LinkedIn For Sales: Best Practices and Conversion Tips 2023

LinkedIn For Sales: Best Practices and Conversion Tips 2023

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Among the best social media platforms for selling is LinkedIn. It is a platform that immediately generates new business, with over 690 million users that are actively using it.

LinkedIn is now a treasure trove for generating leads and cultivating connections with potential clients.

Building trusting relationships with potential customers is a need for salespeople. It is equally essential for them to connect with and understand their clients because it is only then that their business will succeed.

Making an emotional connection between a brand and its consumers can frequently assist consumers in deciding whether or not to choose a specific brand based on their emotional response to that brand.

So when it comes to using LinkedIn for sales and how it may help your company, contacting and emailing your connections randomly is no longer realistic or practical; instead, the first step to take is to develop a relationship with your clients.

This post will walk you through the advantages of LinkedIn for sales for your company, as well as some tried-and-true methods for generating leads in 2023.

How To Use LinkedIn For Sales?

LinkedIn for sales means using LinkedIn to locate, engage with, and develop connections with prospects in the hopes of generating sales from potential leads; it is known as social selling on the platform.

Here are some of the top pointers and strategies for enhancing LinkedIn for sales.

  • Engage with the appropriate targeted audience.
  • Content with value.
  • Become a member of LinkedIn groups that cater to your target demographic.
  • Create customised connection requests.
  • Encourage thoughtful discussion.
  • Take interactions offline.

#1. Engage with the appropriate targeted audience:

Having a suitable audience to target for sales is necessary for engaging with the right and appropriate audience. Knowing your audience can not only save you a tonne of time, but it will also take your social selling to the next level.

Using LinkedIn for sales can become much more convenient if you have an ideal knowledge of your buyer’s persona.

You must know the following basic things about your buyer:

  • Whom they are following on social media.
  • The kind of posts they are most interested in and engaged with.
  • Their pain points, i.e., The problems they are facing and how you can help them up.

If you are familiar with the distinctions between first, second, and third-degree connections, engaging with consumers on LinkedIn for sales may be simpler.

We have discussed the different degrees of connections on LinkedIn in one of our blogs, so to know more about it in detail, click here.

#2. Content with value:

The next step in using LinkedIn for sales effectively is to produce valuable content for your audience after connecting with the appropriate targeted audience.

When using a site like LinkedIn for sales, your first and main objective should be to share original and worthwhile content with your target audience.

The challenges that your prospects are experiencing must be addressed more in your content. Your content needs to be filled with excellent information that you and your business have produced.

As a result, your audience will believe that you are interested in their issues and that your information is more pertinent to their situation, which will help you develop trust with them.

It will encourage people to interact with your brand, preparing your contacts for sale.

#3. Become a member of LinkedIn groups that cater to your target demographic:

You may expand your LinkedIn network by joining groups that are relevant to you and your customers. You'll be able to reach a wider audience and increase the likelihood that group members will connect with you and learn about your LinkedIn profile.

Even if you don't share a connection with the ideal group members, this strategy may still be useful.

LinkedIn offers a search feature that allows you to narrow down group members by region, job title, and industry, making it simpler for you to locate your potential clients. It can help you save a lot of time and effort by preventing connections with people who might not be interested in you and your business.

The emphasis of your customers will ultimately move toward you if you join the groups that your ideal customers are a part of and follow them.

#4. Create customised connection requests:

Sending customised invitations to individuals whom you don’t know personally can be tricky. One way to do this is to know each individual by following them and knowing about their interests so that you can connect with them, asking them to add you to their network.

This can be quite a tedious task to do, but don’t worry. We have got a solution for you which will help you save a lot of time, energy and effort.

Our product, Salesrobot, is a hyper-personalised automation tool that can not only personalise the messages but will also help you to know the customers personally.

Yes, you heard it right; it will find your prospects, know them personally and then automatically will send them hyper-personalised messages without you getting involved in any of these tasks.

Source: salesrobot

Still, feeling stuck? Let me help you out. A personalised message would usually include the following-

  • A greeting that uses their name specifically.
  • Only when appropriate mutual groups and connections.
  • It needs to be accompanied by content that they are most interested in.

With this, any salesperson may effectively use LinkedIn for sales.

#5. Encourage thoughtful discussion:

After sending your prospect a personalised connection request, it may be an excellent place to start a conversation.

It's crucial for you to start having discussions with prospects when you connect with them on LinkedIn because it won't be a good idea to leap right into sales chats.

By responding to your customers' posts, you may continue the conversation you've started with them. Try to leave more comments and likes on their posts, and share with them stuff that is pertinent to their interests.

By doing this, you can start a conversation that can eventually turn into a sales conversation, hopefully closing the deal.

#6. Take interactions offline:

Don't be hesitant to move the connection to the next stage, i.e., a sales conversation, when you believe that your prospect is ready for one. Link up with them offline.

Offer them a CTA that will improve their experience with your product and help them understand it better.

Verify that your customer is okay with sharing a call before setting a time and moving forward.

How To Optimise Your Profile On LinkedIn For Sales?

Your LinkedIn profile is the foundation of your personal branding. Optimising your LinkedIn can help your profile stand out from the crowd.

Here are some of the best tips and tricks that you can use to optimise your LinkedIn for sales.

  • Your profile photo and background image.
  • Eye catching headline.
  • Use of keywords and descriptors.
  • Make connections.
  • Check your LinkedIn profile strength.
  • Customise your LinkedIn profile URL.

#1. Your profile photo and background image.:

Make a strong first impression with your visual assets in order to distinguish your profile from the competition. This suggests that your background banner image and headshot both need to be of the greatest calibre.

Your images must be professional, distinct, and crisp while also showcasing your unique style.

People will be able to connect with you more easily if they can visualise you in person. Basically, the purpose of your banner image is to reaffirm who you are and what you have said on your profile.

#2. Eye-catching Headline:

The second piece of advice is that your title should be catchy and direct. Your headline serves as a hook to entice readers to read your summary rather than serving as the synopsis itself.

It must be a brief summary of your personality, or who you are, your activities, and your potential to help others.

#3. Use of keywords and descriptors:

Utilising keywords and descriptions throughout your profile could aid in improved connecting, which is the next tip.

For instance, if you are an SEO specialist, your expertise must be apparent to the reader by the time they have finished reading your summary and looking at your profile.

When someone searches for an SEO expert, including keywords like SEO, SEO suggestions, etc., it will help your profile rank higher.

#4. Make connections:

Make as many connections as you can and request endorsements of your abilities or recommendations.

LinkedIn recommendations
Source: LinkedIn

Make contact with a former coworker or a satisfied customer who can attest to the quality of your offering. To make your profile stand out, ask them to suggest you or attest to your competence.

#5. Check your LinkedIn profile strength:

An assessment tool on LinkedIn rates your profile as beginner, intermediate, advanced, expert, or all-star.

If you are unsure of it, you can find your level in your profile under the details of your top card.

With these suggestions, you can achieve an all-star rank, which you should undoubtedly aim for.

#6. Customise your LinkedIn profile URL:

A default LinkedIn profile URL will be a link that has a bunch of random letters and numbers. However, you can customise it to be only your name at the end of the link if you want your profile to be easily found and be a search engine-friendly profile.

You can do this in the section for custom URLs in your profile settings.

How To Increase LinkedIn Sales by Using Automation Tools?

All of the aforementioned advice is excellent and unquestionably effective. However, it is undeniable that all of these suggestions take a lot of time.

Like getting to know each of the prospects personally, establishing a personal connection with each of them and sending each of them a message that is very individualised. Gosh!

This looks like a tonne of effort and will undoubtedly take up a lot of your time and energy. Then what?

Have you ever heard of automation? Yes, there are many controversies associated with automation, such as the possibility of having your account suspended, the possibility of being sent to LinkedIn jail, and a long list of reasons to not use it.

What if I suggest a solution to this issue, though? Our product Salesrobot the ‘Mr. Do it all'. With the help of its AI technology, it will do all of your time-consuming tasks, freeing you up to focus on other tasks that will help your business develop.

This automation tool specialises in the hyper-personalisation of messages.

salesrobot hyper-personalised message
Source: Salesrobot

So you are no longer concerned with locating prospects, getting to know them, and sending them invites that are specifically tailored to them.

Salesrobot would do this for you. Without letting them know it is a bot with whom they are communicating, it will automatically locate your prospects and deliver them communications that sound human. Isn't it awesome?

Also, it comes with many other features like automated follow-ups, management of multiple LinkedIn accounts, safely bypassing LinkedIn Limits, and many more; know more about Salesrobot by clicking here.

All these come at a price of $179 per month( with an additional 20% annual discount).

salesrobot pricing
Source: salesrobot

A 14-day free trial is also provided in case you don’t trust us, directly go for the trial for free without linking your credit card.

Do not wait; prevent your rivals from stealing your prospects.

Conclusion On how you can use LinkedIn For Sales?

I hope the information mentioned above will help you use LinkedIn to generate leads for your business. We have by far covered excellent sales tactics and approaches that you can use to begin interacting with your prospects and close as many deals as you can.

If utilised properly, LinkedIn is unquestionably the right tool.

So why are you still waiting? Develop your approach, perfect your profile, and begin interacting with potential customers.

Good Luck!

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