We tested 5 top-notch Autobound Alternatives and here's what we discovered!

We tested 5 top-notch Autobound Alternatives and here's what we discovered!

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Hey Sales Hunter!

You know I could start with a whole sales pitch about what Autobound is. How does it work? Who uses it?

But we all know, when it comes to sales engagement tools, Autobound is an emerging option for many businesses.

But given that you're reading this blog which is literally titled Autobound Alternative. We can cut to the chase. Here are our top 5 Autobound alternatives:

  • Salesrobot,
  • Outreach,
  • SalesLoft,
  • InsideSales, and
  • Reply are all effective channels for sales engagement. They provide a range of capabilities to make your sales outreach activities more efficient.

And any of these will get you:

Well, that’s it. That’s the blog. Thanks for reading. Bye bye now! See ya!

Kidding, kidding. I have a full in-depth article prepared for you. Read on!

Here's a quick comparison table for you, if you're in hurry

Comparison table of autobound alternatives

Each of these alternatives will have their own particular advantages and disadvantages. And making the right choice can have a huge impact on how well your sales initiatives perform.

We put each platform through its paces and assessed its functionality, usability, and general worth. You can learn about what works best and for what with the help of our thorough analysis.

But first, let's refresh our memory. What even is Autobound?


What is Autobound and how is it useful?

Autobound is a sales engagement tool that helps businesses automate and streamline their outbound sales process. It helps in identifying and reaching out to potential leads.

After all, we’re all here for the leads.

What is Autobound?
source: Autobound

Why even look for Autobound alternatives?

  • Lack of Customization: In terms of creating custom fields and mapping them to specific lead or account data. The tool also does not offer much flexibility in creating custom workflows or sequences.
  • Limited Personalization: Autobound's suggestions for openers do not always match the lead's profile, which can result in robotic messaging.
Autobound review on G2
source: G2
  • Machine Learning Limitations: Autobound may not identify high-value leads, which might lead to lost opportunities.
  • Automated outreach may occasionally come across as impersonal, which may turn off potential clients.
Autobound review on G2
source: G2
  • Lack of Sequencing: Users didn't get to integrate with outreach tools and allow automatic follow-ups based on conditional waits.
source: G2
  • Generic Messaging: It can sometimes create generic messaging when there is minimal information on a person's profile.

We have learned the reasons for finding Autobound Alternatives, and now only one thing is left to uncover. You guessed it, or read it as the next section is written in bold.

In the next section, we’ll break down the pricing plans for Autobound.

How much does Autobound cost?

  • Pay Monthly: For a single user, you can get started for free with Autobound's basic plan. It includes unlimited content generation, 5 daily credits, and integrations with all your sales tools.

However, it comes with limited features such as only 25 credits per week, which may not be enough for your business needs. Plus, it lacks premium support and other advanced functionalities.

  • Pay Yearly: If you choose to pay yearly, you can save 20% on Autobound's plans. But, unfortunately, the free plan doesn't offer this option, so you'll miss out on the savings. Consider this if you want to commit long-term and save some extra bucks.
  • Pro: Autobound's Pro plan is priced at $23 per month. It claims to be the most popular choice, but is it really? It does offer unlimited content generation and credits, along with integrations and other basic features.

But it still lacks premium support, SOC 2 Report, and single sign-on. It's important to note that these features not being included might be a drawback for businesses seeking a comprehensive solution.

  • Enterprise: If you're considering Autobound's Enterprise plan, brace yourself for custom seat-based pricing.

Although it promises unlimited content generation, unlimited credits, and all the basic features, it too falls short by not including premium support, SOC 2 Report, and single sign-on.

The lack of transparent pricing can also be a concern for businesses trying to evaluate their options effectively.

Autobound pricing
source: Autobound

Hence, while Autobound offers some compelling features, it's important to carefully assess their pricing plans.

The free plan may be too limited for most businesses, and even the paid plans like Pro and Enterprise have their shortcomings.

Make sure to fully understand your business requirements and compare Autobound's offerings with other alternatives before making a decision.

After all, pricing that puts the "oh" in ROI should truly deliver value without any surprises.

And if you want to dive deeper into Autbound’s features, reviews and pricing, then we have a comprehensive Autobound review just for you 😉.

Before moving onto the next section, let us state the reasons for choosing Autobound alternatives in the first place. They are as follows:

  • Generic messages
  • Lack of sequencing
  • Risk of inaccuracy
  • Less personalized
  • Limited customization options

Now, let’s go right to the first of the Autobound alternatives which is Salesrobot.

Autobound Alternatives #1 Salesrobot: For better LinkedIn prospecting, Personalization and helpful Customer Support

Salesrobot is a LinkedIn and email sales outreach platform. It helps in automating the process of engaging your prospects so that they don't ignore you.

  • Sequential features: With Salesrobot, you can easily customize sequences as you go unlike with Autobound. You can add, delete, or transfer prospects in sequences.
creating automated sequences with salesrobot
  • With Salesrobot, you don’t have to worry about generic messages because you can tailor your messages from the start of a campaign or choose tailor-made from the library of templates.
  • Also, Salesrobot leverages LinkedIn Sales Navigator to fetch lead data, which sets it apart from Autobound.
  • Hyper-personalization: You can personalize the messages sent to the prospects or edit the pre-made messages.
  • Unlike Autobound, Salesrobot gives your outreach a human touch with features like wishing your prospects birthday and liking their LinkedIn posts.
  • Salesrobot also has many customization options in regards to its outreach, configuration, scheduling, analytics and more.

Now, let’s learn about the pros and cons of using Salesrobot.

The Pros of Salesrobot are:

The following are the advantages of the Salesrobot:

  • Multichannel outreach with Email and LinkedIn. Use of LinkedIn groups and polls.
  • Integrations through Zapier
  • Smart configuration to secure your account
  • Fantastic Customer Support
  • Personal email enrichment feature
  • 800 free InMails for open LinkedIn profiles.
  • Robust team management features.


The Cons of Salesrobot are:

The following are the drawbacks of the Salesrobot:

  • It has a bit of a learning curve in the beginning but any queries can be solved through customer support.
  • Email automation features are somewhat limited
Salesrobot review on G2
source: g2

Let’s find out what Salesrobot’s features cost.

How much does Salesrobot cost?

Salesrobot offers a free 14-day trial without a credit card. You can test out all its features with the trial, plus (amazingly) it has only one plan. It offers every feature set under $99 per month per account.

Salesrobot pricing

We are moving on to the second of Autobound alternatives which is Outreach.io.  

Autobound Alternatives #2 Outreach: For better automation and analytics

Outreach.io is a sales engagement platform. It helps sales teams streamline and automate their communication with prospects. It provides a set of tools for analytics to track engagement and effectiveness.

Autobound best alternative - Outreach.io

You know the drill. In the following section, we'll find out about the features that users appreciate.

Outreach pros and cons

Why is Outreach.io better than Autobound?

  • Outreach's sequencing feature is user-friendly and intuitive.
source: Outreach.io
  • The integration of Outreach's extension with Salesforce lets you view and manage your Salesforce data from within Outreach.
  • Automated follow-up emails: The ability to automate many follow-up emails for a campaign and track who has opened them.
  • Customizable views: You can set up views to filter leads based on specific criteria, helping them identify the most important leads to follow up with.
  • Reporting and analytics: The integration also enables you to view data from many sources in one place.
Outreach.io analytics
source: Outreach

Let's move on to uncover what users like and don't like about Outreach.io.

The Pros of Outreach.io are:

  • Better customization
  • Automated workflows
  • Advanced reporting and analytics
  • Team collaboration
  • Meeting scheduling and call recording

The drawbacks of using Outreach.io are:

The cons of Outreach.io are:

  • Creating cadences on Outreach is tricky: Users face difficulties automating their sales processes due to poor UX/UI design.
Outreach review on G2
source: G2
  • The platform has poor communication with Account Executives: They are not responsive in addressing user's concerns.
Outreach.io review on Capterra
source: Capterra
  • Lack of mobile app interface: Users have to rely on desktops to manage their sales processes, which can be inconvenient for users who are often on the go.
  • Outreach.io is complex: The platform requires a certain level of technical expertise to operate.
Outreach.io review on G2
  • The platform's UI is not user-friendly and lacks intuitive features:

After learning what goes on with Outreach, let's learn about the cost of making it happen.

What are Outreach.io pricing plans?

The website does not list the Outreach price plans (sad, we know). It's a little chaotic having to ask their staff for the plan. However, we have found the pricing schemes on a different website.

  • For 20 seats- $130 monthly per user

They are all paid per year. Implementation fees are not included in these prices.

Outreach pricing

The following are the pricing seats (per year) for Outreach.io:

  • Optimize seat: $1680
  • Accelerate seat: $960
  • Admin seat: $300
  • Outreach Express Start Package: $1000
Source: Revpilots

Jumping onto another one of the Autobound alternatives, SalesLoft.


Autobound Alternatives #3 SalesLoft: For Integrated Communication

SalesLoft helps sales teams to create, execute, and optimize sales processes. It provides various tools for sales engagement, such as:

  • sales email tracking,
  • sales call recording, and
  • sales cadence management.
Salesloft - best alternative to Autobound
source: Salesloft

Let's learn about the features that SalesLoft users like.

Salesloft pros and cons

Why is SalesLoft better than Autobound?

  • Cadences: Cadences customization for each prospect, allowing for a more personalized approach to outreach.
Salesloft dashboard
source: Salesloft
  • Task Organizer: The task organizer helps you stay on top of your sales tasks, making it easier to close deals.
  • Integrated Communication: With integrated communication, you can track communications and keep them in one place.
source: SalesLoft
  • Analytics: The analytics are easy to understand, making it easy for you to make informed decisions.
  • Integrations: With integrations, you can work more by keeping all activity in one place but they are limited.

Now, let's get down to the good and the bad stuff of SalesLoft.

The pros of SalesLoft are:

The following are the best SalesLoft features:

  • Intuitive and user-friendly interface
  • Customizable email templates and cadences
  • A/B testing
  • Automated task creation and follow-up reminders
  • Good analytics and reporting capabilities

The SalesLoft features disliked by the users

The cons of SalesLoft are:

  • The call connection issues and frequent lag during calls on this platform can cause delays and misunderstandings.
Salesloft review on capterra
source: Capterra
  • An Unpleasant User Experience: Contact’s profile information is not being saved, leading to re-enter the same information.
Salesloft review on G2
  • Limited Functionality when Scheduling Activities
  • Inability to transfer groups from one cadence to another, leading to wasted time.
  • Limited options for customization lead to a one-size-fits-all approach that won't work for everyone.
  • Difficulty in Using the Software with Other Platforms
salesloft review on g2
source: G2

In conclusion, SalesLoft has many issues that can frustrate users. From call connection issues to limited functionality when scheduling, these problems waste time.

Coming back to the pricing section of the tool, this time, it's SalesLoft .

How much does SalesLoft cost?

There's an annual contract, one SalesLoft license per user, and per year is $2K, $125 to $165 per user. And per month depending on the package.

Only prospecting capabilities are on the lower end of the rangeno  minimum seats.

Salesloft pricing
source: Salesloft

Okay! We're at the second to last of the Autobound alternatives, InsideSales. It is a relatively new tool.

Autobound Alternatives #4 InsideSales: For better templates and task management features

InsideSales is a sales engagement platform that helps sales teams improve their productivity. It uses data and analytics to help sales representatives make data-driven decisions.

InsideSales - best alternative to AutoBound

Now it is time to find out about the most appreciated features of InsideSales.

Why is InsideSales better than Autobound?

  • Automated campaigns: Personalize outreach and streamline workflows for more efficient work.
  • Playbooks: Easy to learn and install into daily business. Allows for a better view of customer data.
  • Integration with Salesforce: Configuration of snapshots can be done by end-users without IT support.
  • Email templates: Send out emails at the most opportune time for the customer.
  • Task reminders: Upload leads and set reminders for when to call them. Improves follow-up and engagement with leads.

Let's jump to the next section for InsideSales' advantages and drawbacks.

Top InsideSales features that users love

The pros of InsideSales are:

  • Advanced AI-powered platform
  • Offers predictive analytics
  • Provides call automation and email marketing
  • Prioritize Outreach
  • Alerts and Activity Triggers

Top InsideSales features that users are not happy with:

The cons of InsideSales are:

  • Limited Customization Options: Customers are unable to create their own custom plays, which is a significant pain point.
  • Integration Issues: The interface can be clumsy and slow down Salesforce. Customers want more filter options and better email integration.
InsideSales reviews on G2
source: G2
  • Unreliable System: There's a lack of transparency for support and updates, with support tickets open for days.
  • There are too many bugs, and the Playbooks feature is not intuitive.
InsideSales review on G2
source: G2
  • Confusing Interface: The release guidelines and training are lacking, and updates release without release notes.
InsideSales review
  • Poor Workflow: The workflow could improve with better automation and more intuitive design.

It is that part of the blog, where we learn the pricing; this time, it's InsideSales.

How much does InsideSales cost?

The pricing plans are not disclosed on the website.

It costs almost $125 per license as per sources. But you have to consult their team for a customized price for your business needs.

InsideSales pricing

We’ve made it. It is officially the last of Autobound alternatives, Reply.io.


Autobound Alternatives #5 Reply: For good analytics and integrations

Reply.io is a sales automation platform. It offers features such as multi-channel sequencing, email tracking, reporting, and integrations with other tools. It doesn’t let you waste time.

Reply.io best alternative to Autobound
source: Reply.io

Why is Reply.io better than Autobound?

  • Multichannel Reach-Out System: Allows for reaching out to prospects through email and LinkedIn using one platform.
  • Reporting and Analytics: Users can split reports by account, sequence, time, and template.
  • User-Friendly Dashboard: Allows you to manage many drip campaigns from one place.
  • Easy to Use: Provides helpful tips and tricks to improve the user experience.
  • Automation and Integrations: Saves time by automating repetitive tasks and providing a more efficient process.

In this section, we’ll discover the good and the not-so-good parts of Reply.io.

Reply.io pros and cons

Most-liked features of Reply.io

The pros of Reply.io are:

  • Easy-to-use campaign and sequence builder
  • A/B testing feature
  • Provides triggers and AI for campaigns
  • Integrates with CRMs
  • Multi-channel outreach options

Reply.io features that users are not fond of

The cons of Reply.io are:

  • Unexpected pauses in campaigns: Users might have to check their campaigns to ensure they are still running. It can be time-consuming and defeats the purpose of automation.
Reply.io review on G2
source: G2
  • Removal of the warmup feature: It has disrupted users' workflows. And it has increased costs, as it is now a separate product.
  • Users might have to switch to a different platform. Or use an extra service to warm up their email accounts, which can be inconvenient and expensive.
  • Users have encountered bugs or issues, such as sequences getting lost or not being able to scroll down.
Reply.io review on G2
source: G2
  • Expensive Add-On Services: Add-on services, such as SMS or LinkedIn features, can also get expensive, adding to the cost.
  • Users might have to test whether the added cost is worth the benefits. And they might switch if cheaper alternatives are available.
  • Interface issues: The user interface of Reply.io could use some improvement. As some users have reported issues such as messages getting lost or not appearing.
  • Sequences can also get messed up due to auto-saving.

Finally, the last cost of the blog is Reply.io's pricing plans.

How much does Reply.io cost?

When it comes to pricing, Reply.io offers three different plans.

But some are pretty limited and expensive compared to other options. Here's what you need to know about Sales Engagement plans for Businesses:

  1. Starter: $60/user/month, 1 mailbox, unlimited B2B data, basic reports, and email sequences. Lacks some advanced features such as multichannel engagement and Salesforce integration.
  1. Professional: $90/user/month, includes 2 mailboxes and everything in the Starter plan.
  1. Custom: Designed for larger teams, customized solutions, 4 mailboxes, and unlimited B2B data. Also, everything in a Professional plan, and premium support.
Reply.io pricing
source: Reply.io

Here are the pricing details for the agency packages offered by Reply.io:

  1. Agency Starter: $60/month/email account, billed quarterly. Includes unlimited users, B2B data, Jason AI, multichannel sequences. Also, email tracking, meeting booking, reports, integrations, roles, permissions, and warmups.
  1. Agency Professional: $60/month/email account, billed annually. It includes everything in the Agency Starter package, plus rotating emails, triggers, dialer. Also advanced API access, CSM premium, and Slack support.
Reply.io pricing
source: Reply.io

Let me tell you about the Starter plan! This plan is free, so it's perfect for those on a budget.

The Starter plan is free and includes unlimited B2B data and a Chrome extension. It integrates with popular CRMs and makes for extra tool integration.

Reply.io pricing

These were the Reply.io’s pricing tiers and we must add that, it has competitive pricing. But the limited features are a hurdle. Which brings Salesrobot as one of the most affordable options with many features.

Wondering about Reply.io, still? Here we have for you a detailed Reply.io Review.

Finally, we’re nearing the end of Autobound alternatives blog, which is why to make things even simpler. We have compiled a comparison table including all six tools mentioned above. 😊

Comparison between Autobound, Salesrobot, Outreach, SalesLoft, InsideSales, and Reply

We’re at the last leg of our review, it is the time for the final verdict about the Autobound Alternatives. Let’s find out what works best for your outreach. You know, without getting ghosted and stuff.


The Lowdown on 5 Autobound Alternatives: Our Verdict

Hey you!

Thanks for making it this far. We know you want the perfect tool to help you automate your sales process and close more deals, and we're here to help.

After testing out five of the top alternatives, we can confidently say that each one has its own strengths and unique features that make it stand out.

First up, Salesrobot – we loved their focus on LinkedIn prospecting

(because let’s be honest, LinkedIn prospecting is in right now. And Email outreach is nice and all but it can only work so much. Don’t believe me? Go and check your spam.)

and personalization, which made outreach a breeze.

Outreach, on the other hand, had some good sequencing and integrations with other tools and platforms. But with a complex interface and pending support tickets, it might not be the one.

Salesloft is all about customization with a ton of options to tailor your outreach. But the difficulty in scheduling and integration features are some of the negatives of the tool.

InsideSales is a good option for teams who want to streamline more workflows at a time. At the same time, it has dissatisfied customers with bugs and glitches.

And finally, Reply is a good option, with a user-friendly dashboard and helpful analytical features. Reply also offers LinkedIn prospecting but users have complained about their unexpected pauses in campaigns.

Overall, each of these tools is a good alternative to Autobound, depending on your specific needs and preferences.

Happy hunting, and may the sales gods smile upon you.

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