Lemlist Review: Are You Still Using This Sales Automation Tool In 2024?

Lemlist Review: Are You Still Using This Sales Automation Tool In 2024?

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This article is for you if… 

You are a B2B sales team leader (or a salesperson) looking to improve your sales process.

I am here to provide you an in-depth Lemlist review after using it myself! 

I’ll also share with you some actual reviews of people who used it and provided their feedback.

So, are you currently utilizing email automation for your cold outreach efforts? 

If you are, you're in good company. 

However, are you aware that email automation can be a double-edged sword? 

On one hand, it can help you save valuable time and reach a larger audience. 

On the other hand, if used carelessly, it can prove ineffective and even detrimental to your goals

This is precisely why I'm writing this. 

By the end of this post, you'll be well-equipped to determine whether Lemlist is the right tool for you, or if it's better to explore alternative options.

Here’s what you’ll learn from this blog:

💥An in-depth exploration of the strengths and weaknesses of Lemlist with valuable insights from real users.

💥Its cost.

💥Is it really effective?

💥And a better (and smarter) alternative!

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Let's get started, shall we?

So, what is Lemlist? 

Lemlist is a cloud-based sales outreach tool that uses AI to help you run lead generation campaigns on email and LinkedIn.

Lemlist home page.

With Lemlist, you can: 

🌟extract email addresses and phone numbers from LinkedIn, 

🌟export them to the Lemlist dashboard, and 

🌟run multi-channel campaigns. 

Lemlist campaign page.

You can even manually set conditions for your campaigns and customize lead information like: 

  • Has an email address
  • Has LinkedIn URL
  • Has accepted your LinkedIn invite

And hey, don’t worry! 

Even if you're a beginner or not tech-savvy, you can still use Lemlist AI to set up outreach campaigns to target your potential customers!

It’s cool, right?

Here’s how it looks like: 

AI campaigns with Lemlist.

Lemlist also has its own lead database of 450+ million contacts! 

This lets you target potential buyers through a process of Search, Target, and Import. 

Lemlist provides the 'Import your Leads' option which helps you bring in your own leads through the following methods:

  • CSV
  • Emails
  • LinkedIn
  • Existing Campaigns
  • CRM
  • Zapier
  • API
Ways to import leads to Lemlist.

The good part? 

You can choose to import from more than one method.

Lemlist review: Where does it shine? 

Here are the advantages of using Lemlist: 

User-Friendly Interface:

Lemlist's sleek and intuitive user interface simplifies email campaign setup, making it accessible to marketers. 

It has a simple user interface and can design personalized images.

Lemlist dashboard.

You have easy access to your campaigns, analytics, and other tasks that are scheduled for the day. 

On your dashboard, you can unsubscribe anyone out of your campaign easily. 

And customizing your teams (adding team members) is a smooth process. 

It offers a clear and straightforward way to: 

  • create email campaigns, 
  • set up follow-up steps, and 
  • integrate with other tools like HubSpot, making your workflow smoother.

In this example, I was choosing a template for my email and couldn’t think of a subject line, so here’s what I found: 

Personalized email subject line tutorial sign on Lemlist.

When I click on the little video icon, a little pop-up screen displays a tutorial to guide me through that specific step.

How to write catchy email subject line tutorial on Lemlist.

Pretty cool, right? 

There is so much more to Lemlist than this, let’s review everything!

Email Templates:

Lemlist offers many different templates for your particular use-case

For example, you’re a B2B company wanting to stand out by attracting a new client for your company.

The following is a great example template Lemlist has for you:

Cold outreach email templates on Lemlist.

These templates are not just for warmups but for other uses as well, namely:

  • Sales
  • Sell Online Courses
  • Hiring
  • Marketing
  • SEO/Backlinks
  • Webinar invites, and many more.

These templates come in handy when you don’t have much time on your hands and want to get out on the field. 

You can also remain consistent in your outreach hence increasing your productivity.

Mr. Bean showing happy thumbs up.


One of Lemlist's standout features is its ability to enable personalized email marketing. 

You have access to a range of customization options that will allow you to create highly personalized email sequences. 

Lemlist review of personalized email outreach on G2.

Dynamic generation of customized images, including company logos and employee names, adds a personal touch to each email. 

This level of personalization helps improve open rates and response rates. 

Here are a few key points to understand about this feature:

  • Create highly personalized email experiences.
  • Dynamic generation of customized images.
  • Improve open rates and response rates.
  • Connect with recipients on a personal level.

However, it is not beginner-friendly! 🤕

Lemlist's extensive personalization options can also be overwhelming for some new users and those new to email marketing.

Campaigns: Automation and Sequencing

Lemlist offers good automation features that make email outreach efforts more efficient and effective. 

Users can automate their email campaigns and set up email sequences with multiple steps. 

Campaign settings on Lemlist.

You have the flexibility to configure specific actions within your campaigns. 

For instance, Lemlist can automatically pause a campaign when a prospect responds, simplifying the process. 

Also, it can generate a new task within the campaign for follow-up.

And what I like about the tool is a little toggle button where you can pause or continue your campaigns

And for our convenience, the button is right next to the current campaign name.

Duplicate campaign and archive options in Lemlist.

And as you can see, you can also duplicate and archive your campaigns. 

This automation capability simplifies the process of setting up drip campaigns and follow-ups.

A/B Testing

Lemlist allows you to A/B test your email campaigns by creating different versions of your campaigns and sending them to different groups of people. 

This can help improve your responses by comparing different versions of your campaigns and choosing the one that performs best.

For example, you can A/B test: 

👉🏼different subject lines, 

👉🏼different body copy, or 

👉🏼different CTAs to see which one gets the best results. 

You can also use A/B testing to test different personalization strategies or email sending times.

A/B testing option in Lemlist.

This feature is available on every single step of your campaign.

Integrations: What does Lemlist integrate with?

Lemlist has integrations with platforms like LinkedIn Sales Navigator and HubSpot to simplify lead management and data sync.

CRM options in Lemlist.

Plus, it automatically finds email addresses for LinkedIn profiles, saving you time. 

How about Google Sheets Lemlist integration? 

Well, it can simplify data management for your campaigns.

But, it isn’t without disadvantages!

Some users have reported issues with specific integrations or glitches. 

There also are bug reports with the Lemlist-Pipedrive integration. 

So, I urge that you focus on the importance of thoroughly testing integrations to ensure they align with your workflow. 

Hit or Miss: Lemlist's Warm Up Feature-

By following a warm-up process, you can reduce the risk of your emails being marked as spam. 

This feature is especially beneficial for cold email outreach campaigns, where establishing a positive reputation with email service providers is important. 

What are the key highlights of the Warm-up feature?

  • It builds trust with email service providers.
  • You can gradually increase email sending volume.
  • It massively reduces the risk of being marked as spam.

When it comes to positive features, I am putting this at last, as it seems like the warmup feature has received mixed reviews.

Email warmup feature in Lemlist called Lemwarm.

But let's be honest:

When your only praise-worthy feature is facing pricing and deliverability issues, it doesn’t look very nice. 

Most of the reviewers are in agreement that it is a bit bonkers with the extra price they have to pay on top of their plans. 

Lemwarm review on G2.
Lemwarm pricing.

Additionally, Lemlist integrates with an email validation tool to help you verify the email addresses. 

However, that feature costs extra!

It provides:

✅a good design platform, 

a decent (but expensive!)hit or miss email warm-up capability, 

personalization options, automation features, and 

a user-friendly experience. 

So where does it disappoint?

Lemlist Review: Where does it fall short? 

Here’s where Lemlist failed to meet user expectations: 

Lemlist’s Support: Good or bad?

Lemlist's customer support has been receiving mixed reviews. 

Many users have appreciated the quick support they get while others have complained about the unprofessional and downright horrible support they received. 

One poor user got brushed aside with Lemlist offering a refund instead of addressing the issue. 

Review of unfair billing practices of Lemlist.

Lemlist's support team might just need an upgrade. 

And the continuous billing practices? 

It has happened more than once!

Billing and refund issues:

Some Lemlist users have found themselves tangled in a web of billing problems. 

No refund review of Lemlist.
Review of sketchy billing practices of Lemlist.

Lemlist's response to these problems has been uncooperative and marked by communication issues. 

A user even claimed that they save your credit card details!

Cons of Lemlist.

It's high time for them to straighten things out and work on their billing practices!

It's disheartening for individuals who've gone through this, as it reflects a clear lack of professionalism and unethical behavior.

Issues while Importing:

Lemlist seems to have a knack for technical issues. 

Users have reported frequent software crashes and annoying bugs that disrupt their sales processes. 

Not only does it slow you down, but it's also incredibly frustrating. 

Although no software is entirely bug-free. 

The problem of limited credits when importing contacts causing multiple duplicates can be a hassle. 

This means you'll have to manually sift through so as to not ruin your campaign.

Buggy software of Lemlist.

Lemlist needs to fix these bugs and ensure their software runs smoothly, or else users will feel trapped in a never-ending traffic jam.

Inaccurate email tracking:

Lemlist's email tracking feature has come under fire for its lack of reliability. 

It seems that Lemlist counts the user's own clicks as "opens," which skews the metrics and provides misleading information. 

Learning curve associated with Lemlist.

The email tracking needs a reality check and a recalibration to provide users with accurate data.

Absence of tags:

Lemlist lacks a crucial feature – the ability to tag your database

Review of contact tagging problems with Lemlist.

For example, if you want to run multiple campaigns with different sets of prospects, you need tags for better searches. 

Unfortunately, Lemlist falls short in this aspect, leaving many users to seek alternative solutions.

In contrast, a tool like Salesrobot allows you to label prospects on your list with different tags and simplify your campaign targeting. 

But more on that later!

Contact tagging in Salesrobot.

How effective is Lemlist AI?

Lemlist boasts a robust AI feature that simplifies campaign creation through straightforward commands. 

However, I noticed that its message outputs sometimes lack the sharpness I desired for effective outreach. 

In the world of email outreach, lengthy content often leads to lower read and response rates, which can be frustrating. 

And I’ve also felt that the content generated looks very AI-ish, even with all the custom variables fed in. 

It doesn’t look anything like human-language. 

Bummer 😣

If you’re looking for a tool with highly effective AI generated copy for sales outreach, we have the just the right alternative for you. 

Keep on reading to find out! 

Lemlist Pricing 

Finally, let’s talk about it!

Here's a lowdown of Lemlist's pricing plans:

Lemlist pricing plans.

Email Starter- $39/mo:

  1. Use Case: Perfect for small to medium-sized businesses starting with their email outreach campaigns.
  2. Best for: Those who need essential email outreach tools at an affordable cost.
  3. Standout Features: Affordable pricing with basic features like sending unlimited emails, customizable campaigns, and in-app support.

Email Pro- $69/mo:

  1. Use Case: Ideal for teams familiar with cold email outreach and want to step up their game.
  2. Best for: Teams aiming to elevate their outreach with more features and credits.
  3. Standout Features: A/B testing, image personalization, CRM integration, email warm-up, and more!

Multichannel Expert- $99/mo:

  1. Use Case: Tailored for large enterprises with extensive outreach requirements.
  2. Best for: Enterprises in need of multi-channel outreach including LinkedIn and cold calling
  3. Standout Features: Includes LinkedIn prospecting, advanced campaign conditions, custom landing page, and premium support.

Outreach Scale- $159/mo:

  1. Use Case: For enterprises who wish to do bulk outreach.
  2. Best for: Large teams in need of multi-channel outreach at scale.
  3. Standout Features: Provides 1000 credits/ mo and a dedicated account manager.

Keep in mind, the most suitable plan depends on your firm’s needs and the scale of your outreach. 

Choosing the Best Plan for Your Business Type

When selecting a plan from Lemlist, it's crucial to match your business type and goals with the right package. 

Here's a breakdown of the ideal plan for different business types:

👉🏼Starting with email outreach? 

Just go for the Email Starter plan!

👉🏼SMB but need to step up your outreach?

Consider the Email Pro one.

👉🏼Enterprise needing multi-channel outreach?

Go for the Multichannel expert plan.

👉🏼And finally, Enterprise who wants to do outreach at scale?

Definitely go for the Outreach Scale one!

Now let’s have a look at the good and the bad together, to see if Lemlist is worth it or not!

Lemlist review conclusion:

Lemlist can be a suitable choice for sales representatives or businesses aiming to connect with potential clients via email

Its notable features, including the AI Campaign Generator, Email Warmup, and Templates, offer advantages in this regard.

However, some users raised concerns about Lemlist

Here are some reasons why you should look for a Lemlist alternative: 

  • Customer support experiences.
  • Email deliverability.
Email deliverability rate review of Lemlist.
  • Issues while importing.
  • Billing complications and confusion.
  • Lack of tags for search filters.
  • Limitations of Lemlist AI.
  • Restricted AI Tokens can hinder your ability to fully utilize AI for personalized outreach.

Now that we’ve explored the power and limitations of Lemlist, let's talk about why finding a relevant Lemlist alternative might actually be better for you! 

If you're a B2B company aiming to expand to multichannel outreach and diversify B2B prospecting channels, here's why you might want to skip Lemlist:

☝🏼Email-Centric Focus: Lemlist primarily caters to email outreach, which suits cold email-centric strategies well. 

However, B2B companies seeking broader outreach across platforms, including LinkedIn, may find Lemlist's features lacking (or expensive!) 

And cold email is very challenging because 30-50% of cold emails land in spam even with proper Lemlist setup.

✌🏼LinkedIn Limitations: While Lemlist offers automated LinkedIn outreach, it lacks the advanced LinkedIn features found in other platforms. 

This limitation can impede your ability to optimize LinkedIn prospecting.

As LinkedIn is a top choice for reaching quality prospects through personalized messages, you NEED to have a good tool for LinkedIn outreach.

For these reasons, let's consider an alternative to Lemlist and see if it can offer a solution.

Salesrobot: The #1 Lemlist Alternative - LinkedIn-Focused, User-Friendly, with Excellent Support

Allow me to introduce you to our tool, Salesrobot, the best alternative to Lemlist for LinkedIn outreach. 

Salesrobot home page.

Yes, it’s my product!

But here’s why it’s different (and much better!)

Salesrobot is a powerful sales engagement tool that operates across multiple channels, including LinkedIn and email. 

It provides you with a comprehensive solution to simplify your outreach, which includes:

  • Automated LinkedIn+Email Outreach.
  • Personalized messages with custom images and GIFs.
  • Customizable LinkedIn Workflows (Like the post, comment on the post, fetch people who liked or commented on your particular post, and so on.) 

I’ll tell you why Salesrobot outshines Lemlist:

Advanced and Safe Cold Outreach Capabilities On LinkedIn:

Salesrobot offers advanced capabilities for reaching out to people on LinkedIn, and it does so in a safe manner. 

Moreover, it provides the flexibility to customize your outreach workflows according to your specific needs. 

You can configure your outreach campaign to target prospects from LinkedIn Group messaging, LinkedIn Events, Hashtags, LinkedIn searches and more. 

Campaign sequences in Salesrobot.

Whereas Lemlist may not be as proficient when it comes to tailoring and customizing sequences for conducting outreach on LinkedIn.

Bug-Free and Efficient Performance: 

Salesrobot is bug-free. 

You won't encounter any pesky issues or performance glitches. You can focus on your outreach with peace of mind.

Salesrobot review on G2 about scaling outreach.

This is not the case with Lemlist, as it fails to function in many parts leaving users feeling annoyed. 

Exceptional Customer Support: 

Salesrobot takes pride in providing exceptional customer service. We're available round the clock, not just through email like Lemlist, but also via phone and chat. 

Intuitive UI review of Salesrobot.

So, if you ever run into any issues or have questions, we're here for you, ready to assist you promptly and effectively.

Our customer service is completely something you can rely upon. 

User-Friendly Interface and Resources: 

Salesrobot is incredibly user-friendly, unlike Lemlist. 

Even if you're new to automation, you'll find it easy to create multiple campaigns and manage outreach processes all at one place. 

Campaign sequences in Salesrobot.

We've got you covered with step-by-step video tutorials on our YouTube channel, ensuring a smooth experience without any confusion.

Salesrobot Youtube channel.

Ethical Business Practices and Flexible Billing:

Salesrobot takes the high road when it comes to ethics. 

We offer a 14-day free trial without asking for your credit card information upfront. 

We want you to fully explore our tool and see if it fits your needs.

No tricky billing contracts that tie you down. It's all about giving you flexibility and control.

Constant Improvement: 

Salesrobot values user feedback and strives for constant improvement. We understand how important it is to provide a reliable tool that meets the needs of its users.

Let's discuss the shortcomings of Salesrobot.

In comparison to other available options, Salesrobot falls behind in certain aspects. 

One aspect when we compare it with Lemlist is Email outreach.

Salesrobot is more advanced when it comes to LinkedIn outreach, but it doesn’t have email warmup capabilities like Lemlist. 

Also if you are conscious of your budget, Lemlist might be a viable alternative worth considering.

Lemlist provides a plan starting at $39 per month, which can be advantageous if you are starting out or have limited funds.

But Salesrobot is expensive. 

It offers plans starting at $99 per month per seat. 

Nevertheless, there is a silver lining.

Salesrobot pricing plans.

If you choose to pay for an entire year upfront, Salesrobot extends a generous 20% discount, enabling you to save some money.

You can explore it free for 14-days without making any commitments!

Having the opportunity to try out a product and ensure its compatibility with your sales process is always advantageous.

Conclusion: Is Lemlist worth it?

Salesrobot vs. Lemlist comparison table.

Hey, if you’re still here, thanks for staying!

As we conclude our Lemlist review, it's evident that the tool shines when it comes to email outreach. 

The wide range of features and pricing flexibility actually make it a solid choice for all.

However, there are some things that are just bothersome. 

These are:

  1. LinkedIn outreach,
  2. Customer Support, and
  3. Billing Practices.

Now here’s the thing:

A great product with bad customer support or unethical billing practices is eventually not worth it.

Imagine being stuck because of the tool and not being able to resolve it because of poor customer support.

It will affect your productivity (and in return, business.)

So if you’re looking for an exceptional LinkedIn + email cold outreach automation tool, Salesrobot might just be the one for you!

It has a variety of advanced LinkedIn automation features, as well as AI-powered message generation and dynamic personalization. 

But to pick the right tool, you’ll first need to assess your goals. 

If you're looking for a tool that can help you automate your email outreach campaigns and provide tons of features around that, Lemlist is a good option. 

If you're looking for a tool that can help you automate LinkedIn AND email outreach campaigns, Salesrobot is a great option.

If you're still not sure which tool is right for you, I recommend trying both Lemlist and Salesrobot on a free trial!

This will give you a chance to see which one you prefer and which works best for your business.

I hope this helps you choose the right tool for your sales needs!

See ya!

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