LinkedIn B2B Lead Generation: How To Boost Your Sales Pipeline?

LinkedIn B2B Lead Generation: How To Boost Your Sales Pipeline?

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Whether you’re an established business or a new one, generating qualified leads from LinkedIn for your sales pipeline is a task. 

In this blog, we mentioned some of the best practices we applied in our lead generation strategies that generated 100+ high quality leads every week for us. 

Before we dive, let’s understand why LinkedIn is the best channel for your B2B lead generation. 

LinkedIn's professional audience is over 900 million which makes it an ideal B2B lead generation platform

It is the world's largest professional networking platform to connect with people and grow your business.

But with so many businesses and professionals on the platform, it can be a little challenging.

So, how do you stand out and make meaningful connections?

This is why a clear and effective LinkedIn B2B lead generation strategy is important.

Now that we know 'Why LinkedIn is important for your business's lead generation?

Let’s understand 'how' you can generate B2B leads on LinkedIn?

How to generate qualified B2B leads on LinkedIn? 

Let’s refresh our memories with a quick definition of a sales pipeline.

It is a visual representation of the stages that a prospect goes through in the sales process.

how to generate qualified b2b leads?

A well-managed sales pipeline is a powerful tool for maximizing sales productivity and closing more deals.

Some of the ways to grow your sales pipeline are-

  • Targeted advertising, 
  • Content marketing, 
  • Social media outreach, and 
  • Email campaigns.

It can help sales managers predict future sales revenue and find what works for their business.

In simple words, analyze your pipeline performance, and adjust your strategy as needed.

We have curated an easy to use strategy for you to level up your B2B lead generation game!

  • Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile
  • Identify your target audience
  • Make Connections
  • Personalization is key
  • Engage with your network
  • Quality lead generation with Emails 
  • InMails are a more targeted outreach
  • Increase your response rates with Follow-up 
  • Organize and Prioritize

We have also included one (or two) bonus tip for you that has worked for many others. 

Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile:

First, you should always keep your LinkedIn profile updated with relevant information. 

Your profile is often the first thing that people see when they search for you. 

how to optimize Linkedin profile?

Formatting your “about” section is a great way to give the other person an understanding of who you are and what you do

And what you can do for them.

You can expand on what you have done and what you offer in your profile summaries.

It is your personal brand, so showcase your unique value proposition

Your profile will help you connect with others who

  1. share your interests or
  2. are looking for your skills or expertise.

Ensure your profile is complete and includes relevant keywords

It will help you to increase your visibility in search results. 

In simple terms, it increases the chances of potential customers finding you.

Identify Your Target Audience

LinkedIn allows you to target your ideal customer. It is based on their job title, company size, and industry, among other factors. 

This targeting makes reaching potential customers interested in your products or services easier.

So, know your Ideal Customer Profile. It can increase your chances of attracting their attention.

Get an understanding of your target audience and create your industry-related content. It will help establish you as a thought leader in your industry.

You can even identify and connect with potential leads with the help of Salesrobot.

Salesrobot's advanced targeting features help you connect based on industry, job title, company size, and more.

Make Connections

Besides the traditional way, it would be best to leverage LinkedIn Groups. You can build relationships by joining groups and participating in discussions.

It provides tools like Sales Navigator and LinkedIn Ads to help businesses generate sales leads.

These tools allow your business to optimize their lead-generation strategy through

  • targeting your ideal customers
  • automating outreach
  • tracking metrics

With the help of Salesrobot, many of these manual tasks involved in your outreach are easy to do.

A Salesrobot Campaign is a series of automated messages to connect with your prospects. They contain simple connection requests to more in-depth content like e-books or case studies.

Salesrobot increases your chances of converting a prospect into a lead by sharing relevant content. 

It will free up your time. Then, you will be able to focus on other important tasks such as building rapport with business colleagues

This brings us to our next step.

When contacting your Ideal Customer Profiles, please ensure to personalize your message to fit their needs.

Personalization is key

Always plan your message to suit the person you're talking to.


Because you are not just selling, you are helping them achieve their targets.

Then, you can make clear promises about your performance.

You can also create many message templates and customize them with Salesrobot.

Salesrobot can be programmed to personalize your outreach messages. It allows you to tailor them to potential leads' needs and interests.

It is very important to understand your audience and their pain points in this process. 

Hyper-personalization can increase your outreach's effectiveness and improve your chances of generating leads.

Address the recipient by name to increase the prospect's chances of responding positively.

Personalization can help you attract higher-quality leads. They are more likely to convert into customers.

Understand the prospect's challenges to  stand out from the competition.

Note: The reply rates are much higher when you try to research your prospect beforehand.

Engage With Your Network

Being active on LinkedIn requires authenticity and engagement.

It is invaluable to grow on LinkedIn. As it provides a range of benefits for professionals and businesses, like, 

  • networking 
  • brand building 
  • lead generation 
  • career advancement.

Start by creating genuine, personalized content and engaging with your audience in a way that's valuable to them.

You can share helpful content, comment on posts, and start conversations.

Salesrobot Engagement Campaigns are a great way to share a variety of content. They are specially designed to build relationships and engage with prospects.

Overall, offer something of value in your content, such as a white-paper, eBook, or other resources relevant to your business. It can make potential customers more likely to engage with you.

Quality lead generation with Emails 

Email allows you to communicate with your target audience without the distractions of other channels.

The use of emails also boils down to your goal of appealing to more prospects and getting the best out of it.

Emails are effective B2B lead generation tools, used with LinkedIn outreach.

Here is why:

You can automate these campaigns. It will save you time and effort while allowing you to reach many prospects. 

Try to keep your email message short and to the point. Your prospect might be busy, so a clear message that highlights your product value is good.

Your Emails should include a clear Call-To-Action encouraging the prospect to take the next step. It could be to schedule a call, download a resource, or visit your website.

Emails are also a cost-effective way to B2B generate leads. They still provide a high return on investment.

And since we are on the topic of investment, InMail is a LinkedIn premium feature.

InMails are more of a targeted outreach

InMails are private messages that you can send to other LinkedIn members who are not in your network.

Your InMail should explain how your product or service can help the prospect achieve their goals.

InMails for LinkedIn B2B lead generation requires a personalized approach.

They have been shown to have higher response rates than regular emails or cold calls

You can also use sales engagement or cold outreach automation tools like Salesrobot to do everything for you.

setup LinkedIn Inmails with salesrobot

(The image where you can set up email and inmail campaigns)

As you can see, Salesrobot sets everything up for you. You can easily send out campaigns with a few clicks!

Increase your response rates with Follow-up

If you don't hear back from a prospect, consider sending a follow-up message a few days or a week later

Follow-ups can be an effective way to re-engage with prospects and move them further down the sales pipeline.

After sending an initial Email or LinkedIn message, follow up with a phone call or another email.

Persistence is necessary to get a response.

But be sure to space out your follow-ups, so you don't come across as too aggressive.

The key here is to be aware of your prospects' needs. Address them in a way they find helpful rather than saying, 'We sell this.'

Organize and Prioritize

Track your results to see which strategies are working and which are not. Use that information to refine your approach and focus on what drives the most results.

You can track open, click-through, and response rates. It can help you

  • optimize your strategy and 
  • prioritize your efforts based on the prospect’s level of engagement.

This process might seem hectic but is essential.

But it will be a no-brainer with Salesrobot.

Salesrobot provides valuable metrics to help you measure the success of your outreach efforts.

salesrobot dashboard

Salesrobot provides campaign management tools to track and manage your outreach campaigns. You can check your conversion rates and adjust your campaigns.

Also, Salesrobot can be a cost-effective way to generate leads for your business. You can target your ideal customer and set a budget that works for your business.

Bonus Tip

And as promised, the bonus step is Social Proof.

You might be wondering, “Why do I need social proof?”

Well, social proof is a great technique for establishing trust with prospective customers.

You can share your customer success stories and much more on your profile and outreach messages. It will help show your business's value and build trust with potential leads.

And yes, we still remember your second bonus tip.

So, here is a list of our 10 winning LinkedIn Sales Message Templates for firing your cold outreach into a warm one.

Final Thoughts: Building a Strong Sales Pipeline on LinkedIn

There are no secret tricks to lead generation.

Many of us still need help as we juggle between doing it

manually (takes a lot of time and effort, and results are slow)


using a tool (that raises LinkedIn alarms rather than helping us).

Let's face it; we must be more targeted and ambitious but careful.

You can drive pipeline growth and increase sales revenue for your business by

  • focusing on attracting and nurturing leads, and 
  • refining your approach based on data and insights.

You can rely on these strategies and use LinkedIn to generate high-quality leads.

Salesrobot provides analytics features to track your outreach performance. It can help you identify what works well and where to improve your outreach strategy.

We also understand that it is a challenge to manage the whole process for your lead generation.

Isn't it easy to stay caught up?

So, let Salesrobot handle it for you.

Salesrobot can be an effective tool for organizing your outreach process.

Increased efficiency, personalization, and targeting, with improved metrics, make it a valuable tool for any business looking to generate more leads on LinkedIn.

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