Dripify vs Octopus CRM: Which one is best for your lead generation?

Dripify vs Octopus CRM: Which one is best for your lead generation?

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LinkedIn Automation is a viral strategy used by companies for lead generation process to increase Sales. But while searching for tools that helps you in your Lead generation process on LinkedIn, you may come across many. Now choosing a right one can be challenging for you because each tool has its own characteristics and you need to evaluate based on your needs.

In this article we have covered the comparison of two popular lead generation LinkedIn automation tool: Dripify vs Octopus CRM.

Since both the tools offer similar services and features for your lead generation process, finding a right one will be based on certain requirements.

In the end of this article you'll be able to comprehend which tool can be the right choice for your lead generation process.

What is Dripify?

Dripify completely runs on autopilot, you can easily setup lead generation campaigns and automate the lead generation process to increase the Sales funnel in minutes.

As today's world is technology driven, an average individual spends roughly 7 hours daily on the internet, maintaining a social media presence is a must. Since companies now use LinkedIn to strengthen their marketing plans, it is a must to put together an effective method to reach the masses, and that is where LinkedIn automation tools come into play.

Dripify is a platform that meets these needs, automates procedures to boost efficiency, is easy to use, and has additional useful features.


Dripify, unlike those shady chrome extension software solutions, it is completely cloud based solution. It provides an easy LinkedIn lead generation setup that takes just a few clicks to set up.

What can you do with Dripify?

It might be some of what Dripify offers, but we gathered some cool features you should know about!

  • Create LinkedIn campaigns (yes, you can run multiple lead generation campaigns!)
  • Sales Team Management
  • LinkedIn account safety
  • Export data
  • Analytics

Create LinkedIn Campaigns:

Dripify, like the majority of LinkedIn automation tools, it allows you to create and run multiple lead generation campaigns from one place. At the same time, these or Drip campaigns (As Dripify states them) are a series of LinkedIn automated activities that you can use to build your Sales funnel.

A drip campaign can be created with just a few clicks; you can choose prospecting templates from their templates gallery or make one yourself from scratch.

These activities can help you create a sales funnel, which is automated to give you the most efficient return and eventually boost your sales.

However, before launching the campaign, you must configure time delays, hashtags, and a few other details.

With Dripify, generating leads has never been easier, as it allows you to

  1. Use LinkedIn Search to customize your target audience.
  2. Import users into CSV file
  3. Inserting URLs of LinkedIn profiles to add them to your LinkedIn campaign

A Drip campaign is unique because it allows users to save time by creating a sequence of tasks. Which truly gives a personalized experience.

Drip campaign creation by Dripify
source: Dripify

Sales Team Management:

Although this feature of Dripify is restricted to the Advanced price plan, it truly is worth it. While working in an organization, you might be heading your sales team directly or as part of one. Dripify will allow you to let your Co-workers join your groups by sending them invites.

You can easily allocate tasks, roles and responsibilities to your sales team. You can also monitor and compare team performances with their KPIs.

Dripify creates a one-spot destination for you to manage it all.

LinkedIn account safety:

Often, while using a LinkedIn automation tool, account safety is compromised. This, however, is generally seen in those spammy chrome extension software solutions that bombard your account with an activity that leads to the account getting banned or data leaks.

This is restricted to basic LinkedIn accounts and affects premium LinkedIn users who resort to such activities.

For Dripify, account safety is a priority because Dripify provides an improved security and safeguard solution to prevent your LinkedIn account or LinkedIn accounts from getting leaked.

LinkedIn continuously changes its guidelines and algorithm to prevent unnatural activities and implement a ban.

Drpify provides an option to assign a unique IP address to your LinkedIn account while simultaneously implementing page visits and button clicks with random delays, to make a manual or human-like activity.

To prevent having your account delisted by LinkedIn for excessive activity, Dripify assures the gradual growth of your LinkedIn performance by changing your daily connection and messaging limitations.

Export Data

You may view lead information using this feature on your own "Leads" page, where you can sort by "campaign," add notes, and more. Dripify makes the process of exporting your LinkedIn cont; this is done through a CSV file.

A CSV file containing contacts from LinkedIn can contain much important information, such as complete name, business, position, number of connections, email address, phone number, and LinkedIn profile URL.


Dripify also acts as a LinkedIn analytics tool by providing access to crucial information such as LinkedIn engagement rate, profile usage statistics, and campaign activities. This allows you to assess your overall effectiveness on LinkedIn.

With this feature, you may keep tabs on your daily LinkedIn activity, and you'll get timely notifications for new connection requests, unread lead messages, and profile views.

Using this LinkedIn analytics tool part of Dripify, you can easily monitor how many connection requests you have sent, reply rates, etc., ensuring you understand your Dripify campaign's effectiveness.

Who should use Dripify?

While Dripify is for anyone who wishes to maximize their LinkedIn account reach and conversion rates, Dripify is best suited for

  1. Marketing Agencies
  2. Businesses of all sizes
  3. Business owners
  4. Sales Teams
  5. Recruiters

Is there something that Dripify doesn't provide?

As no tool or algorithm is perfect, Dripify also has some drawbacks, which, if improved, can provide an even better customer experience. These are as follows:

  • No mobile application
  • No email sequence

No Mobile Application:

The digital space is rapidly evolving, where more and more mobile phone tasks are done. Dripify does not provide such service as it only operates on Desktop or Laptops. This leads to an inability even to open or view statistics and performance.

No email sequence:

No templates are available for giving followers customized messages. 

How much does Dripify cost?

Dripify is priced quite strategically to deliver the best value to a Multi-National Company and an early-age start-up; it has value to all.

Dripify Pricing plans Comparison

Dripify currently provides three plans:

  • Basic at $59/month
  • Pro for $79/month
  • Advanced at $99/month

This, however, is monthly billing; when billed annually, Dripify provides discounts of up to 35%.

Suppose you wish to access, Dripify without limitations, such as limited connection requests, automated actions, and activity control. Going for Dripify Advanced should be your choice.

What is Octopus CRM?

Octopus CRM features

Octopus CRM is a user-friendly automation tool that instantly takes care of mundane tasks:

  • Automated connection requests
  • Lead generation
  • Thank you messages to accepted requests
  • Sales message
  • Follow-up message

Octopus CRM is your go-to application if you want to convert leads into paying clients by creating a sales funnel. However, it is a chrome-based extension which comes with its associated risks as well.

Octopus CRM is compatible with all types of LinkedIn accounts; this includes

  1. Basic LinkedIn Account
  2. Premium LinkedIn account
  3. LinkedIn Recruiter account
  4. LinkedIn Recruiter lite accounts
  5. LinkedIn Sales Navigator

Octopus CRM is a complete LinkedIn automation system that marketers, business owners, and recruiters can use to increase prospecting and lead generation on LinkedIn.

It further provides the users with a personal CRM page, making this social selling tool a complete and only all-in-one marketing software solution.

What can I do with Octopus CRM?

Among all the alternatives present in the market, Octopus CRM is one of the easier-to-use Linkedin automation tools per the price tier it is catering to.

Business development is often challenging for companies, and they try to utilize new platforms to find and exploit new opportunities. Using Octopus CRM, a LinkedIn automation tool, is a good choice, as it provides the user with an easy-to-use and go-to platform to its customers.

It is generally recommended to use LinkedIn premium with Octopus CRM but it's not necessarily, it is also compatible with a free LinkedIn plan.

Following are activities you can do automatically with Octopus CRM:

  • LinkedIn Connection Requests
  • LinkedIn Skills Endorsement
  • LinkedIn Profile Visit
  • Building Sales Funnel
  • Activity Control

Automated connection requests:

Octopus CRM not only allows users to send connection requests to prospects but rather send personalized connection requests.

Sending personalized connection requests is a part of the proven LinkedIn strategies you should use today!

Further, automation is beneficial as using it; you can send out marketing messages to all your prospective connections instantly.

Octopus CRM dashboard

Automatic endorsements of skills:

Octopus CRM allows users to set up an automatic skill endorsement campaign where the user's profile will be used to endorse the skills of other connections.

With Octopus CRM, you can endorse up to seven skills which will increase your authority and profile credibility on LinkedIn.

Automatic LinkedIn profile visits:

LinkedIn prospecting is a hassle, especially on LinkedIn, which keeps track of the number of profile visits done.

This helps users identify who is interested in their profile, an open position, or likes to check their content.

With Octopus CRM, you can easily do that with just a few clicks, and 100's of profiles would automatically be visited, which is an excellent way of lead generation.

LinkedIn tracks profile visits like other social media platforms that keep profile views private. This helps people on the platform see which companies are interested in hiring them.

Creation of sales funnel on LinkedIn:

Sending automatic connection requests and receiving no response is quite disheartening. But if it is followed up with a thank you message or any other follow-up message would be of great assistance as :

  • Customized sales funnels will be created
  • Higher response rate
  • Higher market penetration rate

Activity control:

You may monitor your LinkedIn performance with Octopus CRM. You will get notifications if the system notices unusual behavior on LinkedIn. By doing this, you can avoid being blocked for engaging in spam.

Should you consider Octopus CRM for your lead generation campaign?

To help you make an informed decision in this Octopus CRM review, we have gathered some opposing viewpoints based on the side comings of the tool or user review. Although the software solution is on the lower end of pricing, there are also certain risks associated with it.

Octopus CRM often creates unusual activity, which goes against LinkedIn's terms and makes this great tool not so great.

Chrome extension:

Octopus CRM is a chrome plugin connected to your LinkedIn account, and all the activities are carried out. This leads to the application needing to be more secure than the cloud-based software solution like Dripify provides.

Critical features of Octopus CRM often appear spammy, which goes against LinkedIn's terms and conditions and might lead to accounts getting flagged or, worse, banned.

Always active device:

Your device has to be turned on at all times while your campaigns are running since it is connected to your browser. Which is something digital marketers avoid as it leads to a device getting tied down to a specific activity.

Not Reliable:

If you pick the Unlimited membership, you receive certain automated safety restrictions and warnings. If you select one of the less expensive subscriptions, Octopus CRM won't be held responsible if you utilize it and are expelled from LinkedIn.

This is just one example of the unreliability of Octopus CRM, as it limited the number of automated actions as per the plan size, which sometimes blocks key automation features.

How much does Octopus CRM cost?

Octopus CRM comes with four pricing editions:

  1. Starter - $9.99 
  2. Pro -$14.99
  3. Advanced -$21.99
  4. Unlimited -$39.99


There are monthly and annual membership rates available, and the price is quite affordable. Four distinct program kinds are offered, and annual bundles come with discounts.

Alt Text: Octopus CRM pricing plans

Dripify Vs Octopus CRM, which one should you choose?

Dripify Vs Octopus CRM

Therefore, you should use Dripify over Octopus CRM!

Why Dripify over Octopus CRM?

The market for online automation is flooded with tools and software made for companies of all sizes to boost lead generation and revenue. Although Octopus CRM is the most effective tool for LinkedIn automation, Dripify is still preferable if you want the most straightforward, practical, and data-rich tool.

Despite its two drawbacks, we cannot discount the possibilities it offers you.  One of the most creative LinkedIn bots that helps the company produce leads is Dripify LinkedIn automation. With the aid of the most pertinent automatic LinkedIn circumstances, delays, and acts from a comprehensive list, it enables you to create LinkedIn prospecting programs.

And the main reason to select it for your company is that Dripify was created with LinkedIn users in mind. It has tools that support the development of people and organizations who heavily market their brands on social media sites like LinkedIn.

So, if you are considering an automation tool for your LinkedIn marketing, Dripify is the way to go.

Is there any Dripify or Octopus CRM alternative you can consider ?

Ideally, there are other good tools available in the market. One of them is Salesrobot. The biggest problem with most of the existing tool in the market is Safety. People who have been used these automations tools like Dripify or Octopus CRM or any other tool, ended up banning their Linkedin accounts. Safety is the core concern for these businesses now it's important for any tool to mimmic so humanly that LinkedIn not able to recognize that its an automation behind the scenes. This is where you need a safe tool to bypass LinkedIn limits.

Salesrobot makes sending automated messages and connection requests as simple as brushing teeth. Salsrobot is the LinkedIn automation tool that safely bypass Linkedin limits.

Salesrobot is a cloud-based automation platform that enables users to automate LinkedIn and various activities that can help your business grow exponentially. You can use Salesrobot for cold outreach and it is compatible with all LinkedIn accounts, and yes, that means it works on a LinkedIn-free account as well.

Salesrobot not only provides the option to automate various actions but also provides hyper-personalization to each and every message that you send. And if you didn't know, LinkedIn Connections get established much faster and observe a higher response rate when messages are personalized.

This makes automated messages look like they are manually typed.

To help you out we gathered some features that help Salesrobot stand out:

Smart Inbox:

Salesrobot has a Smart Inbox feature to manage your discussions in one location. , You may edit or filter all of your leads according to your needs while keeping track of them in one place.

Additionally, you may resolve similar problems with a single click. You can manage messages without wasting time by using this feature.

Email enrichment option:

Using Salesrobot will make finding and verifying the business email addresses of your prospects a breeze. This makes pitching your target audience not only easy but also as accurate as it can get.

The likelihood of a mismatch or issues in verification is much decreased since Sales Robot has incorporated data from a validated email address, allowing you to write emails without hassle.

This feature especially makes Salesrobot an excellent tool for cold Outreach.

Customer Support team:

Salesrobot provides excellent customer support, with an average response time of as low as 15 minutes, and will help you every step of the way.

Since most market competitors provide customer support, their response time is prolonged, caused due to bad management or issues, but not Salesrobot.

How much does Salesrobot cost you?

Salesrobot provides two different plans and one performance-based plan that you can choose from.

The pricing is as follows:

  1. Advanced at $79 per month per account paid yearly.
  2. Professional at $179 per month per account paid yearly.

Additionally, as we previously stated, a product should be available for trial before being used, so here it is. You may test out all of the features of Salesrobot for 14 days for free before deciding if it's the right solution for you.

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