Amplemarket Review: Discover its effectiveness for sales outreach in 2023

Amplemarket Review: Discover its effectiveness for sales outreach in 2023

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Hey there sales rep,

I know you're busy. You're probably spending a lot of time on cold outreach and not seeing the results you want.

I've been there. I used to spend hours every day sending emails and making calls, and I was only getting a few responses.

That's why I decided to try Amplemarket. I wanted to see if a sales outreach tool could help me save time and get more results.

After conducting a thorough analysis of over 100 Amplemarket reviews, here are some key findings:

  • Amplemarket can help you find qualified leads. The prospecting tool is really good at finding leads that are a good fit for your ICP.
  • Amplemarket can help you create personalized emails. The email templates are well-written and easy to customize.
  • Amplemarket can help you track your results. The reporting is comprehensive, so you can see how your outreach performs.

Overall, I was pretty impressed with Amplemarket. It's a great tool for sales reps looking to save time and get more results from their cold outreach.

But there are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Amplemarket is not cheap. The pricing is a bit steep, but it's worth it if you're serious about your outreach.
  • Amplemarket is not a magic bullet. It won't turn you into a top-performing sales rep overnight. But it can help you improve your results if you're willing to put in the work.

But before buying, I encourage you to read this blog post. I'll share my honest thoughts and experience with Amplemarket, and I'll recommend an alternative if you’re looking for a budget friendly tool that can get you similar results.
Now, first let's understand what Amplemarket is.

What is Amplemarket, and what does it do?

Amplemarket stands as a sales solution for today's landscape. It functions as a virtual sales assistant, powered by AI, managing lead generation, tailored outreach, and intelligent actions. 

Amplemarket homepage
Source: Amplemarket 

The platform makes use artificial intelligence that helps automate processes like:

  • Enrichment of leads,
  • Email marketing, and
  • Reminders to follow up.

Amplemarket offers real-time statistics and insights to assist sales teams in enhancing performance. But first let’s understand what kind of businesses they target.

For whom Amplemarket is built?

Amplemarket is built for sales teams of all sizes, but it is particularly well-suited for businesses that sell to businesses (B2B). Some of the ideal customers for Amplemarket include:

  • Sales teams looking to improve their cold outreach: Amplemarket can help sales teams to find qualified leads, send personalized emails, and track the results of their outreach.
  • Sales teams looking to save time: Amplemarket can automate many of the tasks involved in cold outreach, freeing up sales reps to focus on more strategic activities.
  • Sales teams looking to increase their ROI: Amplemarket can help sales teams to track the results of their outreach and to see how their efforts are impacting their bottom line.

Here are some of the industries that Amplemarket is used by:

  • Technology: Amplemarket is a popular choice among technology companies, as it can help them to reach a large audience of potential customers.
  • SaaS: It can help them to generate leads and close deals.
  • Marketing: It can also be used by marketing teams to reach out to potential customers and build relationships.

In the following section, we’ll review the pros and cons of Amplemarket before you actually set it up.

Amplemarket Pros and Cons (Review based)

We will explore the strengths and weaknesses of Amplemarket, providing you with a comprehensive understanding of what the platform has to offer. 

Amplemarket pros and cons

Amplemarket Pros: What Makes It a Good Choice for Sales Teams?

The pros of Amplemarket are:

  • Seamless Integration with Sales Channels:
  • You'll get a single platform that integrates with all your sales channels, so you can streamline your outreach efforts.
  • You can use email, social media, and phone to reach your prospects.
  • Efficient Email Sequencing:
  • You'll get easy-to-use email sequencing tools that help you create personalized email sequences and automated follow-ups.
  • It will ensure that you're always following up with your prospects in a timely manner.
Customer review of AmpleMarket
Source: G2
  • Powerful Lead Searcher:
  • You'll get a powerful lead searcher that helps you quickly find contacts matching your Ideal Customer Profile (ICP).
  • This will help you to create targeted prospect lists and ensure that your outreach efforts reach the right people.
Customer review of AmpleMarket
Source: G2
  • Competitive Intelligence:
  • You'll get competitive intelligence that tracks when similar companies are looking at target accounts.
  • Multi-Channel Outreach Automation:
  • You'll get a multi-channel outreach automation platform that combines email, LinkedIn, and dialer functions in one place.
  • It will simplify the sales process, improve your efficiency, and enable you to create comprehensive and effective outreach strategies.

On the positive side, Amplemarket offers numerous benefits for sales teams, making cold outreach more effective and efficient. However, like any tool, it also has its drawbacks. Let's take a look at some of the cons to consider before making a decision.

Amplemarket Cons: What You Should Know Before You Sign Up 

The cons of Amplemarket are:

  • Expensive:
  • You'll get a relatively expensive platform, especially if you're a small business or startup with limited budgets. 
  • Plus TrustRadius also reveals that the platform doesn't offer a free trial or premium consulting services. 
 Review of AmpleMarket
Source: TrustRadius
  • Email Deliverability Concerns:
  • Amplemarket takes measures to prevent spamming and maintain email deliverability.
  • However, there is still a risk that your emails may end up in a recipient's spam folder.
  • Limited Customization:
  • You'll get a platform that is easy to use, but customization options are restricting.
  • If you want to add your own flavor or spice, you may need to look elsewhere.
  • Limited A/B Testing:
  • You'll get a platform that lacks a robust A/B testing feature.
  • Finding what works best for your outreach campaigns can make it difficult.
Customer review of AmpleMarket
Source: G2
  • Outdated Data:
  • Some users have encountered outdated or irrelevant data in their searches. 
  • It can impact the quality of leads obtained through the platform.
Customer review of AmpleMarket
Source: G2
  • Confusing Billing/Credit System:
  • This platform has a billing and credit system that some users find confusing.
  • It's important to understand the costs and usage before you sign up for a plan.
Customer review of AmpleMarket
Source: G2
  • No Direct Prospect Replies:
  • You'll get a platform that doesn't allow you to reply directly to prospects from Amplemarket.
  • This can make it difficult to follow up with prospects and answer their questions.
Customer review of AmpleMarket
Source: G2

After exploring the cons of Amplemarket, let's now take a closer look at its pricing options. Understanding the pricing structure will help you decide and evaluate if the investment aligns with your business needs and budget.

Pricing and plans

The platform itself doesn't offer pricing on the website, a red flag 🚩if you ask me. You must book a demo or consult the platform's team directly for pricing. 

 AmpleMarket Pricing
Source:  AmpleMarket

Let's delve into the Amplemarket pricing I discovered on Revpilots.

AmpleMarket Pricing

And I'll give you the lowdown on why they might not be the best fit for small-medium businesses and agencies:

  1. Price per user: $205, a bit too steep for smaller budgets, don't you think? 
  2. For 1 user- Monthly Value: $505, and if you commit annually, it's a whopping $6060! Gulp!
  3. For 3 users- Monthly Value: $915, Annual commitment cost: $10,980

What about the features offered by Amplemarket in their plans? Let's find out!

  1. Startup- $300 per month for 1 user, or $300 per month for 3 users. That's quite a splurge! And you get:
  1. Group Onboarding sessions and Email and Chat Support to get you started.
  2. Sales Templates Playbooks and Amplemarket University to boost your sales knowledge.
  3. Webinars with Sales Experts for insights.
  1. Lead Generation Users - $125 per user per month, or $375 for 3 users. And you get:
  1. 10,000 Bulk Email Credits, 12,000 Email Address Credits (per year), and 200 Phone Number Credits (per year) to connect with leads.
  1. Multichannel Sales Engagement - $80 per user per month, or $240 for 3 users. And you get:
  1. 2 mailboxes are included per user for efficient communication.
  2. Email, Dialer & Linkedin Automation for a streamlined sales process.
  3. AI-powered Insights, Reports, and Workflow to stay ahead.

You can contact Amplemarket for more information on additional sets of features, such as:

  • Deliverability optimization network: You get warm up network mailboxes (2 per user) for improved deliverability.
  • Competitive intelligence: You can track your Competitors activities and get Competitive Intelligence Signals. And get Buying Intent level data and leads with no price per lead.
  • Contact tracking: You get 1,000 credits Tracking Credit (per year) to monitor contacts' movements. And track an average volume of 8,333 Contacts per year for this credit amount.
  • Sales expert services: You get a Full Sales Cycle Audit and Monthly sequence copy review and training sessions. And two sessions per month with Sales Expert for personalized support.

Let's be real. 

  • All of these plans might be way beyond what your budget allows. 
  • You might end up paying for more than what you actually need.
  • And most importantly, there are more cost-effective alternatives out there for similar features. 

So, you'd better think twice before taking this expensive leap.

Pricing can be a crucial factor for small-medium businesses and agencies, so it's essential to evaluate if Amplemarket fits your budget and requirements. 

And remember, I'm here to help you find the best solutions that suit your needs without draining your pockets. So, later in the review, we’ll explore an Amplemarket alternative that won't leave your wallet crying for mercy! 😉

But first, for the sake of fair play, I’ll review the rest of the features that Amplemarket offers in the next section.

What other features does Amplemarket offer besides lead generation?

I know it may sound overwhelming as we go into detail about the tool’s features. But trust me, with these easy pointers. You’ll be able to skim through them in no time. 

I have put the features into four categories, such as: 


  • For this feature, you’ll get personalized email creation with merge tags.
  • And an AI-powered lead data and smart email personalization.
  • It also has calendar enrichment for meeting scheduling.
  • You’ll find an outbound dialer for direct calls.
  • The platform also supports account-based marketing (ABM)

Analytics and Reporting:

  • You can get real-time campaign analytics and insights.
  • Plus, know the outreach progress and A/B testing.
Source: Amplemarket

Additional (cooler word for miscellaneous 😉) Features:

  • You get to buy Signals for identifying interested prospects.
  • Also, get job Change Alerts for timely follow-ups.
  • And an email Delivery Booster for inbox placement.

Amplemarket is a great platform, but it's not perfect. It's expensive, doesn't offer a free trial, and has some limitations in terms of customization, A/B testing, and multi-language personalization.

And what about its integrations with other tools? Let’s review Amplemarket integrations in the next section. 

Amplemarket Integrations 

Amplemarket's native CRM integrations link your Amplemarket account with CRM platforms like Salesforce, HubSpot, and Zendesk Sell.

Bi-Directional Sync: You can then enjoy a two-way data flow between Amplemarket and your CRM, eliminating data silos.

Supports Webhooks: And even customize connections with webhooks, enabling tailored integrations to other tools or platforms.

LinkedIn Harmony: You can download the Chrome extension to export leads and details directly from LinkedIn.

Sales & MarTech Synergy: You can also leverage Zapier for more automation between sales and marketing tools.

Email Excellence: And connect Gmail and Outlook mailboxes for domain health management and hyper-personalized emails.

And If you're looking for a more affordable, customizable, and user-friendly platform than Amplemarket, I encourage you to keep on reading and compare for yourself.

Why should you look for an Amplemarket alternative?

Here are some reasons why small businesses and startups should look for an Amplemarket alternative:

  • Pricing: Amplemarket is a relatively expensive platform, with plans starting at $499/month. This can be a major barrier for small businesses and startups with limited budgets.
  • Features: Amplemarket offers a wide range of features, but some of these features may be overkill for small businesses and startups. For example, Amplemarket's account-based marketing features may not be necessary for businesses that are just starting out.
  • Ease of use: Amplemarket can be a bit difficult to use, especially for businesses that are new to sales automation. This can be a major time sink for small businesses and startups that don't have a lot of extra time to spare.
  • Customer support: Amplemarket's customer support is less responsive than some other sales automation platforms. This can be a problem for small businesses and startups that need help quickly.

With a comprehensive look at the positives, negatives, and pricing, it's time to delve into what I mentioned earlier.

If you're a small business or startup, there are a number of Amplemarket alternatives that you may want to consider. One of the alternatives includes:

Salesrobot: Salesrobot is a more affordable option that is specifically designed for LinkedIn outreach. It is easy to use and has a responsive customer support team.

In the next section, let's understand what Salesrobot can do for your business.

#1 Amplemarket Alternative: Salesrobot 

Salesrobot is both a LinkedIn and cold email outreach tool. As an effective sales automation solution, it excels at generating high-quality leads for your business and warming them up through personalized messaging.

I might seem biased (cause I am, no, I’m kidding) but, I am not. We tested both the tools fairly on all grounds.

Salesrobot homepage

How does Salesrobot outperform Amplemarket?

Here are some reasons why Salesrobot is a better alternative to Amplemarket:

Pricing Transparency: 

  • First of all, Salesrobot mentions its pricing plans clearly on the website unlike Amplemarket. 
  • Salesrobot is significantly more affordable than Amplemarket, making it a great option for individual businesses and startups. 
  • Amplemarket's pricing starts at $505 per month, while Salesrobot's pricing starts at just $99 per month.

LinkedIn Outreach: 

  • Salesrobot has better LinkedIn outreach capabilities than Amplemarket. 
  • This is important because LinkedIn is a great channel for prospecting and can generate more reply rates than cold email. 
  • Salesrobot allows you to send personalized messages to your leads, while Amplemarket does not.

Multiple LinkedIn Accounts: 

  • Salesrobot allows you to use one Sales Navigator account in 5 LinkedIn accounts. 
  • This is a great feature for businesses that have multiple salespeople or that want to target different industries or regions. 
  • Amplemarket does not offer this feature.

Customer Support and User Satisafction: 

  • Salesrobot's customer support is better than Amplemarket's. Salesrobot has a dedicated team of customer support representatives who are available 24/7 to help you with any issues you may have. 
  • Amplemarket's customer support is not as responsive, and you may have to wait longer to get help.
Customer Review of Salesrobot
Source: G2


  • Salesrobot offers more personalization than Amplemarket. 
  • This is important because personalized messages are more likely to get a response from your leads. 
  • Salesrobot allows you to personalize your messages based on your leads' LinkedIn profiles, while Amplemarket does not.

Overall, If you’re a small Sales team or a Startup then Salesrobot is a better alternative to Amplemarket because it is more affordable, has better LinkedIn outreach capabilities, better customer support, more personalization, and allows you to use one Sales Navigator account in 5 LinkedIn accounts as well. 

Unlike other tools, Salesrobot offers 800 free InMails for your LinkedIn account that you can exploit to connect better. 

It has in-built LinkedIn outreach templates for you to use and get better results. 

You can also check out my team's compiled list of winning LinkedIn message templates to develop more relationships and sales.

The tool also boosts your sales pipeline through sequencing of multiple outreach campaigns.

Salesrobot aids in bypassing the LinkedIn daily limit. They also facilitate keeping your account safe by following the sales guidelines on LinkedIn.

On the other hand, some potential drawbacks of Salesrobot include the following:

  • Salesrobot may not offer as many advanced features as Amplemarket, like account-based marketing.
  • Salesrobot majorly focuses on LinkedIn outreach and doesn’t provide as

Salesrobot Pricing

Salesrobot offers two pricing plans: Do-It-Yourself and We'll-Do-It-For-You.

  1. The Do-It-Yourself plan is for businesses that want to manage their own outreach campaigns. This plan includes all the features you need to run successful campaigns, such as:
  1. Importing leads from CSV, Sales Nav Search, or other sources
  2. Sending personalized messages to leads
  3. Tracking campaign performance
  4. Integrating with other app
  5. The Do-It-Yourself plan costs $99/month per account
  1. We'll-Do-It-For-You plan is for businesses that want Salesrobot to manage their outreach campaigns. This plan includes all the features of the Do-It-Yourself plan, plus:
  1. Identifying your dream customers on LinkedIn
  2. Sending tailored messages to leads on your behalf
  3. Following up with leads until you get a meeting
  4. Optimizing your campaigns on an ongoing basis
  5. The We'll-Do-It-For-You plan costs $397/month per account.
  1. Unlimited PTO plan is for businesses that want Salesrobot to take care of everything, from improving their LinkedIn profile to writing LinkedIn posts and comments to reaching out to prospects and following up with them. This plan includes all the features of the We'll-Do-It-For-You plan, plus:
  1. Improving your LinkedIn profile
  2. Writing 4 LinkedIn posts per month for you
  3. Leaving 40 insightful comments on your dream customers' posts
  4. The Unlimited PTO plan costs $497/month per account.

All plans include a 14-day free trial.

Salesrobot pricing

Let’s compare both tools in the following table.

Comparison between Amplemarket and Salesrobot

Conclusion: Should you consider Amplemarket?

Here's my take on Amplemarket after a 30-day trial. Overall, it's a great tool for streamlining cold outreach, but I have a few suggestions:

  • Pricing could be more affordable, especially for smaller businesses.
  • Lead enrichment features need improvement, lacking comprehensive lead info.
  • Data accuracy issues with outdated and irrelevant results.

To sum up, Amplemarket is solid for sales pros streamlining cold outreach, but there's room for improvement.

My Recommendations:

  • Budget-conscious? Try Salesrobot, a cost-effective B2B outreach alternative.
  • Comprehensive sales intel? Amplemarket's your choice for diverse features.
  • LinkedIn focus? Opt for Salesrobot for effective LinkedIn outreach.

Ultimately, your choice depends on needs and budget. This review aims to guide your decision.

Additional Insights:

  • Amplemarket's pricier but feature-rich, offering lead enrichment, tracking, analytics.
  • Salesrobot's more customizable, allowing personalized outreach.
  • Salesrobot excels in LinkedIn outreach, simplifying prospect targeting.

Hope this helps you find your perfect fit.

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