Change LinkedIn Email in Just 3 Steps - Takes 5 Minutes

Change LinkedIn Email in Just 3 Steps - Takes 5 Minutes

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Want to change your LinkedIn Email address but don’t know how?

Buckle up, buddy. This article is for you.

A gif showing let's begin.

First up, we’ll figure out how to change your primary Email address on LinkedIn.

Second, we’ll talk about why adding a proper Email address on LinkedIn is important.

Then, we’ll try to understand how you can add a secondary Email address on LinkedIn and chat about their benefits.

Next, we’ll see how you can hide your Email address on LinkedIn.

And finally, we’ll learn how to troubleshoot some basic issues you might face along the way.

In a rush? No problem; here’s a quick summary


  • To change your Email, go to "Sign In and Security" from Settings, click on "Add email address," enter the 6-digit code, type your new email address, and click "Submit."
  • To add a secondary email, follow the same steps as for adding a primary email address. Just don't click "Make primary" next to the email address.
  • To hide your Email, go to "Settings," click on "Visibility," and select "Only visible to me."
  • To verify your Email, click on the link that LinkedIn sends you in the confirmation email.
  • Check your spam folder, and look for typos if your Email isn't getting verified.
  • Contact LinkedIn support if your issues don’t get resolved.

Got some time?

Awesome, grab your coffee, and let’s begin.

How Do You Change Your Primary Email Address on LinkedIn?

LinkedIn lets you use multiple Email addresses, but it needs you to pick one as primary. 

This primary Email address is where you get all your LinkedIn notifications.

Now, if you need to change this primary email address, these are the steps you need to follow:

  1. Go to your LinkedIn profile and click on Contact info
An option showing Contact info.
  1. Click on the edit icon.
The edit icon visible on the corner.
  1. Now click on your Email
Go to contact info and click on your email.
  1. Once you’re in a new tab, click on Add Email address
Button showing Add email address.
  1. Now, enter the six-digit code they mailed you on your existing Email ID and click Submit.
A text box for typing to enter your 6 digit code.
  1. Now add your new Email address and password and click Submit.
A text box for adding new email address.
  1. Once that’s done, log into your new Email account on a separate tab and follow the instructions according to the LinkedIn verification Email you received.
  1. Now, on this new tab, go to settings once again and click "Make primary" next to the Email address you added. That’s it.
An option to click on Make primary or Forgot password button.

Now, let’s move on to

How to Change Your Email on Different Devices (iOS, Android, Desktop)?

Some steps change a little when we jump from one operating system to the next. 

But don’t worry; here’s a step-by-step guide to changing your Email address from different devices.

For iOS and Android users

  • Go to the LinkedIn app on your device.
  • Select your profile picture.
  • Tap the Settings icon located in the top right corner of the screen.
  • Within the About tab, choose "Email addresses" from the available options.
  • To add a new Email address, tap the "Add Email address" button.
  • Enter the new Email address.
  • Confirm the addition by entering your LinkedIn password.
  • After entering the password, tap "Submit" to complete the process.

For Desktop users

Using a Windows desktop?

  • Go to the LinkedIn website and then to your profile
  • Select the "Me" icon at the top of your LinkedIn homepage.
  • Go to "Settings & Privacy."
  • On the left, click on "Sign in & security" and select "Email addresses" under “Account access”.
  • Click "Add Email address" and type in the verification code sent to your primary Email address.
  • Enter the new Email address along with your LinkedIn password in the text boxes, and then click "Submit."
  • Finally, log in to your Email account and follow the prompts in the Email. 

Easy right?

Wondering what’s the fuss about an Email address? 

Keep reading, then!

Why is Your Email Address Essential on LinkedIn?

Imagine your Email address as your digital address. It’s where you’ll get all your letters to stay in the loop of what’s happening. 

You’ll also need your Email address when you need -

To get your account back

Tend to forget your passwords often? Ya, me too. Thankfully, you can get your LinkedIn account back even if you forget your password by verifying a few things LinkedIn will send to you in your email.

Changing or updating account details: 

When you make changes to important account details LinkedIn might send you an Email verification for security.

For Privacy and Control:

Your Email address ensures you have control and ownership of your LinkedIn account. It’s like a key only you can use to safely access communication that’s meant just for you.

To stay in the loop:

Your Email is like your mailbox for LinkedIn news – you get updates about job opportunities, messages, and new connections.

For Easy Connections:

People can connect with you directly on LinkedIn and even outside LinkedIn. 

For Looking Professional:

A professional Email address makes a good first impression, and this is crucial when dealing with potential clients, employers, or collaborators.

For Notifications and Updates:

LinkedIn uses your Email to inform you about 

  • Messages, 
  • Connection requests, 
  • Important updates, and  
  • Job opportunities.

Speaking of messages and opportunities, are you finding enough time to communicate with your prospects?

You know, things like sending them a personalized 

🤝Congratulations note for their recent win, 

💟Heartfelt wishes on their birthday 

👍Reply to their recent post

Those little things that go a long way to keep leads warm?

No? Well

Personalizing messages is a great strategy as it can help you get quickly noticed by your future customers.

But it’s easier said than done, right?

Imagine poring over your inbox to see who's replied, jumping from profile to profile to find out something about your lead, and then finally sitting down and writing a note that doesn't sound spammy.. 

All this just to get your message deleted without even a "hello."

Or worse, a "f*** you."

An animated gif showing everything is fine when it's not.

Stuff your shrink will have a field day over.

I get it.

Because not so long ago, I was in your shoes.

And I realized how important it is to let a few things be taken care of by automation because 

❌No one needs to spend that much time and effort on something that can easily be delegated, and most importantly 

❌No one deserves that kind of emotional damage.

And that’s why I built Salesrobot.

Salesrobot is your little assistant that takes the boring out of your workload like:

  • Sending connection requests to leads on autopilot
  • Writing hyper-personalized messages
  • Following up with them
  • Leaving a personalized comment on their latest posts and more

While keeping LinkedIn guidelines in mind and making sure your account doesn’t get into trouble.

How do we do that?

I’ve hung around on LinkedIn for a while and found three ways to overcome the annoying 100 connection requests/week limit.

Want me to share? Sure!

  1. Use Free InMails

Though LinkedIn has limited InMail credits, roughly between – 15 and 50. 

There’s a cool hack -

If a profile has a golden LinkedIn icon, it means they're a premium user, and you can send them an InMail without losing your credits.

A profile with the golden LinkedIn premium icon.

But then, let’s be real: who has the time to hop from profile to profile in search of the golden icon?

Sounds like a job for Indiana Jones to me!

A gif showing Indiana Jones.

That’s why Salesrobot is smart enough to spot these premium profiles and send them an Inmail instead of eating into your connection request budget.

  1. Message on LinkedIn Groups and Events 

Did you know: 

The weekly LinkedIn connection limit does not apply to LinkedIn groups and events.

This means you can search for LinkedIn Groups/Events to get a direct line of communication even if they aren’t your 1st-degree connection

Would you rather do it on autopilot and save yourself a throbbing headache?

Then, just delegate your work to Salesrobot. 

It can help you reach out to 200+ group members every single day without you having to move a muscle. Convenient right?

  1. Use Invite by Email

This feature lets you invite people if you know their Email ID and is a great way to connect while bypassing LinkedIn limits.

So, if you have a Gmail account and want to connect with people in your Gmail contacts, simply click the Gmail button

LinkedIn will then search for those contacts on its platform.

But if you don’t have your prospect’s Email IDs, then 

Import your Sales Navigator search, and Salesrobot will: 

  • Go through its enormous 7+ million user database to find those profiles and 
  • Get their Emails at a cool 30 to 40% rate 
  • Let you connect with them without using the Invite by Email feature.

Sounds like something you might give a try without committing?

Awesome, we have a free 14-day trial where we don’t ask for your phone number or credit card.

Just enter your Email and see if it works for you. That’s all 🙂

Now that we know how important it is to have an Email address on LinkedIn, let’s talk about -

How to Add a Secondary Email Address to your LinkedIn account?

We saw how important it is to have an active Email address on LinkedIn, and now you might want to add another one to the list. In fact,

Adding a secondary Email is exactly like adding a primary Email address. Only this time, you don’t have to click “Make primary” next to the Email address you’ve added.

Can’t remember how we did that?

No worries.

Here’s a quick recap of how to change your primary Email

Just follow the steps till you go to your Email inbox, open the mail sent by LinkedIn, and verify the changes.

Now, let’s talk about

What are the benefits of adding a secondary Email address on LinkedIn?

Don’t quite understand all the fuss about adding yet another Email address to an account that already has one?

Well, there are some solid reasons, for instance,
Better Networking:

Having a secondary Email address increases the chances of people finding and connecting with you on the platform. 

When you have a secondary Email address, you can identify additional contacts to connect with on LinkedIn and make it easier for your colleagues and others to connect with you. 

Account Security:

If you lose access to your primary Email address, then your secondary Email address will help you stay connected to your LinkedIn network. 

Now that we've spoken about the benefits of an email account, let's talk about what you should do in case you want to keep it hidden.

How to Hide Your Email Address on LinkedIn?

Your primary Email address, that’s the one you've registered with LinkedIn, is only going to be visible to your first-degree connections and people whose contacts you’ve stored in your Email account

Some like to keep their Email address hidden, even from their first-degree connection,

For privacy, or 

To stop receiving too many marketing Emails

If that’s something that you’d want, then just follow these steps. 

  1. Click the Me icon at the top of your LinkedIn homepage.
  2. Then click Settings & Privacy from the dropdown.
  3. Now click Visibility.
  4. And click the arrow next to Who can see or download your Email address?
Three steps to hide your email addresson LinkedIn.
  1. Select your preference from the dropdown menu:
  • Only visible to me – Only you’ll be able to see your Email address.
  • 1st-degree connections – Only those directly connected to you will see your Email address.
  • 1st and 2nd-degree connections – People directly connected to you and those who are connected to them can see your Email address.
  • Anyone on LinkedIn – Any LinkedIn member will be able to see your Email address.
  1. Your changes will be saved automatically.

And you’re done.

Next, we move on to

How to Get Your Email Verified on LinkedIn. And Why That's Important!

When you create an account or add an Email address, LinkedIn sends you a confirmation Email with a link. When you click that link, your Email address gets automatically verified.

You also have the option to confirm your Email address by

  • Logging into your LinkedIn account.
  • Clicking on the "Me" icon located at the top of your LinkedIn homepage.
  • Choosing "Settings & Privacy" from the dropdown menu.
  • Then, in the "Sign in & security" section, click on "Change" next to Email addresses.
  • Here, you'll find a list of Email addresses linked to your account. 
  • If your Email hasn't been verified, simply click "Send verification."

Verifying your Email address on LinkedIn is important because of:

Security: An account with a verified Email address has less chance of getting banned on LinkedIn.

Validity: LinkedIn will know you are the legitimate owner of that account and give you the only access to make changes or recover the account.

Communication: Your messages or connection requests may remain undelivered, and you may not receive important updates, notifications, and account-related information. 

Credibility: When your potential customers see that your Email is confirmed, they know that your profile is authentic and actively managed.

Recovery: If you forget your password, a verified email will help you recover your account.

Now that we know why verifying Email is super important let's discuss some minor issues that might come your way.

Common Email Verification Issues [+ 3 Fixes]

While you’re rolling up your sleeves to make your Email look legit on LinkedIn, you might encounter a few common hiccups, like 

‼️Verification Email Not Received:

You need that Email with a link from LinkedIn to verify your Email address.  

‼️Email Domain Not Supported:

This can happen if the Email domain you're using is not on the list of LinkedIn’s approved domains.

‼️Wrong Email Address:

If you stray even a little bit from your Email address, then you’re likely to get this notification.

But hey, I'm not going to list out a bunch of problems without telling you how to fix them, right?

So, here are 3 fixes to troubleshoot your email verification issues quickly.

Fix #1

Check Spam Folder:

Sometimes, verification Emails end up in the spam or junk folder. Make sure to check these folders in your Email account.

Fix #2

Request Another One:

Weird things happen now and then. The first one might get delayed or lost. So, just request another one.

Fix #3

Copy Paste:

Instead of typing your Email address, you might want to copy-paste it from a verified source. Typos happen more often than we’d like to admit. 

A meme showing a typo.

That being said…what if your problem takes us back to the very beginning?

What if You Can't Change Your Linkedin Email? [6 Troubleshooting Tips]

So you’ve come this far and now believe in the power of a new Email address on your LinkedIn profile.

You've even followed all the steps listed for you to a T, but for some reason, you're still facing trouble.

If this is what’s happening to you, then here are 6 quick troubleshooting tips:

Tip #1

Login with Current Email

Make sure you are trying to change your Email while you’re logged in with an account that you 

Have been using on LinkedIn and 

✅LinkedIn has already verified it

If you’re not sure which account you’re logged in from, then just log out and log back in again.

Tip #2 

Confirm New Email Not Linked to Another Account

If you're trying to change your Email to one that is already connected to another LinkedIn account, the change won't be allowed. 

Tip #3 

Check Ownership

Are you sure you have access to the new Email address? 

Sometimes, without any notification, the company you work for may freeze your business Email account and stop you from receiving Emails. 

Tip #4

Check for Account Restrictions:

Did you get into trouble with LinkedIn recently? Is your LinkedIn account restricted?

Make sure 

  • You have complete access to your entire profile and 
  • Your request to change the Email is in line with LinkedIn's policies

Tip #5

Change Email from Another Device

Sometimes, technical glitches or browser issues can affect certain actions on the platform. So, try changing your Email from a different device or browser.

Tip #6

Contact LinkedIn Support

Still not able to change your Email? 

It’s time to reach out to the experts. This brings us to -

Where Can You Find Links to LinkedIn's Official Support Pages for Further Assistance?

Are you sure you’ve done all you possibly could, and your Email still won’t get changed?😤

Seems like it’s time to contact LinkedIn customer support.

To get help on your issue, you can:

Go to your profile and reach their Help Center page

The Help Center option on LinkedIn.

You could also check out LinkedIn help shortcuts if you’re pressed for time.

Or create a support ticket with a few clicks.

Or start a live chat with a help assistant if you are a LinkedIn Premium user.

A live chat option for Premium LinkedIn user.

With me till now?


Now, it’s time to wrap things up.

Conclusion: Did you change your Email address on LinkedIn?

Good to see you on this side of the blog!

By now, you’ll know how to change your primary Email address from different devices and why having a verified Email address is super important for your LinkedIn profile.

You’ll be well aware of how to hide your Email address and 

troubleshoot some common Email verification issues.

You’ll also know what to do if you’re unable to change your Email address on the first try, and most importantly, you’ll know where to look for help if the need arises.

That being said, you probably noticed that I built a tool called Salesrobot that I’m very proud of?

A gif of a woman saying "it's my baby".

And I showed you how it could help you - 

Create personalized messages to keep your leads engaged with minimal effort from your side

And how it can easily bypass LinkedIn connection limits while keeping your profile safe from LinkedIn jail.

So, if you're interested, then try it for free for 14 days and see if it works for you.

We won’t ask for your credit card details or your phone number.

Just your Email and you’re good to go.

Hope this helped!

See you around.

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