What's the LinkedIn Maximum Connection Limit per Day, and How to Safely Overcome It [Detailed Guide]

What's the LinkedIn Maximum Connection Limit per Day, and How to Safely Overcome It [Detailed Guide]

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Ever since the introduction of the LinkedIn maximum connection limit in 2021, doing LinkedIn outreach on a scale has become significantly more challenging.

Whereas before, you could send as many connection requests as you wanted, nowadays there’s a cap on the number of connection requests you can send on a daily and weekly basis.

And if you overstep that limit, the consequences are severe. You could even get banned from LinkedIn - permanently!

LinkedIn restriction
Source: LinkedIn

That’s why it’s in everyone’s best interest to know the precise number of LinkedIn maximum connections per day you can safely send without getting restricted.

So, just read on to find out all the must-knows of LinkedIn's maximum connection limits per day, as in this blog, we’ll:

  1. Explain what’s the LinkedIn maximum connection limit per day and the factors it depends on;
  2. Show you how to safely overcome it.


  • There is no actual daily limit on the number of LinkedIn connection requests, but there is a weekly one - you can send no more than 100 requests per week.
  • Some users will hit the limit at a number even lower than 100, depending on their number of existing connections and for how long they’ve been on LinkedIn.
  • There are ways to bypass the limits, such as using the Invite by email feature, sending InMail or targeting fellow group members, among other things.
  • Salesrobot is the perfect solution for users looking to overcome LinkedIn limits in a safe way.

What’s the number of LinkedIn maximum connections per day?

Although we’d all love there’s a definitive answer to this question, the truth is that the exact number depends on a number of factors.

Firstly, LinkedIn doesn’t have a daily, but actually, a weekly connection limit of around 100 connection requests you can send in a single week, at least in theory.

That would mean that you can send an average of about 20 requests per business day. Or you could send all 100 in a single day - there’s no actual limitation on the number of daily requests per se.

In practice, however, things are a bit more complicated than that.

Some users will get warned that they’ve reached their weekly limit even before hitting the cap of 100.

LinkedIn weekly limit
Source: LinkedIn

The reason is that LinkedIn’s algorithms are much more advanced than you would think, as they are able to consider various aspects of a user’s profile.

So, the actual LinkedIn maximum connections per day number will depend on things such as:

  • The size of your network - the fewer connections you have, the fewer requests you’ll be able to send before hitting the limit;
  • How old your LinkedIn profile is - if you’re a relatively new user, LinkedIn will find it very suspicious if you start sending connection requests to a massive number of people. LinkedIn tries to encourage connecting only with the people you actually know to minimize the risk of spamming and other unwanted practices;
  • Your average daily activity - again, the algorithms are more than apt to detect if a user is behaving unusual, such as having huge spikes in activity and then disappearing altogether or being active 24/7.

So, the bottom line is that the definitive LinkedIn maximum connections limit is around 100 requests per week, but it could be an even lower number for new users with a small number of connections.

And when the number of LinkedIn maximum connections per day is concerned, things are pretty straightforward - you can send as many as 100 in a single day, but that means you would have to wait for a whole week to send more.

Ok, but what do I do now?

By now, you’re probably wondering what the heck you are supposed to do with this information.

Knowing there’s a limit - and of a meagre 100 per week - won’t help you if you need to scale your LinkedIn outreach and do it in a reasonable amount of time.

That’s why we’ve prepared a few tips and tricks on how to overcome LinkedIn’s maximum connections limit and stay safe while doing it.

How to safely overcome LinkedIn's maximum connection limit per day

Tip #1: Use the Invite by Email option

In addition to sending regular connection requests, LinkedIn also offers an option of inviting people to connect using their email addresses.

That is in itself a great opportunity to bypass the weekly 100 limits since there is no limit on the number of connection requests you can send this way.

linkedin emails
Source: LinkedIn

To send email connection invites, you need to either upload a CSV file containing your prospects’ emails or enter their email addresses manually and include one of the several attached messages, which cannot be further personalized.

linkedin emails
Source: LinkedIn

This means that you’d first have to get a hold of your leads’ email addresses to use this feature.

However, there are faster and easier ways of inviting prospects by email rather than doing everything manually.

For example, we at Salesrobot have an email enrichment feature that enables our users to find and verify their prospects’ emails easily. We have integrated data of over 700 million LinkedIn users into our platform, including their business emails and all the other information you might need.

The data has been acquired from a verified database provider, meaning that the chances of an error or a mismatch are reduced to a minimum.

The enrichment feature can be used both when you import a CSV file and when you import a Sales Navigator search URL. The process is pretty much the same – all you need to do is turn the Enrich data feature on, and Salesrobot will do the rest.

importing data on Salesrobot

As a plus, Salesrobot does more than simply find the email addresses for you, as it’s not a basic email scraping tool but a full-on LinkedIn outreach automation software that covers LinkedIn outreach and sales from top to bottom.

This means that you can easily create whole multi-step campaigns to send invitations by email, and Salesrobot will take care of the entire process for you, saving you much time and needless effort.

Create automated sequences on salesrobot

When importing your CSV file, Sales Nav, or basic LinkedIn search URL, you can simply toggle the Send connection request using the email option Salesrobot has, and voila – it will first find and verify the email addresses and then send email invites to your leads.

Salesrobot smart configuration

It’s as simple as that!

Since there are no limits on the number of invites by email you can send in a day or a week – as LinkedIn supposes you have to know someone to have their email address – you can virtually send as many as you want.

In fact, some of our users have sent up to 1000 invites in a day, and with excellent response rates!

However, we strongly advise that you send no more than about 200 email invites daily just to stay on the safe side of LinkedIn, as growing your network too quickly would raise some flags.

Adding prospect data from LinkedIn search

Moreover, if you are relatively new to LinkedIn and have less than 500 connections, it would be wiser to start slow and send no more than 50 email invites per day to begin with.

Afterwards, you can gradually increase the number of invites you send as your network grows.

If you don’t want to worry about the number of emails invites you’ve sent in a day, you can always set up limits and fine-tune many parameters inside Salesrobot, such as:

  • The maximum number of email invites per day;
  • You can enable the option of randomizing the number of invites that are sent daily – that means that each day Salesrobot will send out a different number of invites from a range you’ve set up;
  • You can choose to skip certain days, such as the weekends or national holidays, as well as take care of different time zones – which is one of the ways Salesrobot mimics human behaviour to perfection;

Tip #2: Use InMails wisely

InMails, which you get if you have a Premium, Sales Navigator, or Recruiter profile, are a fantastic feature for a number of reasons:

The downside is that your subscription plan will get you a miserably small number of InMail messages you can send per month.

However, if a user has an Open Profile, meaning they’re a Premium user who’s enabled that feature, you can send a free InMail to them.

The concept of free InMail means that the message you send to an Open Profile won’t count as one of the credited InMail you get in your subscription plan.

You’ll recognize premium users by the golden badge next to their name, like in the image below.

LinkedIn's golden badge
Source: LinkedIn sales navigator

This means that you can send as many InMails as you like to Open Profile users despite them not being your 1st-grade connections.

That in itself is an excellent way of bypassing LinkedIn connection limits since you don’t have to first connect with these users to be able to message them.

Salesrobot offers options for targeting Open Profile users and sending personalized messages to them, so you can both find them and strike a chat with them in just one move.

That way, you won’t be wasting time manually checking if a lead has an Open Profile or not.

To do this, when you’re creating a campaign, you first draft a highly-personalized message, which you can do from scratch or by using some of our ready-made templates.

Multichannel prospect messaging - salesrobot

Afterwards, you import the CSV file or a Sales Navigator search URL containing all the leads you’ve targeted.

And finally, you simply toggle the Send as InMail instead of connection request if it’s a free option, and you’re ready to go.

Salesrobot will filter out all the Open Profiles and send them a personalized free InMail message.

What’s more, there’s another, maybe even simpler way of ensuring that Salesrobot sends a free InMail instead of a connection request whenever possible.

When drafting a connection request message, click the plus sign that reads Add variant.

After that, all it takes is enabling the Use free InMail option, and you’re good to go.

Salesrobot will automatically send a free InMail instead of a connection request whenever it comes across an Open Profile among your leads list. That way, it both bypasses LinkedIn limits and saves your InMail credit.

Just like with sending connection requests using email, you can also randomize the number of InMails sent daily, but that’s not all: there’s even an option for gradually increasing the number of InMails you send per day.

That means that as your network gets bigger, you’ll be able to send out more and more email invites without causing suspicion. And there isn’t a thing you can’t customize: from the maximum daily number of InMail requests to the number by which Salesrobot increases the requests and the frequency of increasing.

Tip #3: Send messages to fellow group members and event attendees

Another cool feature LinkedIn has that many users seem to overlook is that you can send messages to members of groups you’re in and users who attend the same events as you, even when you’re not connected with them.

That’s another way of working around LinkedIn limits, as you don’t have to connect with a user to strike up a conversation.

All it takes is scrolling through your group – or an event – and finding users who might be good leads before sending them a message.

Send messages to groups or events
Source: LinkedIn Sales Navigator

There are ways to target fellow group members in just a few clicks by using Salesrobot.

When importing leads, first, you need to click on the Advanced Usage button.

Then you select Add all in a group option, and that’s it – Salesrobot will automatically send a highly-personalized message to each member of the group.

In addition, there are other options you can include or exclude, such as targeting Premium accounts only, sending email connection requests, targeting only a certain degree of connections, etc.

Of course, like in the previous two cases, Salesrobot will randomize the number of messages it sends to group members from a range you set up.

This way, you can send more than 200 messages to group members in just one day, which amounts to a staggering 1400 leads you can reach out to in a single week.

Don’t take just our word for it.

Sign up for a 14-day free trial and see for yourself how Salesrobot works around pesky LinkedIn limits and gets you more sales safely.

Tip #4: Prioritize quality over quantity

Another thing that can help you with LinkedIn's maximum connections per day limit is better prospecting.

Rather than reaching out to massive numbers of completely random people, you could try focusing on those that are probably going to be the best fit for your product or service.

As such, they’ll be much more forthcoming when it comes to accepting your requests and engaging in conversations with you.

Using a prospecting tool such as Sales Navigator sure can help you with that, to a certain extent.

However, you have to do your part, too.

For example, you can:

  • Do your ICP research - and do it thoroughly, because that’s the only way to know for sure what type of people to target and in what industry;
  • Target users who’ve engaged with a certain post or a hashtag - if people follow an industry-related hashtag or engage with a post relevant to your business, it’s always a sign they could be the right fit for you.

With Salesrobot, you can easily reach out to such users in just a few clicks.

Tip #5: Send engaging messages

There’s nothing worse than sending generic messages to prospects, as it shows that:

  • You’re treating them as no more than a number on your to-do list;
  • You’re only interested in selling, and no one likes being sold to so blatantly;
  • You’re a potential spammer, which could egg users on to report you as one.

Make sure your messages are personal and engaging enough for prospects to wish to connect and, consequently, chat with you.

You should carefully craft a message designed for one particular lead alone. Include something noteworthy you’ve noticed in their LinkedIn profile and tailor your pitch to the actual, real person you’re trying to reach out to.

Moreover, since your connection requests have a much higher chance of being accepted if you add a note to them explaining who you are and why you’d like to connect, it’s in your best interest to master writing personalized messages like a pro.

However, checking out hundreds of profiles, scanning for valuable info, and proceeding to write a personalized message based on every single one of them is no easy feat, as it is both time-consuming and inevitably gets tedious.

There are options to autopilot viewing profiles, collect all the necessary data, and tailor messages accordingly in a few simple steps inside Salesrobot.

Salesrobot’s latest generation AI can find the things that stand out the most from a particular profile, such as:

  • Experience with volunteering;
  • Remarkable work experience;
  • Top recommendations;
  • Mutual connections.

Salesrobot will then draft a highly-personalized message based on the data it collected, ensuring that your leads feel like they’re talking to an actual person rather than software.

Furthermore, should you decide to write your own messages rather than use our pre-made, fully customizable templates, Salesrobot will calculate the probable response rate of those messages.

That way, Salesrobot can help with adjusting and modifying whatever needs to be done to increase your chances of getting a response.

Here’s just one example of a connection request that’s been accepted thanks to Salesrobot and the conversation that followed.

salesrobot hyper-personalised messages
Source: salesrobot

And if you need more inspiration for writing kick-ass LinkedIn messages, we’ve written a piece on 10 winning LinkedIn message templates some time ago, so feel free to check it out.

Tip #6: Optimize your profile

LinkedIn optimisation
Source: LinkedIn

Other LinkedIn users will be readier to connect with you if you give off the impression of a serious, successful and driven professional.

Since you can’t get to know them in person and wow them like that, you’ll have to rely on your LinkedIn profile.

Having a well-organized and complete LinkedIn profile is your first chance to make a good and lasting impression from the start.

Some of the key elements a well-optimized LinkedIn must include are:

  • A good profile photo;
  • An adequate cover image;
  • Profile summary;
  • Accurate and up-to-date info on your job experience;
  • List of skills, awards, achievements, relevant education etc.
LinkedIn optimisation
Source: LinkedIn

LinkedIn maximum connection per day- Key takeaways

So, to sum it all up - in theory, you can send up to 100 connection requests in a week.

The number of requests you can send in a single day is up to you, as you can organize it any way you like, as long as you stay within the limit of 100 requests per week.

However, there are various ways to overcome those limits and keep doing outreach on the scale.

Salesrobot can help you do exactly that - overcome LinkedIn connections limits and stay safe while doing it. Salesrobot’s algorithms make sure that your activity doesn’t raise LinkedIn’s flags by:

  • Personalizing messages and requests;
  • Randomizing activity;
  • Having a Safety mode that ensures each user sends an optimal number of messages and requests according to their number of connections, average daily activity, time zones, working hours, etc.
Safe mode - salesrobot
  • Automating sending invites by email and InMail;
  • Scraping users that have engaged with posts or follow hashtags to help you reach a highly targeted audience.

Ready to see how Salesrobot can help you bypass LinkedIn limits and amp up your reply and acceptance rates? Sign up for a 14-day free trial right now and start sending 100+ requests per day.

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