PhantomBuster Review 2023. Is it the Solution to Your Lead Generation Problems?

PhantomBuster Review 2023. Is it the Solution to Your Lead Generation Problems?

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PhantomBuster Review: We’ve used it for over 2 years and here’s what we think

This article is for you if:

You’ve heard of this tool but never really figured out what it does and how it works.


You’re in sales and need to figure out if this tool can help you get leads

As I take you through this PhantomBuster review, I will draw on my own experience and reviews of real users.

So, what's in store for you in this PhantomBuster review? Here's what you can expect:

  • We'll kick things off with an overview of what PhantomBuster brings to the table. You'll get a clear picture right from the start.
  • Next up, we'll uncover PhantomBuster's top-notch features and areas where it could use someimprovement. It's important to know both the strengths and limitations of this tool.
  • Then we’ll tell you about PhantomBuster's pricing structure
  • Lastly, we'll compare PhantomBuster with another solution for those considering a Phantombuster alternative for getting leads from LinkedIn to help you make an informed decision.

Now, find a comfortable spot on the corner of your sofa, grab a refreshing beverage, and get ready for this PhantomBuster review. 

So, what Is PhantomBuster?

PhantomBuster is an all-in-one cloud-based automation tool that can help you with a variety of tasks. 

Here's what you can use it for:

  • You can use it for web scraping, data analysis, social media management, and more.
  • With PhantomBuster, you can extract data from websites, monitor prices, manage your social media accounts, and more.

You do need to be a tech expert to use it though. The interface is hard to learn and you need to be comfortable with cookies and proxies.

  • PhantomBuster comes with over 100 pre-made automation tools that can help you generate leads from all the major websites and networks.
phantombuster features
Source: PhantomBuster

Now that we know what PhantomBuster is, let's now move towards why you should be using Phantom Buster in this PhantomBuster review. 

PhantomBuster Review: Why You Should Use It?

  • You can automate entire campaigns across multiple web platforms like Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn etc by connecting different Phantoms into a chain or flow.
  • PhantomBuster allows you to scrape data from websites and extract information that's available online, so you can store it for later use.
  • It has a LinkedIn profile scraper, which makes it a real powerhouse.

Overall, if you're looking for a tool that can help you automate your marketing campaigns and extract data from the web, PhantomBuster might be just what you need.

why phantombuster?
Source: Phantombuster

Now that we know what PhantomBuster is and how it can help you with your business. Let’s take a look at its features. 

Who Is PhantomBuster For? 

PhantomBuster is a software designed for small to medium-sized businesses looking for an efficient automated growth hacking tool.

It allows users to automate workflows and generate more leads without manually managing individual tasks, making it perfect for those short on time and wanting to boost productivity.

The software is best used for data enrichment and LinkedIn outreach and works well with a LinkedIn automation tool of your choice.


How Does PhantomBuster Work? 

PhantomBuster is an automation platform that offers you an extensive range of over 100 Phantoms and Flows to accelerate your business growth. 

You can choose between two types of automation to achieve your goals: Phantoms and Flows.

By utilizing "Phantoms" (single automation) and 

"Flows (many actions that operate together), 

phantombuster flows
Source: PhantomBuster

the platform enables you to create a lead generation sequence quickly.

So, you can use it for a variety of tasks, here are a few examples:

1. Extract lists of leads 📝

Data extraction that normally takes days will now only take a few minutes! Source targeted profiles from any major platform or website, and add them to a .CSV file, Google Sheets document or spreadsheet.

extract lists of leads phantombuster 1
Source: PhantomBuster

2. Enrich data and emails 📧

You’ve found the right people. Now how do you get to know them, and safely access their contact information? PhantomBuster lets you fill in the gaps with verified email addresses, company details, phone numbers and more.

enrich data and emails

3. Send outreach campaigns 💬

It’s time to scale up your connections on the web—whilst still keeping it personal and authentic! Send tailored messages to nurture new leads, and track your progress to ensure the best results.

Source: PhantomBuster


Is PhantomBuster Safe? How does it work?

All you need to do is - 

  • Pick a Phantom or Flow from the store. 
  • Add an element, such as a session cookie or an API key, to give access. 
how does phantombuster work?
Source: PhantomBuster
  • Describe how you want the Phantom or Flow to perform or what you want from it.
how can you operate phantombuster?
Source: PhantomBuster
  • Click ‘launch”. You can choose to manually launch, launch repeatedly, or launch repeatedly ( advanced). 

The rest will subsequently be handled by the automation tool. 

When it's done, it will provide a data output file with all the output data, ready for you to upload directly to your CRM.


From LinkedIn to Instagram: A look at its wide range of automation capabilities

We understand that as a business owner or marketer, you may need to integrate different platforms and tools to automate your lead generation process.

That's why we're impressed with PhantomBuster's ability to integrate with a multitude of platforms, making it a very attractive option for many users like you.

Unlike other competitors, PhantomBuster offers a wide range of automation platforms to choose from, which increases your chances of generating more leads and revenue. 

With this tool, you can gather and enrich public data from popular social media profiles and networks. However, it's important to be careful with your automation setups to avoid any issues with the platforms you're integrating with.


One of the platforms that PhantomBuster integrates particularly well with is LinkedIn. 

Using popular LinkedIn Phantoms and flows, you can export search results, auto-connect and track requests, send auto-follow-up messages, and scrape companies to enrich data and marketing efforts. 

With PhantomBuster, you can even extract up to 2,500 members of a LinkedIn group by simply extracting information from Google or Microsoft Excel sheets, which saves you time and effort.


If you're looking to automate your lead generation process for Facebook, you can use the Facebook Profile URL Finder automation tool to find profiles or pages using URLs from a complete list of company names. 

This tool helps you enrich your contact list by browsing the web and viewing thousands of Facebook accounts efficiently. 

You can also use the Facebook Group Members Export tool to process your campaign launch and keep track of your lead gen strategy using the CSV spreadsheet.


PhantomBuster's Instagram automation is also worth mentioning, as it allows you to export lists of followers, extract and download profile data, and set up automated workflows. 

You can quickly develop massive leads lists for your marketing and sales outreach by using auto-liking, commenting, and following other Instagram accounts. 

This enables you to extract data and interact with your desired niche.

Overall, if you're looking for a tool that integrates with multiple platforms and offers a wide range of automation options, PhantomBuster is definitely worth considering.

Phantombuster Review: Pros and Cons of Using it to generate leads 

Phantombuster is a popular tool for data collection and scraping, offering a range of features and capabilities to help businesses and individuals gather information from websites and other online sources.

advantages of phantombuster

Benefits of using PhantomBuster for your business needs:

  • You can Automate repetitive tasks and focus on critical tasks
  • You can Scale your business by providing valuable insights through data analysis
  • It integrates with multiple platforms offering a wide range of automation options. 

PhantomBuster Shortcomings:

Disavantages of phantombuster
  • LinkedIn Limits

Unfortunately, Phantom Buster can't bypass LinkedIn's limit or connection invite restrictions. This means you'll still have to follow LinkedIn's guidelines and regulations.

  • Limited slots for running multiple tasks simultaneously

The number of Phantoms you can run at the same time is limited. So, if you need to run multiple tasks, you may have to wait for one to finish before starting another.

  • Restrictions on lead generation

There are certain things you can't do with Phantom Buster, and these restrictions may impact your lead-generation efforts.

  • Safety concerns with accessing your cookies

Phantom Buster requires you to download a Chrome extension and access your cookies to enter LinkedIn, which could potentially put your account at risk of suspension.

All in all, PhantomBuster can be a helpful tool for streamlining your tasks and increasing productivity. 

Nevertheless, it's crucial to keep in mind its limitations and take the necessary measures to ensure the safety of your account.

phantombuster shortcomings
Source: PhantomBuster

PhantomBuster Review: How Much Does it Cost?

Phantombuster pricing
Source: PhantomBuster

Here's a breakdown of the pricing for Phantom Buster, along with some additional information:

  • Trial: 14-day free trial with 5 slots and 2 hours per day
  • Starter: $69/month with 5 slots and 20 hours per month
  • Pro: $159/month with 15 slots and 80 hours per month
  • Team: $439/month with 50 slots and 300 hours per month

Each plan offers different features and capabilities to suit different business needs.

The Starter plan is a good option for individuals or small businesses who want to try out Phantom Buster's services, with 5 slots and 20 hours per month.

The Pro plan offers more slots and hours for those who need to automate more tasks or require more hours of usage.

The Team plan is ideal for larger organizations or teams that require even more automation capabilities.

Annual billing discounts are available, offering a 20% discount on the subscription.

There is a 14-day free trial with no requirement for a credit card, although there are limitations on the number of slots and hours available during the trial.

phantombuster pricing
Source: PhantomBuster
phantombuster pricing
Source: PhantomBuster

PhantomBuster Review On G2 and Capterra 2022: 

Have you seen the reviews for Phantom Buster on G2? 

 It has a 4.2 out of 5-star rating and 67% of 28 reviews giving it a 5-star rating, it's clear that people are loving it.

We've noticed that many users appreciate how much faster and more efficient Phantom Buster is compared to other market tools. It's also really user-friendly and has a lot of useful features and options.

 Plus, it's more affordable than similar products on the market.

However, some users have shared their dissatisfaction with the limitations of the free trial. 

Many have found that the 2-hour usage isn't enough time to fully explore the tool and get a proper feel for it.

PhantomBuster Review on Capterra:‍
Source: Capterra

PhantomBuster has a 4.6 rating, which is pretty great.

Have you come across any reviews of PhantomBuster on Capterra? We've noticed that users have some mixed feelings about it.

On the one hand, we love how versatile the platform is and how it gives you complete control over the automation workflow and scheduling. Plus, our tutorial videos make it super easy for you to understand the platform.

But on the other hand, some users have expressed that it can sometimes feel a bit sketchy. 

And they've mentioned that combining several phantoms can be quite complex.

Summary of our PhantomBuster Review

We understand that versatilityand automation capabilities are important to your business. 

That's why PhantomBuster has received positive reviews from users. It’s like a Swiss Army knife of lead generation tasks on LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook and more.
However, much like using a real Swiss Army knife, you can slice your finger open if you don’t know what you’re doing.

You'll appreciate the platform's control over automation workflow and scheduling, as well as the tutorial videos that make it easier to understand.

However, a number of users have expressed concerns about the complexity of combining phantoms and frustration with the many many glitches.

It's important to be aware of its limitations, including LinkedIn limits, limited slots, restrictions on lead generation, and safety concerns.

At the same time, we know that finding the perfect tool can be challenging. 

That's why we've done the research for you and handpicked some of the best alternatives to PhantomBuster. 

Let us help you discover the perfect tool for your business today!😃

Best Alternatives Of Phantom Buster: 

  • Salesrobot
  • TexAu

Just a quick note, we want to be transparent with our ratings and recommendations for Salesrobot, even though it's one of our growth hacking tools. 

We believe in making fair and unbiased evaluations, just as we would with any other software on our list. 

Our goal is to provide you with the best options for your business needs.


Salesrobot is an innovative platform that assists sales teams and lead generation agencies in automating their sales efforts on LinkedIn.

The platform enables users to communicate with potential leads on LinkedIn by crafting personalized messages and connection requests. 

It aims to send human-like messages to give the impression that the user is not communicating with a machine.

This platform caters to a broad range of users, including start-ups, sales teams, recruiting firms, lead generation agencies, and small business owners. 

Salesrobot provides these groups with the opportunity to streamline their sales efforts and reach a wider range of potential leads, thereby making it easier to close deals.

How Can Salesrobot Help? 

Looking to simplify your LinkedIn sales efforts and connect with more leads? Look no further than Salesrobot! 

Here's how this powerful platform can help:

  • Advanced Dashboard: Salesrobot's advanced dashboard provides valuable insights to help you identify your most responsive audiences and optimize your sales strategy.
  • Drip Messaging Campaigns: With Salesrobot, you can create multi-channel campaigns that leverage LinkedIn and email to reach more prospects and achieve an impressive 32%+ favorable response rate.
  • Personalized Images and GIFs: This platform allows you to send custom graphics and GIFs in your messages to spark genuine interactions and dramatically increase the number of appointments you book through LinkedIn. 

It gives you a calculative probable response rate. 

  • Coordinated Connection Invitations: Salesrobot leverages AI to create coordinated connection invitations, providing you with a competitive edge over other LinkedIn sales efforts.
Follow-up sequences - salesrobot
  • Protect Your LinkedIn Account: You can safely send DMs by email to more than 200 people without risking your LinkedIn account.
Safe Mode - Salesrobot

Oh, wait! Let me introduce you to our new feature, 

  • The Email enrichment option. This feature enables you to automatically verify your prospect's email addresses, making your sales efforts even more efficient and effective.

How Much Does Salesrobot Cost? 

Let's talk about Salesrobot's pricing plans.

Salesrobot offers a three tier pricing plan which is at $99 per month, $ 397 per month and $497 per month. But if you go for an annual subscription, you get an additional 50% discount automatically applied.

Salesrobot pricing

Additionally, Salesrobot also has a Pay Per Lead option for you to choose from.

Unfortunately, they don't have a free plan, but they do offer a 14-day free trial for you to test out all of their features without having to enter your credit card information.

So, take advantage of the trial and see if Salesrobot is the right fit for you!

Salesrobot and PhantomBuster Review: Which is the Better Option?

If you're in the market for an automation tool specifically for LinkedIn, then Salesrobot is the way to go. 

Unlike Phantombuster, Salesrobot not only bypasses LinkedIn's limitations in three different ways, but it also prioritizes your safety while doing so. 

Additionally, Salesrobot has features like delaying and randomizing activity, skipping holidays and weekends, and in-app activity limits to ensure it mimics regular human behavior and doesn't set off any red flags for LinkedIn's algorithms.

And the best part?

Salesrobot is cloud-based and comes with a Safe mode that's included in every pricing plan. This means you can personalize your messages to the fullest extent and optimize your LinkedIn outreach strategy. 

Trust me, personalizing your sales and marketing efforts will lead to a steady stream of  qualified leads and higher conversion rates.

So, if you want personalized LinkedIn outreach that runs on autopilot while keeping you safe and bypassing LinkedIn limits, Salesrobot is the ideal alternative to Phantombuster.


TexAu is a tool that's similar to Phantombuster in terms of its capabilities. With TexAu, you can automate a wide range of activities on over 10 popular web platforms, including LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, Quora, Slack, and more. 

That means you can streamline your work and save time on repetitive tasks.

Another great feature of TexAu is its ability to extract data from these platforms and store it for later use. 

This makes it an excellent tool for data gathering and analysis. Whether you need to compile a list of contacts, gather information for market research, or collect data for any other purpose, TexAu has you covered. 

So, if you're looking for a tool that can automate your activities and help you gather and store valuable data, TexAu is definitely worth considering.

What does TexAu excel in?

TexAu is a tool that's packed with features to make your work easier and more efficient. Here are some of the things it excels at

  • Automation: You can automate different activities on over 10 web platforms using "Spices" or connect them into complete sequences using "Recipes." This saves you time and effort.
  • Templates: TexAu comes with a wide range of templates, so you don't have to start from scratch when creating your workflows. Instead, you can use some of the ready-made ones.
  • Data Scraping: TexAu can scrape data from various places on the web, making it an excellent tool for data collection and analysis.
  • Affordable: Compared to Phantombuster, TexAu offers more for the same amount of money, making it a more affordable option.

In a nutshell, TexAu is a versatile tool that can automate your work, provide templates for different workflows, scrape data, and do it all at an affordable price.

Shortcomings of TexAu:

Well, while TexAu has a lot of great features, it's not all sunshine and rainbows. Here are a few things you should keep in mind:

  • Steep learning curve: TexAu can be a bit difficult to understand at first. You'll need to spend a lot of time reading the documentation and manual, and there's still no guarantee that you'll be able to use it to its full potential.
  • Limited LinkedIn options: Unfortunately, TexAu doesn't have any options for bypassing LinkedIn limits in a safe way.
  • Email finder credits and restrictions: TexAu places limits on its email finder credits, file storage, and daily execution time to ensure the smooth functioning of the tool.

Choosing the desktop version of the software ensures added safety, as there is no need for a browser extension to copy or imic your cookies. 

This reduces the risk of being detected and banned by LinkedIn algorithms. However, the desktop version can only work on a single device at a time.

If you're working in a team or agency, the cloud version might be a better option. It requires the installation of a Chrome extension, but it allows multiple users to work simultaneously. 

However, keep in mind that the use of a browser extension carries a slight risk of detection.

If you go for the desktop version, you’ll be safer because there’s no proxy, and no need for a browser extension that can copy and mimic your cookies, so there’s a slight chance LinkedIn algorithms can detect and ban you.

On the other hand, the app can work only when your device is running, and it’s suitable for only one user.

If you’re a team or an agency, you’ll have to opt for the cloud version that requires the installation of a Chrome extension for everything to work properly.

How Much Does TexAu Cost? 

TexAu offers 3 pricing plans-

Cloud Starter - $29 per month

Cloud Growth - $79 per month

Cloud Agency - $199 per month.

If you pay for a year in advance, you get 2 months for free. And don't worry; you can try it out first with the 14-day free trial.

If you need more Data and Email Enrichment Credits, you'll have to pay extra. It's $0.9 per profile for Data Enrichment and $0.02 per email for Email Enrichment.

TeXau and PhantomBuster Review. Which one is better? 

So basically, TexAu and Phantombuster are both tools for automating tasks on various websites, including LinkedIn. TexAu has some advantages over Phantombuster, such as

You can run more tasks simultaneously per day for the same or a slightly higher price.

You get more data and email finder credits, as well as total working time in a day.

So, if you're looking for a Phantombuster alternative that has similar features but with a better price-value ratio, TexAu might be the better option for you.

PhantomBuster Review Conclusion:

So to sum it up, PhantomBuster is a powerful tool that can make your online marketing tasks easier and more efficient. With its impressive range of features, you can automate and scale your strategies with ease.

Now, if you're looking for an option that is more budget-friendly, TexAu is definitely worth checking out. It's a great alternative that offers a wide variety of tasks at a more affordable price.

But, if you’re only looking for LinkedIn lead generation, Salesrobot is the way to go. It's cloud-based and takes extra precautions to ensure your accounts are safe while providing personalized LinkedIn outreach.

Remember, the right choice depends on what works best for your unique business needs and goals. 

So, take your time to weigh the pros and cons before making a decision.

We hope this comparison has been helpful in guiding you toward the right solution for your business. 

Thanks for following along with us, and here's to your success in lead generation!

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