How to Add a Promotion on LinkedIn: Within Same Company or Outside

How to Add a Promotion on LinkedIn: Within Same Company or Outside

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Heard you got promoted, that’s some big news! Excited to tell your coworkers? Anxious about your new role? It’s a rollercoaster of emotions if you ask me.

Jim Halpert from Office getting a promotion

As you’re spreading the word to your friends and family, don’t forget your other family on LinkedIn.

Sharing your promotion on LinkedIn is seriously amazing.

You get to:

🥂 Tell your network about how far you’ve come.

🥂 Give your colleagues a reason to raise a toast.

🥂 And impress recruiters. 

But if you’re confused about how to add a promotion on LinkedIn, you’ve come to the right place.

Want to know the fastest way to share your promotion on Linkedin? If you’re a mobile user, trust me, it’s super easy to do it on the LinkedIn app too.

But more importantly, we’ll talk about the best way you can celebrate your recent success.

This isn’t just a “how-to” guide. It’s your all-access pass to everything you can achieve by adding your promotion to LinkedIn. The right way!

How to Add a Promotion on LinkedIn [2 Options] - Explained with Images

Now, before we jump ahead, let me show why you would want to add a promotion on LinkedIn. 

First, updating your LinkedIn profile ups your chances of catching recruiters' attention. So the next time you use LinkedIn Easy Apply, your job search will be an absolute breeze.

LinkedIn Easy Apply on a job application.

Keeping your resume up-to-date also helps you connect with tons of industry professionals in your niche.

And what does that get you? More recruiters want to hire you, more Connections want to be in your network, more businesses want to partner with you, and…You get the idea. 

Stock photo of a magnifying glass zooming in on a LinkedIn form

Before going any further, make sure to have the correct settings configured that ensures your career updates can be viewed by everyone in your network.

You can check this by heading to “Settings”, clicking on the “Visibility” tab, and checking the “Sharing profile edits” box.

Coming to how to add a promotion on LinkedIn, you have 2 options to choose from:

  1. Editing your experience to add a promotion within the same company.
  1. Adding your promotion as a new position.

Editing Your Experience to Add Promotion Within the Same Company

Choose this option if your job responsibilities haven’t changed much, but you have been promoted to a new job title. This won’t change your date of employment either.

Here’s how to add your promotion in the same company on LinkedIn:

  1. Open LinkedIn on your browser.
  1. Select the “Me” drop-down menu located on the top-right of your screen.
The "Me" drop-down menu on LinkedIn
  1. Click on “View Profile”.
"View Profile" option on the "Me" drop-down menu
  1. Scroll down to the “Experience” section.
LinkedIn experience section on the user profile
  1. Click on the pencil icon in the top-right corner of this section.
Pencil icon on the "Experience" section of LinkedIn

Locate the current job you want to add a promotion to and click on the pencil icon next to it.

Pencil icon on the "Experience" section on the user profile
  1. If you want to share your promotion with your LinkedIn network, toggle the “Notify Network” option. 
"Notify Network" toggle option
  1. Edit your job title. This won’t remove your original title.
  1. A prompt will show up saying, “Did you get promoted?”.
LinkedIn option to add job title as a promotion
  1. Click on “+ Add new position”.
  1. Fill in the relevant details like job title, description, and skills.
  1. Select “Save”.

And you’re done adding a promotion on LinkedIn within the same company! Feels good to finally make your promotion public, doesn’t it?

But if you have been promoted to a new job role, you would be better off by adding your promotion as a new position.

Adding Your Promotion as a New Position

You should follow the steps below if you’ve changed to a completely new role/company. While it does take a little more time, it’s straightforward and extremely easy to follow. 

Here’s how you can add your promotion as a new position on LinkedIn:

  1. Open LinkedIn on your browser.
  1. Select the “Me” drop-down menu located on the top-right of your screen.
  1. Click on “View Profile”.
  1. Scroll down to the “Experience” section.
  1. Click on the plus-sign (+) on the top-right.
Adding new position on LinkedIn
  1. Select “Add position”. 
"Add position" option on the "Experience" section
  1. Enter your job title, company name, job description, and other relevant details under the various sections.
  1. Fill in the starting date of your employment.
  1. Select the “End current position as of now…” option.
Checkbox to end current role
  1. Hit “Save”. 

We covered how to add a promotion on LinkedIn through your desktop

But I get it. You have places to be, and you’re always on the move. Is there a way to do these steps on your Android or iOS device?

You bet there is.

How to Add a Promotion on LinkedIn from Your Phone

Here’s the best part. If you know your way around the LinkedIn website, using the LinkedIn app to add your promotion is a breeze!

Follow these steps to add a promotion on LinkedIn from your phone:

  1. Install the LinkedIn app and log in to your account. 
  1. Tap on your profile picture located on the top-left of your home page.
Profile side menu on LinkedIn app
  1. Select “View Profile”. 
"View Profile" button on LinkedIn app
  1. Scroll down to the “Experience” section.
Experience" section on LinkedIn app
  1. Tap on the plus (+) sign to add your promotion as a new job position.
  1. Tap on the pencil icon > scroll to your current job details > tap the pencil icon again to add your promotion in the same company. 
  1. Fill out relevant details.
  1. Select “Save”. 

That’s it, now you know how to do it on the LinkedIn app too.

Surely this is all it takes to update your career profile and make the most of the platform, right?

Not quite!

Earning your promotion is no easy task, but if you really want to reel in quality leads or impress recruiters, you have to go a step beyond.

Celebrate Your Promotion with LinkedIn Connections 

Remember the “Notify Network” option we talked about in the previous section? It is one of the ways you can share updates with your LinkedIn network, but it really isn’t the best.

When you have users whose Connection list goes up to a thousand (or 11,000+ in my case), your biggest career moments can get lost in the noise on LinkedIn.

Saurav's LinkedIn profile

But let me tell you a little secret. 

Sharing your LinkedIn promotion is more than just celebrating your achievement with your network. It’s an excellent opportunity to increase your credibility as an industry professional.

With that said, what is your best course of action to get the good word out? 

You could write a catchy headline for your LinkedIn profile, but you’ll miss out on recording your previous successes. And talking about how you’ve worked your a** off for this job position. 

So, sharing your promotion through a headline is a huge no. With that out of the way, the best option is to write a promotion post

Let me tell you why.

If you were to write a LinkedIn post instead of the usual “Notify Network”, you could stand out on your Connection’s newsfeed while formally announcing your position.

Writing a LinkedIn post for every major success is always a great way to record your career trajectory. 

Prospects and recruiters can read about your skills (and see a bit of your personality) just by going through the post. 

And your promotions are no different. 

Do You Know The 5 Elements That Make The Perfect Promotion Post?

Stock photo of a LinkedIn post

Now you know how to add a promotion on LinkedIn. Are you ready to take it up a notch with the perfect LinkedIn post? 

Before you start typing, here’s a few tips that will help you along the way

✅ Talk About WHY You Were Promoted 

LinkedIn promotion post

It’s true that your promotion post needs to spill the beans on your recent success. But hey, your connections are curious! 

Wanna add more depth to your post? Explain WHY you got your promotion. Trust me, it’s a real game-changer. 

See it this way. You can mention how you contributed to driving results for your previous company and underline your soft skills

Remember to use numbers! Tangible results like percentages, profit figures, and other metrics keep your story believable. 

✅ Mention Your Soft Skills, But Don’t Pitch Them!

Soft skills on LinkedIn

People don’t like being sold to. Probably the first thing you’re going to learn when you’re in sales and marketing. 

But why am I bringing it up here? Believe it or not, this applies to when you add a promotion on LinkedIn

Apart from mentioning the results and numbers you achieved, there are so many things you can never quite put a number on.

Here’s where you can start getting creative. Go narrate a gripping story! 

Talk about how you managed to save a project from certain failure with your analytical skills, stopped a customer from churning at the last second with your solid communication skills, brought up the profit margin…

Maybe that’s a little dramatic. But you get my point.

Write a LinkedIn post that evokes emotions and highlights your strong points in an engaging way

Doing so will ensure your readers keep your skillset in mind for far longer, even after they’ve scrolled past your post.

✅ Use Social Proof to Your Advantage

Drawing of a megaphone with ratings around it

And to make your promotion post sound less like a humblebrag, you can talk about the people who helped you get here.

Start by expressing gratitude to your previous management, colleagues, and positive memories. Better yet, you can tag people on LinkedIn to mention them to use social proof to your advantage

You know what’s better than your post mentioning your impact on the work environment? The positive comments you get from your colleagues!

✅ Don’t Forget Images and GIFs

Media content like GIFs, images, and videos makes it fun to read

But more than entertainment value. They grab the attention of potential customers and recruiters casually scrolling through LinkedIn.

They also increase retention rates

Be honest with me, would you have stuck around reading a wall of text telling how to add a promotion on LinkedIn if there weren’t images and GIFs to spice it up?

Can’t find anything related to your job role or promotion? No worries! Announcing a career update shouldn't stop you from sharing that one GIF of a cat you find hilarious

Cat dancing and jumping

✅ Write About Your Future

By now you can guess your promotion post should aim to do more than just announce your promotion to a new job role. 

It’s an opportunity to build connections, show your work ethic, and impress key decision-makers from target companies.  

With that in mind, you can end your post by talking about your plans for the future. Things like what you aim to offer to your new company, and the goals you want to smash a few years down the line.

Remember, writing engaging posts and grabbing the attention of LinkedIn users is not a one-way street.

If you want to maintain an active network of Connections, you have to be the one to interact with other posts too! Especially the Connections you really want to have a great connection with (See what I did there?).

But doing so for every Connection in your network can be overwhelming. And you can’t just stop at reacting to their posts. You have to leave a personalized comment for them to take notice

That’s why Salesrobot helps you by automatically searching for relevant LinkedIn posts, reacting to them, and even leave personalized comments based on what your targeted ICP would love to hear.

Visualization of Salesrobot features

What’s Salesrobot you might ask? 

Nothing much, except that it’s the only cloud-based tool you’ll ever need to automate your LinkedIn outreach campaigns and generate quality leads that actually convert into paying customers.

Personalized messages, configurable follow-up sequences, reaching leads from LinkedIn Searches, Events, and Groups, bypassing LinkedIn limits, it’s just part of the routine when you’re using Salesrobot.

Before we get ahead of ourselves, there’s still one more thing you should know…

How to Get Noticed by More Recruiters on LinkedIn 

You have updated your LinkedIn profile to reflect your recent promotion. That includes listing your accomplishments in your previous company on a LinkedIn post and adding the promotion to your profile.

Now what if I were to tell you that this is only the FIRST step to help you get noticed by more recruiters?

Before you start pulling your hair out, I have you covered with the next few steps you can take:

  1. LinkedIn provides a checklist of key profile sections you should fill up. And if you want your profile to be taken seriously, do not skip out on them! 

A complete profile is more likely to be recommended to recruiters and Connections who can be a part of your ICP

Announcing your promotion with a complete profile can almost double its impact.

Recommended profile sections to fill on LinkedIn
  1. Speaking of complete profiles, remember to use a profile picture and background that looks professional

No one can trust (or really care about) a LinkedIn profile with its default pictures. Especially if you have a business page!

  1. If you really want to stand out, you have to be an active member on LinkedIn. Consistently updating your profile to reflect every major success is one thing.

Aside from interacting with other posts, sending messages that start conversations with quality recruiters can almost double your success as a job seeker.

And there are a lot more tips to improve your LinkedIn profile if you want to go down this rabbit hole. 

Following up on the last point, it’s true that your job-seeking days will go a lot smoother if you’re taking steps beyond just making LinkedIn posts about your promotion

You can always reach out to recruiters through personalized messages. 

But here’s the thing: LinkedIn has put several limitations in place when it comes to sending Connection requests, follow-up messages, and InMails. 

<You need to watch this video to avoid going to LinkedIn Jail [Secret Tips Inside]>

Hold on, you seriously weren’t considering personalizing every message to Connections, were you? Let’s look at why that's a bad idea:

⚠️ Even if you were to avoid LinkedIn jail, you will run into a brick wall if you choose to carry out manual prospecting.  

⚠️ Think the worst is over? You still have to plan on sending follow-up messages to every recipient if you want your cold outreach to actually work.

That’s why you can trust Salesrobot to automate your LinkedIn outreach campaigns. I wasn’t kidding when I mentioned everything you could achieve beyond just interacting with user posts.

Salesrobot lets you target prospects from LinkedIn/Sales Navigator Searches, Groups, Events, and even custom CSV imports

Since you’re learning how to add a promotion on LinkedIn, you can use all the help you can get. 

Getting a skill endorsement puts more weight on your claims. And the best way to ask for endorsements is by sending personalized messages.

With Salesrobot you can not only use basic data (first names and company names) and media content (GIFs and images), you can set up a follow-up sequence to target prospects from the search URL you provide

The best part? Our Smart Reply Detection feature automatically stops your follow-up sequence when your recipient sends a reply. All you need to do is have a small chat before you can ask for endorsements.

And I know what must be on your mind as a job seeker. Salesrobot lets you reach out to key recruiters in every industry

Automating your LinkedIn outreach ensures you’re talking to the major players in your niche and stand among companies who will value your unique skill set. 

Simplifying your outreach experience is the name of the game at Salesrobot!


Congratulations! Not only have you gotten to a new place in your career, but now you also know everything there is on how to add a promotion on LinkedIn.

You can add your promotion in your current company or as a new job position. But more than that, you can make the most out of your promo.

A perfectly crafted LinkedIn promotion post can boost engagement on your profile and help you stand out in the community.

And if you want to go a step further, you can always turn to Salesrobot

Check out what we have to offer by visiting our website here. We help you send outreach messages that grab the attention of recruiters on auto-pilot.

Need a little more convincing? No problem! Try our features risk-free with a 14-day free trial. No credit card or phone number needed — just your email, and you're good to go!

Until next time,

Good luck!

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