Koncert (ConnectLeader) Review: Is it the Ultimate Solution for Sales Teams in 2023?

Koncert (ConnectLeader) Review: Is it the Ultimate Solution for Sales Teams in 2023?

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Are you looking for the best sales solution for your business? 

Or are you currently using Koncert but not seeing the results you hoped for?

Look nowhere else! You’re at the right place.

In this Koncert review, we'll look at this sales solution platform and see if it makes outreach activities more efficient and produce better business results. 

Professionals in sales and marketing have different tasks to manage; they frequently deal with the issue of "cold responses," which can involve social media or other channels.

Koncert utilizes modern technology to address this problem.

But wait! Are these claims valid?

Let’s find out!

This blog has compiled all the information you require about the Koncert review. So, you can make an intelligent choice and master your sales and marketing efforts. 

And we will also explore the best alternative to Koncert!

So buckle up, and let's head down to the world of Koncert!

What is Koncert?

What is Koncert?
Source: Koncert

Koncert (previously known as ConnectLeader) is a multichannel automation software that helps increase revenue and productivity for different sales and marketing roles. 

Not every sales role is the same, so this platform offers different tools for different sales roles. 

Koncert helps you in sales, lead generation, and marketing tasks and lets you find the right prospects.

You can get accurate contact information for every prospect and communicate more effectively through various channels. 

You can also engage with leads in multiple ways and speed up the sales process. The AI technology helps you prioritize the best leads you can contact first.

What are the features Koncert Offer?

Koncert features
Source: Koncert

Koncert is a software solution for Sales Engagement that primarily serves the purpose of helping its clients to boost their sales and revenue and attract new customers through effective management of engagement, accounts, and call recordings.

Here are some key features of Koncert:

Koncert Dialer

Koncert Dialer
Source: Koncert

It has 5 dialers for different sales purposes:

  1. AI Parallel Dialer: This Koncert Dialer can track calls, and details of the dialer in real-time, gives you a remote coach for sales reps and can track the usage of your caller ID.
  2. AI Flow Dialer: This dialer has features like single-line AI dialing with Automatic CRM integration and provides data protection with superior AI.
  3. Agent-Assisted Dialer: You can reach more leads with easy data capture and remote coach features. It helps you get all the data on one screen on Salesforce.
  4. Flow Dialer: This dialer helps you to connect calls 2-3x faster and capture all call information easily. It provides a remote coach and local caller ID.
  5. Click Dialer: This dialer comes with salesforce integration to make more calls with fewer efforts and provides a remote coach with call-tracking capabilities.

Koncert Cadence

Koncert cadence
Source: Koncert

Koncert cadence has everything related to multi-channel sales outreach. It has 3 main components for each channel:

  • Prospect Engagement: This gives scoring based on prospect activity on the number of emails open, links clicked, and email replies. It also ranks engaged prospects at the top. It includes task management with all lists featuring all the tasks.
  • Speed-to-Inbound Lead: It instantly reacts to new prospects, prioritizing Inbound leads at the top.
  • Coach Training: Includes calls to keep up with email volume; you can add multiple dialers to eliminate the backlog.

Koncert Coverage

Koncert coverage
Source: Koncert

Koncert Coverage is a software program that helps you reach more potential customers by keeping track of your customer information and sending personalized emails to the right people at the right time.

It does this by looking at who your ideal customers are and what they are interested in and then using that information to send them messages that they will find interesting.

Smart Platform 

Koncert smart platform
Source: Koncert

The Smart Platform uses the information to organize and prioritize your sales leads, phone lists, and tasks for contacting other businesses. 

This includes sending emails, making phone calls, and using social media to connect with potential customers.

What is the pricing of Koncert?

koncert pricing
Source: Koncert

Koncert can help your sales team have more conversations and close more deals

But, It has not provided any pricing plans on its website, You need to contact its team to get a quote.

It has a free trial available and requires you to send a request to get the overall view of the platform.

Koncert Review (ConnectLeader)

Let’s see what the users say about the Koncer and explore its G2 and Capterra Koncert review ratings.

Koncert Review on G2

Koncert has an overall 4.6 out of 5 rating on G2.

Positive Koncert Review on G2

“Their team spent significant time with our reps walking through the platform and ensuring we had the best practices with the software to be successful. We also had our sales rep spend time helping our team with a talk track, as they spend most of their time prospecting on LinkedIn, not on the phone.”

Koncert review
Source: G2

Negative Koncert Review on G2:

“It can sometimes feel disorganized. While you can uncheck the people, you do not want to be called. The downside is the lack of organizational ability with lists. I wish it were a bit more user-friendly by allowing for creating folders, etc.”
Negative Koncert Review on G2
Source: G2

Koncert Review on Capterra

Koncert has an overall 4.6 out of 5 rating on Capterra.

Positive Koncert Review on Capterra

“Cold calling is a waste of time without ConnectLeader. That's it. Plain and simple. Excellent technology; very easy to use; we get great support from our account manager and the helpdesk.”
koncert review on capterra
Source: Capterra

Negative Koncert Review on Capterra

“The inability to integrate tools like gong and chorus is a downside.”
Koncert negative review
Source: Capterra

What are the shortcomings of Koncert?

  • Trouble in exporting data: You cannot select prospects and export them to Koncert from CRM.
  • Connection issues: You can experience silent lines before connecting with a prospect.
  • Browser Crashing: 
  • Difficulty making it through a list of 150 contacts without crashing.
  • Significant issues were caused by the browser crashing, especially with a team of 15-20 associates dialing. 
  • The browser is inconsistent and crashes frequently. 
  • Dialing becomes inefficient due to the browser crashing.
  • A free trial is available, but you must send a request to get it, which is time-consuming.
  • The platform on their website does not provide any pricing plans, making it challenging to decide on buying the plans.

Salesrobot - The Ultimate Alternative to Koncert

Salesrobot - best alternative to Koncert(ConnectLeader)
Source: Salesrobot

Salesrobot is a sales engagement tool that helps sales teams and agencies work better. It makes it easier to talk to people who might want to buy what you're selling. 

It's excellent at sending personalized messages that feel like human-like conversations. This is important because it helps people trust you more. 

Salesrobot is excellent for all businesses and people who want to sell more. Our tool helps you to save time and earn more money. 

Test it out; it can surely benefit you.

What does Salesrobot offer?

Salesrobot features
Source: Salesrobot

Salesrobot is a platform that can streamline and improve your sales operations. It can help you in increasing your sales and revenue.

Let's check out why Salesrobot is so beneficial:

  1. Personalized Email Sequences: Salesrobot can send emails that feel like they were written just for the person receiving them, which helps build a personal connection.
  2. Increased Message Limits: Salesrobot lets users send more messages and connect with more people on LinkedIn than they could without getting in trouble.
Smart inbox - salesrobot
Source: Salesrobot
  1. Personalized Messages with AI: Salesrobot uses AI to talk to people naturally and be friendly, making them more likely to respond.
  2. Safe and Smart Campaigns: Salesrobot keeps users safe and helps them plan effective campaigns that won't get them banned from LinkedIn.
safe and smart campaigns with salesrobot
Source: Salesrobot
  1. Good user experience: Salesrobot, which is excellent for sales teams, is simple to use, and supports multiple LinkedIn profiles.
Adding LinkedIn account on Salesrobot
Source: Salesrobot
  1. Multiple Integration Options: Salesrobot can be integrated with other business tools, allowing it to work with its current infrastructure.
Salesrobot integration
Source: Salesrobot

How much does Salesrobot cost?

Salesrobot pricing

Salesrobot offers a $99 monthly plan that includes all tools. The expense is reduced by 20% for customers who choose an annual subscription.

During the 14-day free trial, no credit card information is required, and users can evaluate all functionalities.

The trial phase can be utilized to determine whether Salesrobot is appropriate for one's requirements.

How is Salesrobot better alternative than Koncert?

Salesrobot vs Koncert (ConnectLeader)

Salesrobot and Koncert are platforms designed for sales teams and lead generation agencies. 

Salesrobot offers LinkedIn automation, allowing users to send up to 200 messages and connection requests without risking account bans. 

However, using Koncert can violate LinkedIn's terms of service.

Regarding email automation, Salesrobot offers personalized email sequences for inbound sales. 

At the same time, Koncert provides multichannel sales automation capabilities but often leads to browser crashing, making it more difficult to utilize its features.

Salesrobot's interface is user-friendly and intuitive, but Koncert's software has issues exporting data on your CRM platform.

Additionally, Salesrobot offers an all-inclusive plan at a reasonable price of $99 per user per month, while Koncert does not provide any pricing details on its website.

Conclusion: Koncert Review (ConnectLeader) 

In this Koncert Review,  we discovered that it provides a good sales engagement platform with all-in-one features.

However, the integration becomes difficult with the CRM as you cannot export your prospect’s data from Koncert.

As it does not live up to its advertised claims as an all-in-one sales service, which may limit its usefulness for larger B2B companies unless it evolves as promised. 

While businesses may benefit from Salesrobot, a highly customizable tool that utilizes advanced AI technology to generate qualified leads and accelerate deal closure. 

Salesrobot excels in cold outreach on LinkedIn and improving email outreach. Therefore, Salesrobot is an excellent alternative to Koncert. 

We hope our Koncert review has given you a fresh perspective on selecting the best sales automation software for your business.

That’s a wrap!

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