Top 10 LinkedIn Automation Tools For Cold Outreach

Top 10 LinkedIn Automation Tools For Cold Outreach

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In recent years, cold outreach has become a new method of reaching out to people easily. Gone are the days when marketing teams used to make phone calls or print advertisements. Cold emails and LinkedIn cold messages have brought a new revolution to the business world. This has helped many entrepreneurs run their businesses completely online without any difficulty.

The problem that the majority of people face with cold outreach is that they are unable to reach out to the required number of prospects to boost their business growth. This is because business persons try to interact with people manually. It is not humanly possible to reach out to hundreds of people every day and solve their queries, as it will be a chaotic task.

To solve this problem, many outreach tools or automation tools are available in the market that uses AI to interact with people. You need to give some commands to the software, and all your work is done.

This blog will discuss the Top 10 LinkedIn automation tools for cold outreach here.

What is Cold Outreach?

Cold outreaching means reaching out to prospects with whom you have never interacted before. They are unknown of the product or service you offer, and cold outreach is the first conversation you initiate with them. It may be done by various methods like calling, emailing, and messaging on various platforms like LinkedIn.

What Are The Steps To Be Followed For Cold Outreach?

For cold outreach, there are mainly three steps that need to be followed:

  • Prospecting
  • Contact Details
  • Reaching Out

Prospecting- This refers to searching for a target audience or companies using platforms like LinkedIn.

Contact Details- The next step is to look for the prospect's contact details, like email addresses.

Reaching out - The last step is to interact with them through messages or emails.

10 Best Tools for Cold Outreach

  • Salesrobot
  • Expandi
  • GMass
  • Lemlist
  • Mailshake
  • Send-Pulse
  • We-connect
  • Linked Helper 2
  • Skylead


Salesrobot is a classy cloud-based LinkedIn automation tool that you can use to send 400 messages a day to your ideal customers. This tool is capable of bypassing LinkedIn limits safely and can generate quality leads for your business in just a few days. Salesrobot is a perfect solution for agencies, individuals, and professionals to increase their sales.

What Features Does Salesrobot Offers?

  • Readymade Templates.
  • Smart Inbox.
  • Image And GIF Personalisation.
Readymade Templates

Salesrobot offers readymade message and email templates which are very useful to reach out to different people. Along with that, you can set a follow-up sequence to reply to prospects automatically.

Smart Inbox

This lead gen software is also equipped with a smart inbox which is helpful for managing all your LinkedIn conversations in one place. You can even use different filters to filter out the prospects in the Inbox.

Source: Salesrobot dashboard
Source: Salesrobot
Image & GIF Personalization

To make the outreach look attractive, Salesrobot offers a feature to add Images and GIFs to the messages and emails. This helps you stand out from other approaches to a prospect.

Shortcomings Of Salesrobot

Salesrobot is designed for LinkedIn specially and for cold emailing, so it can’t be used with other social media platforms like Quora or Twitter.

How Much Does Salesrobot Cost?

At the time, Salesrobot offered only one subscription plan with all the features required to run cold outreach just at $99 per month.

An additional 20% discount will be automatically added to your card if you opt for an annual subscription. In addition to this, a free 14-day trial is available to learn about the platform.

Salesrobot pricing is a Chrome extension-based sales engagement tool that can help you to reach out to prospects through cold outreach. It provides an innovative and flexible solution to provide high-quality leads to your business.

What Features Does offer?

  • Drip Campaigns
  • Email Tracker
  • Analytics
Drip Campaigns

Using, you can set up emails to send to your audience. You can even control these emails later on. Along with this, you can use A/B testing to improve your productivity. workflow
Email tracker

Along with automating emails, also keeps track of which email is opened when. This makes it very convenient to shape your follow-up strategy as per different prospects.


Instead of monitoring the progress of your outreach using manual evaluators, you can use’s advanced analytics feature to know in which direction you are heading.

Shortcomings Of

  • It is an extension-based tool, so there may be safety issues.
  • The interface of is hard to understand.

How Much Does Cost?

The basic plan of starts at** $39/month and includes 1,000 credits and 5,000 recipients**. The price keeps on increasing with the increase in credits and recipients. pricing

Expandi is automation software that works to automate most of the activities related to LinkedIn messages and cold emails. This multi-functional tool can be used to run campaigns and expand your network. Expandi can help to randomize the interaction with prospects.

What Features Does Expandi offer?

  • Smart Sequence.
  • Detailed Analytics.
  • Dynamic Personalisation.
Smart Sequence

While building a campaign, you can use a smart sequence to warm up the leads; for example, you can first send them a connection request, like their posts, and then send them a message; everything is done sequentially.

Expandi Steps for Campaigns
Source: Expandi
Detailed analytics

Like other outreach tools, Expandi also offers a feature to monitor the statistics of your outreach campaigns and track your progress. You can look for best performing campaigns and lift them.

Dynamic personalization

While running outreach campaigns on Expandi, you can select different criteria and variable customs based on the prospects, like company name, first name, last name, etc., and personalize the campaigns.

Cons of Expandi

  • Customer support is lacking at certain points. You may have to scratch your head to solve a problem.
  • Though it is claimed that Expandi can bypass the LinkedIn limits but it can’t send more than 100 invites or messages in a day.

What is the Pricing of Expandi?

Expandi offers only one pricing plan @ $99/month, and it comes with a 7-day free trial.

Expandi Pricing
Source: Expandi


GMass is software designed explicitly for cold email outreach. It can help salespeople and marketing agencies to generate leads using emails. This tool is also useful for reminding users about an event or webinar through emails.

What Features Does GMass Offer?

  • List Building- GMass has a powerful email list-building functionality that can build email lists automatically based on a given keyword on Gmail search. Then it can build an email list based on the keyword. You can even extract data from CSVs or spreadsheets.
  • Personalization options- You can personalize your email outreach using templates offered by GMass and add images and links to emails. It can also extract a prospect’s first name and last name from the email address.
  • Email analytics- You can view the reports of various email campaigns and get some specific stats like open rates, replies, unique clicks, etc.
GMass Reports
Source: GMaas

Shortcomings of GMass

  • A bit difficult to use at certain points.
  • This tool is made for email outreach only, not for apps like LinkedIn.

How Much Does GMass Cost?

GMass offers a free plan which you can use to send 50 emails in a day. Apart from this, there are other plans as well:

Standard at $19.95/month
Premium at $29.95/month
Entreprise at $49.95/month
Team at $125/month

GMass Pricing
Source: GMass


Lemlist is a tool that focuses on cold email outreach. It can deliver high-quality emails and provides an edge to your email game. This tool can be used with LinkedIn also for reaching out to prospects.

What Features Does Lemlist Offer?

  • Email Scheduling.
  • Audience Segmentation.
  • Lemwarm.
Email scheduling

This is the primary feature of Lemlist. You can set automated email campaigns and define the day and time of the email sequence. Along with this, Lemlist helps provide personalized follow-up actions and deliver LinkedIn messages.

Lemlist Email Scheduling
Source: Lemlist
Audience segmentation

Using Lemlist, you can divide your target audience into different groups based on various criteria, and you can interact with the different audiences using specific personalized content for each group.


It is the most infamous feature offered by Lemlist, email providers sometimes block some emails, and they are delivered to the spam folder, Lemwarm ensures that most of the emails get delivered to the primary inbox.

Drawbacks of Lemlist

  • The interface of Lemlist is not very intuitive and glitches sometimes.
  • Drip campaigning is a challenging task to carry out.

How Much Does Lemlist Cost?

Lemlist offers three pricing plans:
Email outreach at $59/month
Sales engagement at $99/month
A personalized agency plan

Lemlist comes with a free 14-day trial so that you can get familiar with the platform.

Lemlist Pricing
Source: Lemlist


As the name suggests, Mailshake is a marketing tool that can be used by entrepreneurs to run mass email outreach campaigns. By adding your email provider to the Mailshake platform, you can start running email campaigns and reach out to people easily.

What Features Does Mailshake Offer?

  • Email deliverability- The in-built technology of Mailshake takes proper care of every single email that you are sending to the prospects. The AI of this tool is very intuitive and ensures that your email gets delivered to the primary folder.
  • A/B testing- Mailshake is also a fantastic tool to form strategies related to the campaigns. You can track different stats of a campaign like response rate, open rate, and click rate. This ensures that you work more on high-end campaigns.
  • Automated Follow-ups- Like every other outreach and automation tool, Mailshake provides a feature to add follow-up messages which will be sent to users in chronological order at a selected time.

Shortcomings of Mailshake

This tool requires integration with other tools, to begin with, your outreach.
The customer support of Mailshake is below par.

How much does Mailshake cost?

Mailshake has two monthly plans:
Email outreach at $58/month
Sales Engagement at $83/month

Mailshake pricing
Source: Mailshake

In addition, Mailshake offers a 30-day guarantee, which means if you are not satisfied with their service, you can ask for a refund.


SendPulse is an email marketing technology that can boost your sales and help your business grow faster because of the unique features it offers. It is a user-friendly software that may help you to draft emails in just a few clicks.

What Features Does SendPulse Offer?

  • Transactional emails: You can send automated emails to your clients who are very important to them at a point in time; it delivers the email well on time.
  • Template management- SendPulse is loaded with different templates that you can use to draft personalized SMS, chatbots, and emails for cold outreach.
  • Reporting- SendPulse provides a smart analytics and reporting feature that you can use to track the progress of your email campaigns.
SendPulse Analytics
Source: SendPulse

Shortcomings of SendPulse

  • There are email verification limits for each month.
  • There is no folder system to manage flows and triggers.

How Much Does SendPulse Cost?

The pricing of SendPulse is very affordable. It has the following plans:

A free plan
Standard plan @ $8/month
Pro plan @ $9.60/month
Entreprise plan @ $13.44/month

You get a discount if you opt for annual billing.


We-Connect is a cloud-based AI tool that can reach out to prospects in bulk. This tool is beneficial if you want to engage with people on LinkedIn. It can help you run LinkedIn campaigns, send personalized messages, and follow up the prospects.

We-Connect Dashboard
Source: We-Connect

What Features Does We-Connect Offer?

  • Reply detection- Whale you are sending follow-up messages to the prospects and if they reply in between, We-Connect will automatically detect their reply and stop the sequence of messages so that you can reply to the doubt of the prospect first.
  • Sending Inmail- We-Connect also allows you to send LinkedIn Inmails that are helpful if you are not yet connected with a prospect on LinkedIn.
  • Saving Campaign as draft- While creating a campaign in We-Connect, if you want to stop and continue later on, you can save a campaign as a draft and continue when you want from where you left off.

Shortcomings of We-Connect

  • We-Connect offers only one pricing plan.
  • The software has some bugs and glitches while running campaigns.

How Much Does WE-Connect Cost?

We-Connect offers a single pricing plan @ $49/month that comes with a free 14-day trial.

We-Connect Pricing
Source: We-Connect

Linked Helper 2

Linked Helper can be used to automate your daily LinkedIn tasks. It can help you to connect with thousands of prospects and send them messages. Along with this, you can also join LinkedIn groups to expand your network.

What Features Does Linked Helper 2 Offer?

  • Activity Dashboard- Once you have started your journey with Linked Helper, you can track all your activities in the dashboard, like how many prospects have replied, how many LinkedIn posts you liked, etc.
  • Data Collection- Linked Helper 2 can collect data like email addresses and website URLs and store them in a CSV or spreadsheet, which you can later use to target potential customers.
  • Message chain- Using this tool, you can build drip campaigns and create a chain that includes all the messages and follow-ups for the prospects. Linked Helper 2 also detects the reply and stops this chain of messages.

Drawbacks of Linked Helper 2

  • It is an extension-based tool, so there may be a threat to your LinkedIn account.
  • Linked Helper 2 fails to give any recommendation on the limit of automation.

How Much Does Linked Helper Cost?

Linked Helper 2 is available in two price tiers:
Standard: $15 per month
Pro: $45/month

Linked Helper Pricing
Source: Linked Helper 2


Skylead is a powerful sales engagement tool that can help B2B companies and agencies to interact with their target audience.

What Features does Skylead Offer?

  • Email Outreach
  • Interactive Inbox
  • Hyper-personalisation Options
Email outreach

Skylead is capable of integrating your LinkedIn account with email. You can extract prospect information from LinkedIn and use it to send customized emails to them.

Interactive Inbox

While engaging with a huge volume of prospects, it becomes difficult to converse with them. Smart Inbox manages all your conversation in Skylead’s dashboard, and you don’t have to switch between multiple LinkedIn accounts.

Hyper-personalization options

You can use Skylead to add images and GIFs to your outreach to make your approach look attractive and human-based.

You can refer here to know more about hyper-personalizing LinkedIn outreach.

Cons of Skylead

  • Creating a sequence using Skylead is a technical process.
  • Skylead offers only one pricing plan for lead generation.

How much does Skylead cost?

As mentioned earlier, Skylead offers a single “all in one” plan at $100 per month.

Skylead Pricing
Source: Skylead

Summing up on Top 10 LinkedIn Automation Tools For Cold Outreach

In today’s modern era, it is necessary to make the best use of technology to elevate your business. For cold outreach, several automation tools are there. Some integrate with email only, while others with both LinkedIn and email. For B2B lead generation, a balanced combination of email outreach and LinkedIn message outreach is considered the most effective.

We hope that you have got an overview of various automation tools. You can go to their respective websites to get in-depth detail about the product. But before deciding to buy a subscription, keep in mind the safety of your LinkedIn account.

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