Top 5 Salesflow Alternatives Demystified: Upgrade Your Sales Strategy in 2023

Top 5 Salesflow Alternatives Demystified: Upgrade Your Sales Strategy in 2023

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Have you just realized you must check out a few Salesflow Alternatives, as they don’t fit your business?

You are indeed at the right place!

We tested Salesflow, a tool that boosts sales productivity and promises to speed up deal closing.

This sounds fantastic, no doubt. But does it meet its promises, or do you need to consider Salesflow Alternatives?

Do not worry, we have got you covered!

In this blog, we've broken down all the features to help you understand the advantages and disadvantages of the tool, and we've also listed the top 5 Salesflow alternatives for you to explore.

And, If you are running out of time, here we have created a quick comparison table of Salesflow Alternatives below.

top 5 salesflow alternatives
Source: Salesrobot

Are you ready to amplify your techniques by exploring Salesflow Alternatives?

Let’s get started!


What is Salesflow?

What is salesflow?
Source: Salesflow

Salesflow is a tool that increases sales professionals’ productivity and boosts revenue.

With this online tool, you can understand your sales pipeline completely, making tracking and managing your tasks easy.

Various tools are available through Salesflow to assist users in generating prospects and turning them into loyal clients.

Salesflow provides valuable insights and analytics to assist users in refining their sales performance.

Hence, Salesflow can be your sales solution that can increase your results, income, and productivity.

What are the features of Salesflow?

Salesflow features
Source: Salesflow

Salesflow helps salespeople to grow their pipeline and works only on the LinkedIn platform as it integrates with LinkedIn Sales Navigator.

Below are the key features related to the tool's functionalities:

  • You can send up to 400 mass emails monthly to potential customers, creating a balance between generating leads and avoiding spammy behavior.
  • You can send up to 2,000 customized monthly messages to engage with customers, follow up with leads, or stay in touch with contacts, using smart filtering and custom fields to improve results and close more deals.
  • Salesflow's Sales CRM includes job assignment, deadline setting, performance monitoring, and access to private content for personal development.
  • It allows users to keep track of customer interactions and follow up on Salesforce leads with the CRM-like experience of Sales Navigator, which offers note-taking and reminder-setting capabilities.
  • When importing a CSV file, you can use strong filters to segment the audience and target each row with a distinct message.
  • Salesforce can track clients’ buying structure and can manage over 1k sales each month.

How much does Salesflow costs?

Salesflow has 4 plans:

  1. Business
Salesflow pricing plan for business
Source: Salesflow
  • Pro - €99/month/user. This plan helps you send 400 connection requests, 2000 follow-up messages, and up to 800 inmails per month. It has basic features included.
  1. Teams
Salesflow pricing for teams
Source: Salesflow
  • 5-10 users - €79/month/user. Includes features of business plan with native integrations and team blacklist.
  • 11-20 users - €64/month/user. Includes business plan features with native integrations, team blacklist, and Customer success manager.
  • Custom - has many other features, including all the above features.
  1. Done for you
Salesflow pricing
Source: Salesflow
  • Managed Campaign - €499/month/user. This plan will automatically manage and report your LinkedIn marketing campaign on your behalf and leave positive replies for you.
  1. Agency Plan needs to be contacted.
Salesflow pricing for agencies
Source: Salesflow

Salesflow cons: Why do you need Salesflow Alternatives?

Salesflow is a good sales platform to increase your income and productivity.

But first, here are some disadvantages that you need to be aware of:

  • Salesflow can automate LinkedIn messages, but they can turn out spammy and can lack personalization.
  • Salesflow implementation can take much of your time and require an expert.
  • Salesflow is not cost-effective as you need to pay extra for LinkedIn credits apart from the subscription fee.
  • Salesflow is created to automate LinkedIn only.

Although salesflow can offer a good sales platform, it is necessary to consider the tool's drawbacks and explore other salesflow alternatives.


Top 5 Salesflow Alternatives For Effective Sales Outreach


Salesrobot - best alternative to Salesflow for cold outreach
Source: Salesrobot

Salesrobot is an excellent sales engagement platform with the necessary capabilities to facilitate effective LinkedIn outreach and automate email sequences.

It is an excellent solution among customers because of its automation capabilities, including lead-generating companies, start-ups, sales teams, recruiting companies, and small business owners.

Salesrobot, despite being a new player in the market, has had a significant effect with more than 300 clients and trust-worthy ratings of 4.9 on G2 and 4.8 on AppSumo

Its great features and tireless commitment to providing outstanding customer results are responsible for its success.

What does Salesrobot offer?

  • Salesrobot assists with email automation for highly customized inbound sales.
  • Safe and foolproof messaging with the ability to send up to 200 messages without risking account suspension.
Salesrobot features
Source: Salesrobot
  • Salesrobot offers satisfactory client engagement with AI-powered personalized messages.
  • Security-first approach with a scheduled and slowly increasing activity to avoid triggering red flags.
  • Smart campaigns with customizable templates to achieve any objective.
  • User-friendly interface for new LinkedIn automation users.
  • 24/7 customer support services for quick issue resolution.
Smart configuration - salesflow
Source: Salesrobot
  • Teams function to manage multiple LinkedIn profiles for lead-generation and sales teams.
  • Seamless integration with popular tools like Zapier, HubSpot, Salesforce, and Hyperise makes exporting data to a preferred CRM or database easy.
Adding LinkedIn prospects with salesrobot
Source: Salesrobot

What is the pricing of Salesrobot?

Currently, Salesrobot has a standardized pricing scheme that contains the Professional Plan at $99 per month per account. 

By selecting to pay the membership fees annually, you can save 20%. You can also opt for 14 days free trial.

salesrobot pricing
Source: Salesrobot

Why is Salesrobot better than Salesflow?

Compared to Salesflow, Salesrobot offers a more comprehensive sales engagement platform with a range of features that can significantly impact your sales cycle and marketing strategies. 

While Salesflow focuses solely on LinkedIn outreach, Salesrobot provides advanced LinkedIn automation capabilities that can make it easier to message members in LinkedIn groups and events efficiently. 

With a daily message and request limit of 200, Salesrobot surpasses LinkedIn's weekly message and request limit of 100, giving you more opportunities to engage with potential customers. 

Moreover, Salesrobot's user-friendly interface simplifies the LinkedIn outreach procedure, making it accessible even for beginners. 

In contrast, Salesflow's automated LinkedIn messages can lack personalization and appear spammy, requiring an expert to implement them effectively. 

Salesflow's subscription fee and the extra cost of LinkedIn credits make it less cost-effective than Salesrobot, which offers a more comprehensive and cost-efficient solution for your business. 

Overall, Salesrobot is a better option to stand out and provide more value than Salesflow


HubSpot Sales Hub

Hubsport sales hub - best salesflow alternative
Source: Hubspot Sales Hub

HubSpot Sales Hub is a sales engagement tool to help businesses manage their sales prospects. 

The tool simplifies repetitive tasks, such as data entry and email responses, which saves users time. 

It provides a range of features, including email automation, call recordings, and tracking, and enables users to schedule meetings.

What are the features of HubSpot Sales Hub?

  • It can create personalized email templates; track document uploads such as contracts, proposals, and presentations.
  • It can analyze sales calls using Conversational AI and track and log calls automatically using Call Tracking. 
  • Sales automation assists with personalized emails and assigned tasks to maintain top-of-mind awareness throughout the sales process.

How is HubSpot Sales Hub priced?

HubSpot Sales Hub has plans for individual salespeople and teams, including a free plan with HubSpot branding and a Starter plan with two paid users and essential sales tools. 

Hubspot sales hub pricing
Source: Hubspot Sales Hub
  • The Professional plan, priced at $450 per month, includes sales software to automate and scale sales processes and five paid users. 
Hubspot sales hub priced
Source: Hubspot Sales Hub
  • The Enterprise plan, priced at $1200 monthly, includes 600 custom views per account.

How is HubSpot Sales Hub better than Salesflow?

While Salesflow focuses on LinkedIn automation, HubSpot Sales Hub provides a more comprehensive sales solution. 

With its refined CRM features, Sales Hub enables businesses to manage their sales pipeline and customer interactions from a single platform, streamlining their sales process. 

Additionally, Salesflow's subscription fee and the extra cost of LinkedIn credits make it less cost-effective than HubSpot Sales Hub, which offers a more comprehensive and cost-efficient solution for businesses of all sizes.

Overall, HubSpot Sales Hub is a better option that stands out and provides more value than Salesflow.

Freshsales from Freshworks:

Freshsales - best alternative to salesflow
Source: Freshsales

Freshsales is a sales automation tool made for teams to manage individual accounts and keep an eye on pipelines easily. 

Salespeople can get helpful advice from Freddy intelligent AI about the best deals to pursue, suggested actions, and revenue forecasts through sales forecasting. 

Freshsales is well-suited for managing sales leads for organizations with up to 5,000 contacts.

What does Freshsales offer?

Freshsales can manage customer contacts and accounts, allowing you to keep track of all communication and interactions with your clients.

Customizable CRM features to fit your business needs and processes, helping you simplify your operations.

It assists in managing your sales pipeline, allowing you to monitor development and project income.

Freddy, powered by artificial intelligence, can provide valuable insights to assist with data-driven decision-making, customer engagement improvement, and sales growth.

This comprehensive platform includes CPQ functionality, negating the need for extra software.

You can integrate your phone system and chat tools for improved customer communication.

Access your CRM platform's features via your mobile device, allowing you to work remotely while staying connected with your team and clients.

How much Freshsales costs?

Freshsales provides a 14-day free trial.

And it has 3 plans currently:

Freshsales pricing
Source: Freshsales
  • Growth: $15/month [₹999/month/user, billed annually]- This plan eases repetitive tasks and saves time. Best for small teams.
  • Pro: $39/month  [₹2,799/month/user, billed annually] - This plan is to manage multiple sales teams.
  • Enterprise: $69/month  [₹4,999/month/user, billed annually] - This plan is for large enterprises with premium features.

Why is Freshsales better than Salesflow?

While Salesflow is a LinkedIn automation platform, it lacks the personalization and ease of implementation that Freshsales provides. 

Additionally, Freshsales offers chats and call management, making it a one-stop shop for all your sales and marketing needs. 

Compared to Salesflow, Freshsales is a cost-effective tool that can help you stay ahead of the competition.

Overall, Freshsales is the clear choice for businesses looking for a good and user-friendly sales and marketing automation tool.



Adapt - Best alternative to salesflow
Source: Adapt

Adapt is a sales software only tailored for Windows users that offers end-to-end solutions to sales professionals. 

Its features enable identifying relevant connections, creating top-notch leads, and good engagement with prospective customers, facilitating quicker target attainment.

What does Adapt offer?

For Sales Teams:

  • Discover ideal prospects by identifying and prioritizing high-quality leads.
  • With deeper intelligence, close more sales by accessing data and analytics that inform your sales strategies.
  • Access mobile phone numbers and high email deliverability to ensure your messages reach your intended audience.

For Marketing Teams:

  • Use the lead form to capture more detailed information about prospects, enabling more effective targeting and customization.
  • Enrich and validate contacts 24/7 in your CRM to ensure that your database is accurate and up-to-date.
  • It can tailor your chats with all their account insights to your prospect's needs.

How much does Adapt cost you?

Source: Adapt

They don't have specific pricing plan, their pricing completely depends on business needs and requirements.

Why choose Adapt over Salesflow?

Adapt stands out as a software tool designed to cater to your sales strategy, helping you achieve revenue growth through personalized solutions. 

In contrast, Salesflow cannot offer personalized solutions and may face implementation issues. 

Moreover, Adapt's strength lies in its robust support system, which includes a large community of developers and users constantly improving the platform and providing guidance to new users.


Keap - best alternative to salesflow
Source: Keap

Keap is a sales solution that combines CRM and sales & marketing automation capabilities to facilitate business growth. 

Keap can simplify sales tasks, such as collecting, organizing, and formalizing prospect information.

What are the key features of Keap?

  • Keap's key features include a CRM equipped with sales reports and analytics.
  • Keap can automate communication channels like chats, emails, and discussions.
  • Keap can help you enhance business operations, customer engagement, and sales performance. 
  • Keap provides expert coaching, training, support, and a community of like-minded entrepreneurs to ensure the success of its customers.
  • It has tools to capture lead information through web forms, landing pages, and other channels.
  • It allows businesses to track, score, prioritize leads, and automate follow-up activities.

How much does Keap costs?

Keap has 2 pricing Plans:

Keap pricing
Source: Keap
  1. Pro - $189/month - $29/extra user. It includes 1500 contacts for 2 users with email and sales automation.
  1. Max - $249/month - $29/extra user. It includes 2500 contacts for 3 users with email and sales automation. Additionally has promo codes and marketing analytics. 

Why is Keap better than Salesflow?

When comparing Keap and Salesflow, Keap is better with its platform, which offers automated email and task management features. 

One of its key advantages is the ability to create predefined segmentation types based on launched campaigns. 

This allows businesses to segment their audience based on their interests, providing personalized attention to potential customers and avoiding confusion among different groups. 

In contrast, Salesflow lacks the same level of personalization and may face challenges in implementation.

Conclusion: Which Salesflow Alternatives is the best?

To manage sales and social media, many Salesflow alternatives are accessible to you. 

Each tool you discover might have unique features designed to meet particular user requirements and goals, even though some offer similar functionalities. 

You need to compare several options based on various standards, such as price, customer service, ease of use, and key tool features, to choose the platform that best suits your business needs. 

We have compiled a list of the top five Salesflow alternatives in this article to assist you in making an informed decision.

  • Of all the options, Salesrobot is the most excellent alternative, providing an automated sales management system for personalized emails and LinkedIn outreach.
  • Another good option is HubSpot Sales Hub, an all-in-one sales platform with automated multichannel communication.
  • If email and call tracking are all you need, then Freshsales, Adapt, and Keap are good options. 

Overall, exploring different Salesflow alternatives is practical in determining the best tool for your business goals and objectives. 

We hope this blog helps you choose one of the best Salesflow alternatives. 

That concludes our discussion.

Happy Business!

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