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June 7, 2023
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Waalaxy Review: Is it practical enough to grow your business in 2023?

Waalaxy is a leading LinkedIn Automation tool that can help you to generate qualified leads and save a bunch of your prospecting time.

Waalaxy Review: Is it practical enough to grow your business in 2023?

To take your business to new heights, AI and automation are crucial nowadays. And for this, various automation tools are available; but it is tough to research every tool in detail. An in-depth review makes it easier to look at all features, pros, and cons of a tool in one place; here, we will be discussing Waalaxy in detail to get better knowledge about this tool.

What if you need to reach out to a specific category of professionals or businesses? Waalaxy helps people, mainly entrepreneurs, to reach out to a specific group of professionals or other business agencies. It is pretty challenging to message or send emails to each person individually and ask them whether they are interested in your business. Waalaxy solves such problems by the use of Artificial Intelligence to reach out to people at a mass level.

Waalaxy was launched to help businesses and industries, especially sales personnel to help them generate quality leads via LinkedIn in an easy manner. They offer various facilities, from advanced prospecting to campaign analytics in one platform.

But are they able to solve the problems? Did they make any difference? Well, they did it to some extent, they have helped several companies to grow at a much faster rate. Now, let’s discuss whether you should go for Waalaxy in 2022?

What does Waalaxy do?

Waalaxy is a leading LinkedIn Automation tool that can help you to generate qualified leads and save a bunch of your prospecting time. Waalaxy is a Google Chrome extension tool that allows automating LinkedIn and cold email outreach. Waalaxy can be very helpful if you want to grow your business easily through LinkedIn.

Using this LinkedIn automation tool, you can launch your email campaign sequences and send follow-up messages.  Apart from that, you can do some basic tasks like auto-connecting with leads, endorsing the skills and importing/exporting the leads, viewing campaign analytics, and many more.

Waalaxy Dashboard
Source: Waalaxy

How does Waalaxy work?

Using Waalaxy, you can look for leads with LinkedIn and enrich them with automation; further, you can integrate with LinkedIn and start the automation process. You can send them emails, invitations, and messages; these will automatically follow each other until the prospects respond. Using the tool, you can easily bypass the LinkedIn limit and reach out to many people. In addition to this, you can do some other actions like:

  • Auto-Connect
  • Bulk Messaging
  • Auto Endorsements
  • Viewing account activity
  • Auto-withdraw connection
  • Setting random delays

What features does Waalaxy offer?

Email enrichment:

Enriching emails consists of finding the professional and verified emails of your prospects. For this, you need to launch a campaign with the ‘Email finder’ option, and then you can choose from different models offered by Waalaxy; further, you can add prospects, deadlines & content of messages.

Campaign analytics:

This tool also allows you to analyze each of the campaigns you are running so that you can track and view the best ones and plan your actions accordingly. This allows you to efficiently administer and monitor prospect KPIs in one single location. In short, real-time data overview in terms of your target audience.

Waalaxy Campaign Analytics
Source: Waalaxy

CSV file listing:

The CSV file is a good tool in prospecting using this, you can collect the required data in a spreadsheet. So using the Waalaxy imports, you will be able to get all the information related to the leads in a well-managed place.

Advanced prospecting:

Waalaxy offers advanced prospecting to reach out to your ideal target. You can customization of messages and prospecting scenarios. In addition to this, the User-Interface of Waalaxy is satisfactory; the intuitive Interface will help to increase your network within a span of a few days.

Waalaxy Advance Prospecting
Source: Waalaxy

What are the shortcomings of Waalaxy?

Here are some of the shortcoming of Waalaxy:

  • Bugs and Glitches
  • Google Chrome Extension
  • No Inbox Management

Bugs and Glitches :

Waalaxy comes with certain bugs. For starters, many users found that some options are not working in a well-mannered way on the dashboard. Sometimes, issues with automation also show up.

Google Chrome extension:

One disadvantage of Waalaxy is that it is based on the Google Chrome extension, so your browser window has to be kept open and active for smooth running. However, they have launched a beta version of the tool recently.

No Inbox Management:

Waalaxy does not offer any kind of Inbox where you can manage all of your messages, it is very tedious and time-consuming to reply to the messages without an Inbox facility.

Waalaxy user-ratings

Waalaxy has a 4.8 rating on G2 and 4.5 on Capterra. Now let’s have a look at user experience;

Waalaxy review on G2


“Incredibly easy to use, intuitive and effective tool. Campaigns are easy to set up as well as importing leads. It allows us to reach daily quotas way over the usual numbers and get involved in many more conversations than we would do otherwise on LinkedIn.“

“I’ve used it for a few months and haven’t seen any issues. It has an easy-to-use interface, which makes it fun to use as well as functional. When you compare it to, Linkhelp, Waalaxy does more than prospecting, it allows team management, CRM, collaboration, and no LinkedIn password sharing, teammates also won't feel uneasy having their managers Spying on their other messages. The workflows are comprehensive and well-executed. What I also like about this app is the support team's responsiveness.”

waalaxy review
Source: G2


“Currently, it only offers Chrome Extension-based features which makes it harder to scale the outreach if you have multiple accounts. I hope they release cloud-based solutions. Also, they don't have an inbox management system yet, so we have to manually check it from the LinkedIn platform.”

“I would like some more functionality around messaging and some more snippets maybe. Features like message management and auto liking would have been great as well and also some conditional split options would be great too.”

Waalaxy Review on Capterra:


“Bypassing the 100 prospect block by LinkedIn, not sure how they did it, though. Solid and responsive team. They thought about the user journey a lot and made it as smooth as possible for the user. Instead of stapling together multiple tools to find new prospects, now we just use 1.”

Waalaxy offers numerous automation features, such as automatic profile visits, messaging, connection requests, email enrichment, and sending cold emails, etc.”

“I learned a lot from the Waalaxy youtube channel and live webinars, and I learned a new thing from the founders. Really happy with this software, keep up the good work."

Waalaxy Capterra review
source: Capterra


“Too many unuseful workflows. Simple message tool with no preview. Even their pre-done templates are suspect. At the end of two weeks, tons of back and forth with their support and multiple campaigns - I did not get a single worthwhile thing to work."

"Once you get past the trial, you're lost because figuring out what product level isn't so straightforward."

“Lots of errors were generated. Little information about why those errors occurred”

How much does Waalaxy cost?

Waalaxy offers 4 pricing plans currently:

  • Free @ €0/month
  • Pro @ €20/month
  • Advanced @ €40/month
  • Business @ €64/month
Waalaxy Pricing
source: Waalaxy

Is Waalaxy’s free version worth it?

You can do the following things using the free plan:

  • Send up 15 invitations a day (100/week).
  • Also, send 100 messages, 100 visits, 100 follow-ups, and 100 message requests with a daily limit of 15.
  • Access to all the LinkedIn sequences, including multi-step sequences.
  • Use all the other functionalities of the lists: import of prospects, tags, CSV export, etc.

What doesn't get with Waalaxy’s free plan?

  • Going beyond 15 quotas per day per action
  • Access CRM synchronizations (Zapier)
  • To access auto-imports
  • To use the Email functionalities like searching for professional emails and sending emails.

Waalaxy's Multi-Channel feature:

Multi-channel sequences allow you to create the sequences of actions of your choice on the network of your choice. This feature allows you to sequence actions like LinkedIn action, email, Zapier integration, etc., between them according to certain deadlines and conditions, all fully automated. If our templates don't suit you, you can build the sequence as you wish. You can create automated sequences from a list of connections on LinkedIn and send automated messages and invitations. You can then send your contacts to your CRM or to your email marketing software. Further, data enrichment can be done, and you can use the sequence templates.

Is Waalaxy safe to use?

Waalaxy is a chrome extension-based tool that can be easily detected by LinkedIn. It sends API requests to the LinkedIn server to send a connection request on your behalf. In case LinkedIn adds some more information to each user’s database in the future, then it can easily detect that the connection behavior is not human-based, and your account may face a ban.

But the plus point is that Waalaxy has recently launched a beta version which is much safer than the extension based.

Top 3 Waalaxy alternatives you can consider for cold outreach:

  • Salesrobot
  • Phantombuster


Salesrobot is a powerful cloud-based automation tool designed explicitly for cold outreach on LinkedIn, enabling users to easily create elaborate campaigns that run on total autopilot. Since it has plenty of options for automating various activities, Sales Robot’s a perfect LinkedIn automation tool for a wide range of users, from lead generation agencies to start-ups, sales teams, recruitment agencies, and individual small business owners.It also has best personalization options with customized templates. It also comes with an Email enrichment feature to make the task easier.

  • Top-notch personalization options - Salesrobot offers different options for personalization, you can effortlessly draft and send highly-personalized messages and connection requests in just a few clicks. Sales Robot’s latest generation AI can automatically find the things that stand out from a particular profile, such as experience with volunteering or top certifications, among others. You can use Images and GIFs in your messages or emails to make the approach attractive.
  • Email enrichment option - Using this automation tool, you will find and verify your prospects’ business email addresses effortlessly. Since Sales Robot has integrated data from a verified email address provided, the chances for a mismatch or difficulties in verification are reduced to a minimum, and you can draft emails without any inconvenience.
salesrobot dashboard
  • Smart Inbox- Salesrobot also offers a Smart Inbox facility that you can use to manage all of your conversations in one place. You can monitor all your leads in just one place and customize or filter them all per your requirements. Moreover, you can solve similar issues with just one click. Using this feature, you can do message management without wasting your time.
  • Smart campaign and message sequences – You can smartly run the campaign and use follow-up message features or use one of the ready-made templates that are fully customizable to fit every goal and purpose. The sequences are based on your lead’s behavior, so there’s no chance for embarrassing missteps, such as sending a follow-up even when the lead’s already answered your first message. And you can track all the activities in one dashboard.
salesrobot dashboard

Salesrobot is a tool that has plenty of options for automating various activities, from lead generation to start-ups, sales teams, recruitment agencies, and individual small business owners, Salesrobot can be very beneficial. It allows you to send 200 messages and connection requests daily.

Salesrobot does not offer engagement with other platforms like Facebook, Quora, etc. as said earlier, it is designed for LinkedIn especially, so you can’t reach out to people from other platforms.

Salesrobot pricing

At the time being, Salesrobot has only one price plan:

  • Advanced at $99 per month per account.

In addition to this, you get a 20% discount on a yearly subscription.

Salesrobot comes with a 14-day free trial so that you can try it in a detailed manner.

#2. Phantombuster: A Platform for all-round web automation

source: Phantombuster

Phantombuster is an automation tool that covers different social media and platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, etc. Phantombuster enables you to automate practically any web action you would perform manually: from following profiles, liking and commenting on posts, and accepting requests to sending customized messages.

  • It can help automate entire campaigns on many different web platforms – Phantom slots can be used to collaborate actions into chains, using which you can effectively create a campaign that runs smoothly on autopilot.
  • It scrapes data – Phantombuster can automatically extract data from any website, whether it is a list of leads, contact information, or anything else.
phantombuster automation
  • It’s cloud-based – thanks to that, you can schedule your workflows, set triggers, and leave the rest to the tool, which works 24/7, without having to keep your device running all the time.
  • It’s not devised for LinkedIn alone –This tool is not very great when it comes to LinkedIn only. You are even unable to bypass the limit or connection invites restrictions set by LinkedIn.
  • Limited f Phantom slots – This tool also has certain limits to the actions that you undertake, which will surely affect your lead gen.
phantombuster bypassing linkedin limit
  • Safety might be an issue - Phantombuster demands access to your cookies to log into LinkedIn as you, so a chrome extension must be downloaded. So there may be a chance of your account getting banned.

Phantombuster offers several pricing plans that include different features:

Phantombuster pricing
  • Starter - $59 per month, with 5 slots, you can automate only five actions in total, with a time restriction of 20h per month;
  • Pro - $139 per month, comes with 15 slots and 80h per month;
  • Team - $399 per month, with 50 slots and 300h per month.

You get better expert consultation with expensive plans.

Phantombuster also offers a 14-day free trial with 5 slots and only 2h of activity per month, which is nowhere near enough time to t0st the product thoroughly.

#3. A good option for LinkedIn Automation is an excellent option for LinkedIn automation. This extension-based tool allows you to carry out different actions like visiting profiles, sending messages, CSV uploading, etc., simply. This helps your business to grow on LinkedIn without any limits. This tool automates smart engagement strategies to reach your prospects sooner and hit your SQL goals faster. dashboard works both on LinkedIn and Sales Navigator, specifically on the search page. The search page is where you describe your target, for example, CEO's in Miami.

  • Blacklist LinkedIn Profiles- This feature allows you to upload a list of LinkedIn Profiles that you want to avoid visiting. This will help to avoid duplicating the contacts and not contacting those who have formally requested them. This feature saves a lot of time because your intense focus will be shifted to new profiles.
  • Detailed Stats- Using the statistics, you can track the activities of the campaigns that you are running, these stats are available on a daily and monthly basis. Moreover, you can evaluate the quality of the invitation messages that you are making by checking the acceptance rate of your profile.
  • Endorsement Facility- offers endorsement, which takes LinkedIn lead generation and profile building to a new level. It allows you to validate or endorse the skill sets of other users, bringing more attention to your profile and encouraging them to do the same for you. This feature is beneficial for positive interactions and for both businesses and individuals.
  • Actions- Actions allow you to adjust both the behavior of the extension as well as configure the automatic messages that will be sent each time a new connection is invited. In addition, you can avoid connecting with connected profiles in the first, second, or third degree. For example, you can also prevent visiting profiles with an ‘about section’ to focus more on essential profiles. actions
  • Ready-made Templates unavailable- doesn’t come with ready-made templates, which means you have put your own brain into designing or altering them as per your needs, which may be very hectic for some.
  • No Free Trial- Would you be willing to pay for an automation tool without getting a prior experience with it? doesn’t come with a free trial, you have to buy their plan to get an experience of it.
  • Expensive Plan- ‘8 Ultimate Licenses’ plan of is costly, this plan has the maximum features for lead gen, but the pricing is costly. offers three pricing plans, without a free trial, as of now: pricing
Source: pricing

Waalaxy Summary: Is it a worthwhile automation tool for LinkedIn outreach?

No doubt, Waalaxy is a decent tool for LinkedIn automation, you can reach out to leads in an easy manner using LinkedIn and emails.

Using this tool, you can track the campaign analytics and see exactly where the campaigns actually stand. Also, you can collect the data in an organized manner using CSV.

In terms of Image Personalization & Templates, Waalaxy is not a good option, you have to use third-party tools to access this feature, you can consider Salesrobot or Phantombuster if you are looking for some brilliant personalization options.

If we consider pricing, then Waalaxy offers various pricing plans, and the plus point is that they are not very expensive. However, Waalaxy is not very safe to use, it can be detected by LinkedIn, and your account may face a ban. Salesrobot is the safest of all these 3 tools, you can run campaigns without worrying about your account.

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