We tried 5 Dripify alternatives, and here’s what we found...

We tried 5 Dripify alternatives, and here’s what we found...

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Do you still have doubts about Dripify and want to explore different sales tools for LinkedIn?

Do not worry. We’ve got you covered!

In this Dripify Alternatives blog, we will assist you in making the right decision about which tool to choose to grow your network on LinkedIn and generate leads

We'll analyze multiple aspects of Dripify, including its features, pricing, disadvantages, and alternatives, and whether it's a valuable investment.

Generating leads, particularly on social media sites like LinkedIn, is one of the most significant challenges you'll face in your digital marketing efforts. 

Dripify claims to make prospecting on LinkedIn more efficient for your team to identify new potential customers.

But, are these claims valid?

Let’s find out! And we will also see why you need to consider some Dripify alternatives.

If you’re short on time, here is a table we have created that compares all the Dripify alternatives.

Comparison table of dripify alternatives




  • Salesrobot offers LinkedIn automation with AI-generated messaging and 200 daily messages, surpassing Dripify's capabilities,  is more affordable (on the annual plan) and user-friendly.

HubSpot Sales Hub

  • HubSpot Sales Hub provides a comprehensive sales solution with email automation, call recording, and various pricing tiers, making it more versatile than Dripify if you’re looking at cold email (and not LinkedIn) as a primary channel


  • Dux-Soup is ideal for individuals and small businesses with its free version and customizable automation, offering a cost-effective alternative to Dripify.


  • Skylead simplifies LinkedIn and email automation in one plan, offering Smart Sequences that allow for complex multichannel outreach on email and LinkedIn. The only downside is that the tool can be buggy and the smart sequences can be difficult to understand.


  • PersistIQ's user-friendly interface, extensive feature set, and cost-effective pricing plans make it a great alternative to Dripify for businesses looking at cold email as their primary channel.

After learning about each Dripify alternative, let's discuss them briefly.

What is Dripify?

What is Dripify?
Source: Dripify

Dripify is a software made explicitly for automating LinkedIn networking.
Instead of you clicking the “Connect” button, adding a note and then clicking the “Message” button to follow up with your connections, Dripify connects to your LinkedIn account and does it all on your behalf.

Its primary goal is to enhance the productivity of sales teams by automating the manual tasks they do on LinkedIn to engage with prospects and secure more sales.In addition to automating your work on LinkedIn, it gives you detailed analytics on how many connection requests it sent, how many accepted, how many replies received and so on.

It is adaptable, allowing customization to meet specific business objectives.

Dripify works well with advanced LinkedIn products as well such as LinkedIn Premium and Sales Navigatorand has good integration options and customer support.

Who uses Dripify? 

Business Owners: 

Busy individuals who own and operate businesses.

Since they typically don’t get the time to do new business development, they use Dripify for various purposes, such as marketing their products or services, managing customer relationships, automating communication and so on.


They use Dripify as a tool to execute marketing campaigns on LinkedIn and have one-to-one conversations with potential customers on it.


They use Dripify for managing candidate communication, automating follow-ups, and streamlining the recruitment process.

What is Dripify used for? 

What is Dripify used for?
Source: Dripify

Dripify is used for the following:  

  • Dripify helps you automate your LinkedIn tasks, and you can generate leads without spending hours on LinkedIn every day.
  •  it can export your LinkedIn sales funnel data to CSV files
  • It has a detailed dashboard with all analytics of your LinkedIn campaigns.
  • Dripify offers good integration with 1000+ software solutions via Zapier
  • These features enable businesses to streamline their outreach, follow-up, and engagement tasks and start conversations with high-quality leads on LinkedIn.


Dripify Pricing: How much does it cost? 

Dripify Pricing
Source: Dripify

Dripify Pricing has three plans:

  1. Dripify pricing Basic - $59/month/user billed annually. This plan includes 1 drip campaign and limited daily quotas.
  2. Dripify Pricing Pro - $79/month/user billed annually. This plan includes an unlimited drip campaign with full daily quotas. It includes all the features except team management and activity control.
  3. Dripify Pricing Advance - $99/month/user billed annually. This plan includes an unlimited drip campaign with full daily quotas. It includes all the premium features.

An annual subscription gets you a 35% discount on all the plans.

But why do you need to look at Dripify Alternatives?

Dripify is a B2B lead generation tool that utilizes LinkedIn as the ideal platform to identify potential clients. 

But the tool has some drawbacks: 

Say Goodbye to Refunds (And Proper Billing Schemes)

Some users report that Dripify has bugs in their billing module and they keep billing you even if you try to cancel (and no refunds!).

User review of Dripify charging users even after cancelled subscription

Buggy Product

Similar to the above Dripify review, a lot of users complain about the lack of functionality and bugs with their promised features.

User review saying Dripify being a buggy product

Sends Fewer Messages Than Advertised

Speaking of broken promises, Dripify users have found that their outreach campaigns are sending half (if not fewer!) messages per day. 

Take this customer for example. They went in expecting 75 messages a day on auto-pilot, but ended up with only 5 messages per day. 

User review saying how Dripify sends fewer messages than advertised

Gets Your LinkedIn Account Banned

A number of users have complained that it got their LinkedIn account banned and that’s obviously no bueno.

Review of Dripify getting a user's LinkedIn account banned

If you want to learn more about Dripify in-depth you can read our detailed Dripify review here!

Because of these issues, we tested 5 Dripify alternatives and wrote this blog just for you. So, without further ado,


Here are the 5 Best Dripify Alternatives in 2023!

#1 Dripify alternative - Salesrobot

Salesrobot is the best tool for LinkedIn automation with personalized AI-generated messaging and 200+ daily messages to LinkedIn Group members and event attendees. 

But what exactly is Salesrobot?

Salesrobot logo

Salesrobot is a sales automation tool that helps users automatically email and connect with prospective clients on LinkedIn. 

Businesses of all sizes, including startups, recruiting agencies, and small organizations, can benefit from Salesrobot.

Salesrobot has 300+ happy customers and outstanding reviews on G2 and Appsumo despite being relatively new. 

Salesrobot is most liked by people because it's easy to use and delivers what it promises (no bugs!)

What are the key features that Salesrobot offers?

Salesrobot account list

Salesrobot offers several noteworthy features that make it stand out from the other Dripify alternatives:

  • Salesrobot has AI powered LinkedIn message writing functionality that helps anyone write a high-converting sequence and start conversations with potential clients.
Salesrobot SalesGPT chatbox
  • Salesrobot allows you to send up to 200+ connection requests every week on LinkedIn without worrying about having your account suspended or banned.

  • Salsrobot also allows you to send cold emails within the same sequence
  • Salesrobot operates safely and gradually ramps up your activity on LinkedIn to avoid any problems that makes it  the safest Dripify alternative.
Salesrobot LinkedIn saftey features
  • The user interface is straightforward and easy to navigate, making it ideal for those new to LinkedIn automation. 
Salesrobot active campaigns
  • Salesrobot provides around-the-clock customer support. 
  • Salesrobot allows you to manage your LinkedIn inbox in a much more seamless way, so that you never miss out on a great lead.
Salesrobot Smart Inbox
  • Salesrobot enables easy integration to popular tools such as Zapier, HubSpot, Salesforce, and Hyperise.
Salesrobot integration options

What is the pricing of Salesrobot?

Salesrobot pricing plans

Salesrobot offers three pricing plans, each with an aim to grow your network on LinkedIn and get you more leads

  • Do It Yourself Plan - $99/month.
  • Pro: The “We do it for you” Plan - $397/month.
  • Pro+: The “We do it all” - $497/month.

It offers a 14-day free trial which is safe to use. And don't worry; we won’t need your credit card details.

A yearly subscription can save up to 20% on the pricing. By the way, you can white-label our LinkedIn outreach services too. 

Our Sales Experts help you book 3-5 meetings in your calendar with the Pro and Pro+ plan.

But don’t let me spoil the surprise here. Let’s discuss your dream outreach strategy over a quick call. Coffee’s on me 😄.

Salesrobot vs. Dripify: Which tool should you choose when?

Salesrobot allows you to reach out 200+ people every week via connection requests, which is far higher than LinkedIn's limit of 100 per week.

It can easily send emails and messages to people via LinkedIn groups and events.

Unlike Dripify, Salesrobot offers LinkedIn and email automation to help you reach more potential B2B customers well. 

Although Salesrobot has a higher price point with all premium features compared to Dripify, it’ll actually be less expensive with the 20% discount if you commit to an annual subscription. 

Dripify Alternative #2 - HubSpot Sales Hub

Hubspot Sales Hub is a good alternative if you're looking for a comprehensive sales solution with email automation, call recording, and a variety of pricing tiers, including a free trial. 

But before we dive in, what exactly is Hubspot Sales Hub?

Hubspot Sales Hub homepage

HubSpot Sales Hub is a free CRM + sales automation tool that aims to help businesses handle their sales processes. 

It makes sales activities easier by doing repetitive tasks like sending cold emails and following up, which saves time. 

It can help you with the setting up manual tasks and cold calls as a part of your cold outreach sequence as well as recording your calls, and it can keep track of all the data.

It also helps in scheduling your meetings with a Calendly alternative inbuilt into the software.

What are the features that HubSpot Sales Hub offers?

Here are some key features:

  • This tool can help you create personalized emails for each customer and also helps to maintain records of essential documents like contracts and presentations.
  • It can also listen to and record sales calls and monitor calls using a call tracker.
  • Being a sales automation tool, it helps you with easy communication throughout the sales process by sending automated follow-ups to prospects via email and reminding you to cold call prospects who haven’t replied to your emails.

How is HubSpot Sales Hub priced?

HubSpot Sales Hub offers plans tailored for individual salespeople and teams.

Hubspot Sales Hub Individual pricing plans

It features a free plan with HubSpot branding and a Starter plan starting at $20/month equipped with essential sales tools and accommodating two paid users.

For more advanced functionalities, the Professional plan costs $100 monthly and provides sales software for streamlining and expanding sales processes, with five paid users included.


Additionally, the Enterprise plan is priced at $1200 per month and boasts 600 custom views per account as part of its comprehensive package.


HubSpot Sales Hub vs. Dripify: When should you choose which tool?

HubSpot Sales Hub and Dripify are two good options for sales teams looking to automated cold outreach to potential customers.

Dripify focuses mainly on automating LinkedIn, while Sales Hub offers a variety of channels for sales teams to streamline their process and achieve success.

So choose Sales Hub when you’re looking for Dripify alternatives that are more than just a dedicated cold outreach solution for getting leads.

With Sales Hub, the great part is that businesses can benefit from various plans, including a free option suitable for small businesses just starting out but beware of the costs as they add up quickly.

User review for Hubspot Sales Hub being slow and expensive

Overall, Sales Hub is a better alternative to Dripify for those seeking a comprehensive sales tool for cold email and cold calls. For those looking for LinkedIn automation capabilities, Hubspot Sales Hub will let you down.

Dripify Alternative #3 - Dux-Soup

Ideal for individuals and small businesses, offering a free version and customizable automation as one of the cost-effective Dripify alternatives. But before we dive in, let's understand what exactly is Dux-Soup.

Dux-Soup homepage

Dux-Soup is a LinkedIn automation tool similar to Dripify that helps connect you with your potential customers/partners on LinkedIn.

You can send personalized connection requests and messages, endorse clients' abilities, and stop automatic messages when they reply using Dux-soup. 

By connecting to your CRM software, the tool also assists you in keeping track of your LinkedIn contacts. 

You can send LinkedIn messages to individuals in your CRM and add information from LinkedIn to your database.

What are the features that Dux-Soup offers?

Dux-Soup is a good tool for connecting with LinkedIn users easily. It sits on top of your LinkedIn and connects with the people you’ve searched for automatically.

Let’s say you’re an IT consulting company looking to connect with CTOs at companies in the San Francisco Bay Area. You can search for those people on LinkedIn using LinkedIn’s search filters (or you can use LinkedIn Sales Navigator as well).

LinkedIn Sales Navigator search filters

Now that you get this list of people, with Dux soup you can do the following:

  • You can visit their profiles and send them personalized connection requests in bulk automatically.
  • You can tag your prospects for better organization and easier follow-ups.
  • It lets you automatically follow up with your new connections and send InMails with the Pro plan.
  • You can customize the daily limits  to avoid getting banned from LinkedIn.
  • The Pro version offers customization options and integration with other automation platforms.

How is Dux-Soup priced? 

Dux-Soup has 3 different versions for Individual users and we break down the pros and cons of each version below:

Dux-Soup individual pricing plans

Pro Dux ($14.99/mo):

  • Personalized and Automated Outreach: You can send connection requests and InMails! Still no follow-ups to newly connected prospects, though.
  • Campaigns: Yep, still no unlimited drips or 12 action campaigns here. Sigh.
  • Lead Management: Zero. Zilch. Nada. No other features unlocked here.
  • Search and Filter: Now we're talking! Unlimited manual tagging, auto tagging, and tag search. You can keep your network organized with this feature.
  • Export Linkedin data: CSV exports? Yes, sir. Other platforms? Nope.
  • Import data: From CSV lists? Yup. Other platforms? Not so much.
  • Data Compatibility: LinkedIn Recruiter joined the party! Plus, maintain full LinkedIn control. Hooray!

Turbo Dux ($55/mo):

  • Personalized and Automated Outreach: Full access! Connection requests, DMs, follow-ups, auto endorsements... it's all here.
  • Campaigns: Drip away with unlimited campaigns and 12 actions per campaign.
  • Lead Management: Dive deep into leads, funnels, and campaign stats. You're in the big leagues now.
  • Search and Filter: Same as Pro, but feels fancier at this price.
  • Export Linkedin data: Here, have exports to Hubspot, Pipedrive, and others. Import data: Import galore! CSVs, Hubspot, Pipedrive, the whole shebang.
  • Data Compatibility: Just like Pro. Because why change a good thing? 

Cloud Dux ($99/month): 

The Cloud Dux pricing plan gives you pretty much everything you get from the Turbo Dux pricing plan.

The difference, as the name suggests, is that your instances are monitored and maintained on Dux-Soup’s infrastructure. 

Did I mention? Running your LinkedIn outreach on the cloud adds an extra layer of security. Bottom line, your LinkedIn profile is less likely to get banned!

In addition to these Individual plans, Dux Soup has Team and Agency plans as well.

Dux-Soup Team pricing plans

Dux’s Team Plans are aimed at sales teams that need consolidated billing and license administration. You need to buy a minimum of 2 seats to start, prices remain the same.

Dux-Soup Agency pricing plans

Dux’s Agency Plans are aimed at lead generation agencies with 30+ seats to start on Pro plan (at $337.5/mo) and 10+ seats on Turbo plan (at $412.5/mo). You get volume discounts as well (basically they give you their annual prices monthly for buying in volume).


In addition to that, you do get Metered billing and a High Flyer status.

Dux-Soup vs. Dripify: Which tool should you choose when?

In contrast to Dripify, Dux-soup provides a cheap Pro version at $15/mo, allowing users to access and benefit from its features without spending too much. 

This can be particularly useful for individuals or small businesses with limited resources but still require a reliable tool for managing their LinkedIn outreach.

The downside of using Dux Soup is that it’s a chrome extension which means that if you forget to leave your computer on then the automation won’t run and you’ll miss out on connecting with potential customers on LinkedIn.

So really, you’re at a loss if you aren’t taking their more expensive Cloud Dux pricing plan. It also slows down LinkedIn.

Dux-Soup user review saying it makes LinkedIn slower

Dux Soup is a great way to get started as it is relatively cheaper than most Dripify alternatives, but in life as in LinkedIn automation tools, you get what you pay for.

We’ve put together a detailed Dux-Soup review if you want to dive deeper.

Dripify Alternative #4 - Skylead

Skylead Simplifies LinkedIn and email automation in one plan, featuring Smart Sequences for complex multichannel outreach but may have bugs and complex sequences. But, what exactly is Skylead?

Skylead homepage

Skylead is a sales automation tool that operates in the cloud and provides LinkedIn Automation and Cold Email automation.

It has capabilities for various professionals such as Sales Reps, SDRs, Recruiters, and Marketers. 

Its purpose is to make it easy for these professionals to reach out to potential leads and establish relationships with them.

With Skylead, you can utilize multichannel outreach to its fullest potential. The tool simplifies the most time-consuming elements of the sales process. 

You can use it to automate your email and LinkedIn campaigns so that you can concentrate on closing more deals.

What are the features that Skylead offers?

Skylead list of features

Some features in Skylead can help you interact with people in various ways.

  • Skylead is specialized in LinkedIn and email outreach.
  • With its Smart Sequences, you can reach out to people on LinkedIn and set up various triggers depending on how they respond.
  • The Smart Inbox helps you put all your messages in one place so that you can see them all together. You can also tag people and see who hasn't replied yet.
  • Skylead can also help you find people's email addresses without using an additional tool.
  • Skylead lets you put pictures or GIFs in your messages to make them more interesting and get more responses.

What is the pricing of Skylead?

Skylead pricing plans

Skylead provides an All-in-one LinkedIn and Email Outreach plan that costs $100/month.

This plan includes all the necessary and premium features required by a user, with discounts for multiple uses and 24/7 live support.

It has a 14-day free trial available. Furthermore, you can choose to whitelabel Skylead’s services by talking to their team.

Skylead vs. Dripify: Which tool should you choose when?

Skylead stands out as a better alternative due to its comprehensive approach to lead generation offering LinkedIn and Email Outreach with “Smart Sequences”.

Skylead offers a single plan that includes all features, while Dripify's plans are divided according to specific features, making it harder for users to decide which plan is right for them

Overall, Skylead's inclusive approach to lead generation and expert-friendly interface make it a suitable alternative to Dripify.

BUT it can be complicated to use.

User review for Skylead being complex to use

It really feels like it was designed with experts in mind. If you’re a beginner, then it might be easier to get started with an easy tool like Salesrobot.

Because trying to use Skylead’s smart sequences can make you feel something like this…

Pilot in cockpit

Dripify Alternative #5 - PersistIQ

PersistIQ offers user-friendly interface, extensive features, and cost-effective pricing, it's a great Dripify alternative for businesses focused on cold email as their primary channel. But before we dive in, let's understand what PersistIQ is.

PersistIQ homepage

PersistIQ is a sales automation software that effectively enables sales teams to reach out to potential clients through cold email.

It can help them find the email addresses of people they want to contact, send personalized emails, and remind them to follow up. 

As a result, you can increase revenue with more deal closures because of the leads sourced from PersistIQ.

What are the features that PersistIQ offers? 

PersistIQ has various features to help you with your sales process:

  • PersistIQ can manage your tasks: LinkedIn (manual), email (automated/manual), and calls (manual) to interact with your prospects. 
  • PersistIQ can also help you find verified email addresses for your prospect list. 
  • You can use the call dialer to call your prospects from PersistIQ and save your call recordings. 
  • You can initiate outreach campaigns that correspond with various email activities, including open replies and CRM data, by utilizing automation triggers.
  • You can use the Gmail extension to access email templates, notifications, campaigns, and prospect profiles within Gmail. 
  • You can also do A/B testing, analyze reply sentiment, and generate reports. 
  • If you work in a sales team, you can collaborate with your team, share templates, Advanced team reporting, and user management features are available.
  • PersistIQ can integrate with several platforms, such as Copper, Hubspot, Pipedrive, Salesforce, and Zapier.

What is the pricing of PersistIQ?

PersistIQ pricing plans

PersistIQ has 3 annual plans. We break them down below:

Essentials at $59/user/month

  • Billed annually—so you’ll need to pay them upfront.
  • 300 emails daily; but they don’t let you warmup so your emails may land in spam.
  • Manage unlimited prospects and campaigns.
  • A/B Testing to sharpen your strategies.
  • Integrations? Pipedrive, Copper, and Hubspot (via Zapier) are on board.
  • Email & chat support to keep you sailing smoothly.

Premium for $99/user/month

  • Annual payment, yet again.
  • Enjoy all 'Essentials' perks, but with 600 daily emails. Spam will still be a problem.
  • Live Zoom support.
  • Handy phone dialer.
  • Chrome and social selling extensions for added flair.

Teams at $59/user/month

  • Starting from 3 users.
  • Go wild with unlimited emails per day.
  •  Team task reporting ensures everyone's on track.
  • Domain warmup—because a good start matters.

Each plan offers a 14-day trial, so you can ensure it's the right fit before making the yearly commitment. Choose wisely! 🌟

PersistIQ vs. Dripify: Which tool should you choose when?

When comparing PersistIQ and Dripify, it's important to note that PersistIQ has some advantages over Dripify. 

PersistIQ offers a user-friendly interface that is easy to navigate, which enhances the user experience. 

In contrast, PersistIQ is primarily focused on email outreach, which limits its capabilities compared to Dripify. 

While PersistIQ may suit businesses that are focused on cold email and need integrations with other tools like Hubspot, Dripify stands out for those businesses looking to maximize their results from LinkedIn outreach.

Therefore, PersistIQ is a better alternative to Dripify for businesses looking for an all-in-one email finder and email automation tool but the problem with tools like Dripify is that your emails may land in spam.

User review saying PersistIQ landing emails in spam

BONUS: Dripify vs Expandi

Expandi homepage

Expandi.io is an automated LinkedIn outreach tool that brings together LinkedIn and email outreach like Salesrobot.

Expandi is a cloud-based platform, so you know your LinkedIn profile is in safe hands. You can also connect to any email provider to integrate LinkedIn and cold email outreach.

Despite their Hyperise integration for hyper-personalized messages, Expandi falls short in its LinkedIn outreach capabilities. That’s because you’re stuck with sending only 100 messages/invites per week.

When it comes to being a good Dripify alternative, Expandi is a better option if you’re looking to use emails in your prospect engagement strategy. 

In terms of LinkedIn prospecting, Expandi has an extra edge over Dripify given its post engagement features for LinkedIn

And unlike Dripify, you can white-label Expandi’s services to add their outreach capabilities into your business solutions. 

Now before you run with Expandi as your new favorite Dripify alternative, there’s something else you should know before ou invest any money into this tool.

User review saying Expandi charges subscription fees even after cancellation

Expandi not working is the least of your worries it seems. 

Not only are you stuck with a LinkedIn outreach tool that doesn’t work half the time, it can automatically deduct the subscription fee from your bank account.

And as this user put it, you might have to block them from your credit card. Almost feels like more hassle than manually reaching out to your prospects.

Finally, which of the five Dripify alternatives should you buy?

Any business seeking to generate high-quality leads has many options.

When choosing a platform, you need to consider your unique requirements because all the Dripify alternatives we evaluated have their strengths and weaknesses.

You must consider various factors, such as how much it costs, how simple it is to use, and what features it has, to select the best platform for your company. 

We've made a list of the five best Dripify alternatives as a summary so that you can compare them in one place:

  • Are you looking for a tool that combines email and LinkedIn outreach in an easy-to-use interface and helps you write high converting Linkedin messages?

Salesrobot is the tool for you! 

And if you need help setting up campaigns, our team of experienced social selling experts help you get amazing results from LinkedIn for a small monthly fee.

  • Are you looking for a tool that does cold emails and cold calls in a sequence along with advanced CRM capabilities in one place? 

Then Hubspot Sales Hub is a good choice. Just beware of the hefty costs of $450/mo.

  • Speaking of costs, if you want a tool that’s priced at a dirt-cheap price point ($15/mo) for some basic capabilities like automated connection requests, then Dux Soup is a good choice. 

Just be aware that it’ll slow down your computer and can get your LinkedIn account banned.

  • If you’re an expert in lead generation and need an advanced tool that combines cold emailing and LinkedIn outreach in complex Smart Sequences, Skylead is the tool for you! 

Just beware that it can be complex to set up even for advanced users.

  • If you want a tool just to manage cold emailing and some cold call/LinkedIn tasks on top of a CRM tool like Hubspot, Copper etc, then PersistIQ might be the tool for you. 

Just be wary of your cold emails landing in spam.

The best option for your company will depend on your specific needs and budget limitations. 

We hope this blog on Dripify alternatives has helped you learn about other competitors available for your sales needs.

May God bless you with all the leads you deserve.

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