little more help to set up your automated campaigns? I got your back. 

Check out Salesrobot by visiting our website here. We help you send outreach messages that convert to 100s of prospects on auto-pilot. 

Sounds too good to be true? Try our features risk-free with a 14-day free trial. No credit card or phone number needed — just your email, and you're good to go!

Until next time,

Good luck!

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