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MixMax Review and Pricing: Is the best for outbound reach in 2023?

Are you on the lookout for an effective outbound reach tool for 2023? Then let us introduce you to MixMax! We recently tested this platform, and we're eager to share our review with you.

Saurav Gupta
Founder & CEO
May 8, 2023
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Hi you! You’re here, then let me guess, you’re wondering about MixMax.

You (right now) -

Okay! I get it. 

Do you want me to be salesy? Because I can do that.

Are you tired of sending countless emails without getting the response you're hoping for? I feel you! Lucky for you, there's a platform called Mixmax that can make your outbound reach easier.

No, but jokes apart, MixMax can be like your personal assistant. It has all sorts of features to make sending and managing emails easy. 

I have tried the tool, and now let's discuss the findings. 

This MixMax Review will cover everything from Mixmax's features, setup, user reviews, and potential cons to a better alternative. 

First, we’ll learn what this tool is and how it may help you. 


What is MixMax and what does it do?

Mixmax is your email wingman! It's a platform that helps you send and manage your emails more efficiently.

What is MixMax?

With Mixmax, you can do all sorts of cool things, like:

  • scheduling emails to be sent later, 
  • tracking how many people are opening your emails, and 
  • creating personalized email templates

You can also use it to set up surveys, schedule meetings, and share your availability.

Mixmax is like a one-stop shop for all your email needs. And, it integrates with numerous other well-known platforms like Salesforce and Slack to maximize its potential.

How do I configure Mixmax?

The procedure is rather straightforward and proceeds as follows:

  1. Register for a trial or paid account on the Mixmax website.
  2. Install the Mixmax extension on your email program of choice (such as Outlook or Gmail).
  3. Connect your email account to Mixmax by following the prompts.
  4. Customize your settings in the Mixmax dashboard. You can set up things like email tracking, scheduling, and templates.
  5. Start using Mixmax to send and manage your emails.
  6. When Mixmax is configured, a new toolbar with a variety of useful capabilities appears in your email client.

Once you have Mixmax set up, you'll see a new toolbar in your email client with all sorts of handy features. 

And those handy features are discussed below. 

Mastering MixMax: An In-Depth Look at What it Can Do

Sequences and Engagement

You can set up a Sequence with customized templates, personalized variables, and specific timing. MixMax will be your email robot minion, sending messages on a specified schedule.

First, you create a new Sequence in the MixMax dashboard. You can choose from various pre-built templates or create your own from scratch.

Next, you can customize your Sequence by adding personalized details, setting up automated follow-up messages, and scheduling.

Once your Sequence is set up, you can use it to reach out to leads, nurture client relationships, or do whatever else you need. MixMax will send out your messages without you having to lift a finger.

Of course, it's important to check how your Sequences are doing

Which brings me to the topic of engagement. You can find out:

  • who is opening your emails, 
  • when they are being opened, and 
  • how frequently by using engagement tracking

You can also configure notifications which will allow you to take fast action.

Also with MixMax, it's simple to create and send polls and surveys from within your emails. 

The MixMax dashboard's custom inquiries and data analysis tools are available. It's a method to receive feedback from clients, ask for input from coworkers, or just have some fun.

A variety of coaching and collaboration features are also available with MixMax. It is useful for virtual coaching sessions, distant teams, and efficient work management. 

You can use the site to send emails with coaching feedback, plan meetings, and share files.

You may also conveniently start a phone call from within your emails with MixMax's one-click dial functionality. It works well for reaching out to coworkers or making sales calls.

The sidebar in MixMax serves as a central location for all activities linked to email. The sidebar gives you access to your calendar, templates, and analytics.  

But how do you manage those engaging sequences? Through Rules. 

Rules and Workflow

MixMax's Rules feature allows you to automate actions based on specific triggers in your inbox.  

This is how it goes:

In the MixMax dashboard, you must first create a new Rule. Select the action you want MixMax to perform after selecting a trigger. For example, you can choose, receiving an email from a specified sender or with a specific subject line.

Mixmax workflow

Once your Rule is configured, MixMax will carry out the desired action whenever the trigger is satisfied. 

With Rules, you can save time and stay organized by automating tasks that would otherwise take up valuable brain space. Plus, it's just fun to see MixMax do its thing!


Similar to a project management tool integrated into your email, MixMax's Workflow function. You can:

  • create and track tasks, 
  • assign them to team members, and 
  • even set deadlines. 

Here is how to accomplish it:

The MixMax dashboard's new Workflow creation process is the first step. Tasks can be created, given to team members, and have notes and comments added.

You can check the status of each job within your email once your Workflow configures. You can see who is working on what, what is already finished, and what still has to be done.

You can manage your workload and keep track of priorities with Workflow. Additionally, it's a fantastic method to interact with coworkers and keep everyone in the loop.

You can also build up triggers that will update Salesforce. You might program updates to be sent out when a contract is closed or a meeting is scheduled, for instance.

You can alter the updates to include particular fields or remarks

This automation feature also ensures that your Salesforce data updates. But what about other platform integrations, you ask? It will be covered in the next topic. 


MixMax's integrations are like the secret sauce, making it better!  The following are some of the tools that MixMax can work with:

You can make, distribute, and track videos with the aid of MixMax's connection with Vidyard. You can send engaging emails that will strengthen ties.

You can receive immediate notifications in your Slack channels when your emails are opened or clicked.

MixMax's Zoom integration lets you easily schedule and join Zoom meetings from your calendar invites. So you can manage all your meetings.

You can attach files and documents from your Google Drive account to your emails. Sharing essential information with your recipients is now simple.

The integrations offered by MixMax assist you in getting things done. Whether you're managing your sales pipeline or setting up meetings, MixMax helps you with it. 

It makes it easy to stay on top of your outreach activity without constantly checking your email. And as we know that regular check-ups are good for your sales process, which is where the analytics features come into play. 

Reporting and analytics 

MixMax's reporting features will be your personal stats coach for your email outreach game. It gives you a breakdown of your emails' performance to optimize and get better results.

Reporting and Analytics

Here's a quick rundown of what you can expect:

You'll get activity reports showing who's opening your emails, clicking links, and responding. This intel will help you understand which emails need a little tweaking.

You'll use the team reports if you're on a sales team. These let you see how your team's emails are performing, so you can identify areas for improvement and share best practices.

Campaign reports allow you to track the performance of your email campaigns, so you can see what's working and what's not. You can adjust your approach accordingly and get better results.

Calendar and Scheduling

MixMax's calendar and scheduling feature handle all your meeting scheduling needs. It saves you from the dreaded back-and-forth email dance. 

Firstly, MixMax syncs with your calendar so you can set your availability preferences. And it will automatically find the best time slots for your meetings.

Calendar and scheduling

You can embed your availability right into your emails. Your recipient can click on a time that works for them and add it directly to your calendar.

And finally, MixMax's scheduling features include the following:

Meeting templates.

Auto-reminders to boost attendance rates, and 

the ability to book meetings directly from your website. 

After breaking-down the features of the tool, let’s find out what the users have to say about the tool.


MixMax Review

Let’s quickly skim through some of the user reviews. 

MixMax Review on G2

MixMax rates at 4.5 out of 5 stars on G2. 

Mixmax review on G2

✅ Many users have appreciated the availability of email templates

❌ But the users in reviews disapprove of Mixmax emails' attachments and other broken links.

MixMax review on G2

❌ Many users have also reported being unable to bulk-edit follow-up sequences when ruled out. 

✅ But users like the joint meetings and the ability to share data with their team.

MixMax Review on GetApp

MixMax rates at 4.6 out of 5 stars on GetApp.

MixMax review on GetApp

❌ Although users find the tracking features okay, many have complained about the tracking metrics being less useful. 

Pros and Cons

The above reviews sum up most of the reviews on GetApp. Users acknowledge MixMax's Salesforce integration and its template features. But only some are unsatisfied with broken emails, buggy interfaces, and reporting features.

MixMax Review on Capterra

MixMax rates at 4.6 out of 5 stars on Capterra.

Mixmax review on Capterra

Users have reported the inability to customize sequences. Also, users have enjoyed using gifs and videos in the messages to prospects. 

MixMax review on Capterra

Some users also disapprove of their pricing systems of the number of members or users added.

Now that we’ve covered user reviews. Let’s learn about the cons of using MixMax. 

What are the Drawbacks of MixMax?

  • The interface and inbox need to be more precise. 
  • Users have faced issues with scheduling and email deliverability features. 
  • The Mixmax reporting features could be better.
  • Users need help in automating LinkedIn connections and follow-ups.
  • The customization options in a sequence are restrictive.
  • MixMax is relatively user-friendly. But there may still be a learning curve for users who need to become more familiar with email automation or scheduling tools.
  • MixMax is primarily designed for email outreach, so it may not be suitable for users who prefer other communication channels.
  • Some of MixMax's features, such as email tracking and scheduling, are only available for Gmail users. It may be a limitation for users who prefer other email clients.
  • The automation and personalization features may lead to overuse or spam-like behavior. It could lead to reduced engagement or negative reactions from recipients.

Now, let’s learn how much this tool costs. 

What does MixMax cost?

MixMax has five pricing tiers and they are as follows:

  • Free Plan: $0 per user monthly
  • SMB: $29 per user monthly
  • Growth: $49 per user monthly 
  • Growth + Salesforce: $69 per user monthly
  • Enterprise: Customazible
MixMax pricing

Maximizing Your Sales Strategy: How Salesrobot Outperforms MixMax

SalesRobot offers more advanced automation features than MixMax.  It allows users to automate more complex sales processes and workflows. It includes automated lead scoring, email follow-ups, and scheduling.

Salesrobot offers better lead generation capabilities than MixMax. It helps identify businesses and target high-quality leads more effectively.

Salesrobot also offers a smart inbox for all your prospect communication needs.


Unlike other tools, they offer free LinkedIn InMails for you to exploit. And make connections more organically.

You can also customize sequences however you please. Be it:

Salesrobot - best alternative to MixMax

And the most unique feature of Salesrobot is that it offers personal email enrichment. It verifies personal emails for your prospecting needs.

In the next section, we’ll learn about the other features Salesrobot offers. 

What is Salesrobot and how does it help you?

Salesrobot is a LinkedIn and email sales outreach tool. It uses hyper-personalization and automation to turn your cold outreach into warm prospecting. 

Salesrobot is a secure way to bypass LinkedIn's daily limits. It lets you connect more in less time and effort. 

Salesrobot has great configuration settings to keep your outreach numbers safe and high.

You can also integrate Salesrobot with many tools through Zapier. It can effectively analyze the data from the tools and take action accordingly. 

Salesrobot Integration

They have also found less conventional ways for lead generation, like LinkedIn polls and LinkedIn groups.

And then, you have to keep track of your campaigns to strategize for the next one. They have excellent reporting and analytics features to help you achieve your sales goals.

Smart Analytics - Salesrobot

How much does Salesrobot cost?

Salesrobot offers all of its robust feature sets for $99 per month per account. And they also offer a free 14-day trial without needing a credit card.

Salesrobot pricing

Final Thoughts on MixMax Review

We've talked a lot about MixMax and its features so far. When it comes to outbound reach and sales automation, MixMax certainly has a lot to offer. 

The Sequences and Engagement tools and their Rules and Workflow capabilities are good. And it's a tool that many people would find appealing due to its reasonable pricing.

Salesrobot might be an excellent option to explore if you're searching for a sales automation product. As it goes beyond MixMax's capabilities. 

Salesrobot could support companies in further streamlining their sales operations. It offers sophisticated automation, lead creation, and analytics tools. And even though it would cost more, its advantages might compensate for that.

All in all, MixMax vs. Salesrobot comes down to the unique needs and goals of each business. 

Disclaimer: The content of this blog post reflects our own opinions and judgements based on our research and experience as of 08.05.2023. Comparisons made to other software or tools are for informational purposes only and are based on publicly available information and our own analysis. We do not claim absolute accuracy and encourage readers to conduct their own research to form their own opinions. While we may discuss competitor offerings, our primary focus is to showcase the features and benefits of Salesrobot. Salesrobot is not affiliated with any other software or tool mentioned in this blog post.

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