LinkedIn Private Mode. How Does It Work?

LinkedIn Private Mode. How Does It Work?

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Everyone values privacy in the current world, which is why LinkedIn Private Mode is an effective tool for those who wish to take advantage of their network while maintaining some level of anonymity.

Although it's one of the finest ways to meet other experts in your industry, there are a few issues that make it challenging to use as intended.

We'll cover all the details here—from what makes features important and how to get started using them, including tips for navigating through its interface.

We will also discuss some tactics you can use whilst being in Private mode to increase your reach on LinkedIn!

So, let's begin knowing more about LinkedIn Private Mode.

What’s Private Mode on LinkedIn?

The LinkedIn Private Mode lets you keep your profile hidden from other LinkedIn users and from LinkedIn searches. It is definitely an excellent tool, especially for people who want to expand their network and, at the same time, want privacy.

It can be expensive if you are willing to buy a premium account for the feature, though. Private Mode offers several benefits that can help you grow your professional network and improve your career prospects even if you are not a premium user!

But it also comes with some downsides: To know more about them, keep reading…!

Let us now understand further what Private Mode can do for you…

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What Can LinkedIn Private Mode Do to Your Profile?

LinkedIn Private Mode is a feature of LinkedIn that lets you hide your profile from search results and other users on LinkedIn. This is useful if you want to keep your profile private but still want to connect with other people on LinkedIn.

It's important to note that this isn't just limited to the members of your network—anyone can see who has private mode enabled on their profile, even if they don't have access themselves.

So if you're not using it for privacy purposes (and why would anyone do that?), then the only reason why someone would know about it is that they were able to find out information about others' private profiles via search engines or other means of public information gathering like Google (which happens more often than we care). And the most common reason why people would want to know if someone has private mode enabled is that they wish to access themselves.  

You can see how this could be a problem, especially if you're trying to make yourself seem as attractive as possible on LinkedIn by only sharing your best information with potential employers and clients.

How to Go LinkedIn Private Mode?

LinkedIn Private Mode is an amazing way to keep your private information hidden and away from people on LinkedIn. All you need to do is choose the option on your profile, and you can choose whether or not some or all of your connections will see what you post.

Now, most of you might be wondering why anyone would use LinkedIn Private Mode...

If you have the same question in your mind, read on!

Advantages And Disadvantages Of LinkedIn Private Mode:

Advantages Of Using LinkedIn Private Mode:

There are several benefits of using LinkedIn Private Mode:

  • To protect your identity and privacy.
  • To prevent recruiters from seeing your profile so that they don't waste their time reaching out to you and asking for an interview.
  • To generate more leads.
  • To build more connections without being noticed by the people you are connecting with.
  • You could also use the feature to keep track of your competitors without them noticing you!

Disadvantages of Using LinkedIn Private Mode.

The good news is that it’s easy and quick, but there are some drawbacks to using this feature as well:

  • There are limits on who can see what you post (if they aren't connected with you).
  • You can't change who sees it after choosing this setting.
  • You can't see what other people post in their private mode.

If you want to share something with a specific person or group of people but don't want it to be seen by everyone on LinkedIn, there are a couple of options: You can use the "Send InMail" feature to send an invitation only to the person(s) you choose. This option is great for when you want to invite someone for a face-to-face meeting.

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4 Steps to Set Up Your Own LinkedIn Private Mode

Now that you know what LinkedIn Private Mode is, it's time to set up your own profile.

Step #1:

Log in to your LinkedIn Account using your computer or mobile.

how to set up linkedin private mode
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Step #2:

Click on the Me tab where your profile is displayed, then click on the Settings and Privacy option.

LinkedIn Privacy
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Step #3:

Now, you'll find a Visibility tab on your left when you click on it, you can view options to set your account on Private Mode.

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Step #4:

Now you can click on the Private Mode option, and there you go, "Incognito Mode"!

By enabling this feature, you can hide your profile for as long as you change the settings back to default.

NOTE: LinkedIn Premium users can get the list of viewers of their profile for 90 days even when on Private Mode. However, on the other hand, if you are a regular profile holder, then you can’t see how many profiles visited you when you were on Private Mode.

Well, if you are on Private Mode, are you really hidden from everyone? Find your answer further in this blog!

Can LinkedIn Premium Users see LinkedIn Private Users?

LinkedIn Premium users have access to all of the features on the site, which includes the ability to see which profiles have viewed their profile while being on Private mode. However, the list can only last for 90 days!

On the other hand, if you're not a premium user yourself and are using LinkedIn Private Mode, then you may not be able to see who had viewed your profile when you were on Private Mode.

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What is the difference between LinkedIn's Public and Private modes?

LinkedIn's Public mode is the default setting. When you first sign up and create your profile, it will be public by default.

This means that anyone who can see the URL of your profile can view it and contact you through their own profiles or via email (if they have an account).

LinkedIn's Private mode allows you to show only specific people who have viewed your profile, which gives them access to certain features but prevents others from viewing their content.

For example:

Recruiters and hiring managers can use Private mode so that potential employees don't see anything about themselves on LinkedIn before contacting them for an interview or job interview.

This allows employers to screen potential candidates for their own purposes rather than having their employees do so.

In addition, Private mode prevents unwanted viewers from contacting you or viewing your profile.

However, the recruiter may not be able to post anything publicly on their profile.

Can You Switch From LinkedIn Public To Private Mode At Any Time?

You can switch from LinkedIn Public Mode to LinkedIn’s Private Mode. And probably by switching you can generate leads and find prospects on LinkedIn.

This can be a good strategy to do cold outreach by being unnoticed when you are finding prospects.

Apart from this, you can also do research on a particular profile or competitor by turning Private Mode on!

This feature of switching modes can be helpful if you know how to use it!

Will hiding my profile on LinkedIn keep me anonymous and searchable at the same time?

If you're worried about your profile being searchable, don't be! You can still easily hide your LinkedIn profile and keep it private. In fact, there are several ways to make sure that no one knows who you are:

  • Log in to your account. This will allow you to hide your account from the "Who's Viewed Your Profile" page if they don't have access to their own personal profile (so they won't see yours).
  • Hide specific users from seeing each other's profiles by clicking on "Manage Privacy Settings" at the bottom of any member's bio box within their activity stream (this will also appear under other tabs like "Profile," etc.). You'll be able to choose whether or not certain users should be able to meet/see each other through mutual connections; for example, if someone has been blocked by another user but isn't aware of why yet, then maybe only certain people should be allowed into their networks until further notice.

Is LinkedIn Private Mode a Scam?

LinkedIn Private Mode is not a scam. It's a useful tool for people who want to leverage their network but also want privacy, as well as to keep their profiles out of the hands of LinkedIn searches.

It's important to note that LinkedIn Private Mode only hides your profile from the world on LinkedIn itself—it doesn't hide it from other members of your network or anyone else who knows what you look like (which could include someone in your immediate family).

This means any person with access to those two things can still see where you work and what you do there; they just won't be able to find out more about yourself through public searches on LinkedIn itself.

Final Takeaways On LinkedIn Private Mode:

LinkedIn Private Mode not only gives you more privacy but also allows you to use your profile to do cold outreach, prospecting or researching in an anonymous manner.

This will help boost your business on LinkedIn. However, it must be noted that the identity of your organisation won't be revealed.

In other words, you are not showcasing your brand or company to the public

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