Top 8 LinkedIn Growth Hacking Tools to Get You More Sales and Leads – Top List for 2023

Top 8 LinkedIn Growth Hacking Tools to Get You More Sales and Leads – Top List for 2023

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Having more than 810 million members worldwide makes LinkedIn the #1 network for connecting professionals from any industry.

In addition, as many as 40% of B2B marketers reported LinkedIn to be the most effective channel for acquiring high-quality leads, and companies that post weekly on LinkedIn see a 2x higher engagement rate.

These are just a few cool LinkedIn facts that make it clear why you simply have to build a presence there. After all, LinkedIn is an absolute gold mine of hot leads, prospects, and successful sales deals – if you know how to make the most of it.

However, growing your network organically can prove to be quite a pain.

First, you have to carefully filter and target all the right people for your business and take note of the vital tidbits you find on their profiles.

And only then the real fun begins, as you have to give your best to reach out to them in a personalized way that will resonate with them the most and create genuine rapport.

That’s where LinkedIn growth hacking tools enter the scene, to help you save much precious time and energy, you can then invest in other areas of your business.

These tools can do lots of useful things for you, such as:

  • Find the hottest leads for you;
  • Interact with their profiles;
  • Engage them in conversation;
  • Bypass LinkedIn weekly limits;
  • Help with organizing and managing lists of prospects;
  • Scrape important data;
  • Provide you with detailed analytics of your LinkedIn profile;
  • Get you more post views and comments;
  • Make meaningful connections with just the right folks for you.

Not to mention that these tools will do all that and more, much faster than you could ever do it manually.

Here’s a quick overview of the top contenders who’ve made it on our list:

👉 Sales Robot – Best for highly personalized outreach and a safe bypass of LinkedIn limits;

👉 Phantombuster – Delivers all-around web automation to complement your LinkedIn outreach;

👉 LeadDelta - The ultimate CRM system for LinkedIn that lets you easily manage and organize lists of your prospects in one place;

👉 Lempod - Provides you with higher post visibility and engagement to attract more leads;

👉 Crystal Knows - Helps you create a perfectly personalized pitch to any prospect based on their DISC profile prediction;

👉 - Finds and verifies email addresses of LinkedIn prospects;

👉 Shieldapp - The Google Analytics of LinkedIn that will get you insightful reports on data crucial for successful outreach;

👉 Sales Navigator - Supercharges your LinkedIn growth by giving you untapped access to LinkedIn’s prospect pool.

Before we tackle the list of the greatest LinkedIn growth hacking tools in detail, let’s briefly review some of the most typical questions regarding these tools.

What kinds of LinkedIn growth hacking tools exist?

There are two main types of LinkedIn growth hacking tools:

  • Cloud-based tools – they are generally safer, as there is little to no chance of them being detected by LinkedIn bots. Furthermore, they don’t require your device to be running all the time for the tool to do its job, which means they can work 24/7 and won’t cause lags or glitches;
  • Browser extensions – they are the cheaper of the two, but they come with a price of their own. They are nowhere near as safe as cloud-based software since you have to download them and install them on your browser, which leaves a trace in code that LinkedIn bots can detect more easily. In addition, they work only while your device is turned on.

Can you get restricted for using LinkedIn growth hacking tools?

The answer to this one is both yes and no.

Many people mistakenly believe that the use of automation tools as such will get you banned without exception. However, things are a bit more complicated than that.

The truth is you can get restricted for things such as being pushy, sending spammy messages, or posting inappropriate content, no matter whether you use a growth hacking tool for that or not, since LinkedIn tries its best to create and maintain a professional environment for its users.

The only reason why LinkedIn prohibits the use of certain software and extensions is precisely to obliterate spammers and protect their users’ safety and privacy from malicious use.

On the other hand, even if you do use a growth hacking tool for LinkedIn, but use it wisely and in accordance with LinkedIn best practices, chances are you’ll stay on the safe side of LinkedIn either way.

Basically, this means that should you decide to use a LinkedIn growth hacking tool, you do so at your own risk. Just like with everything in life - each action comes with a consequence.

So make sure to be careful, mindful of LinkedIn practices and policies, respectful of other users, and never be spammy, with or without a LinkedIn growth hacking tool by your side to remain ban-free.

List of 8 best LinkedIn growth hacking tools

To help you find a growth hacking tool for LinkedIn that’s just perfect for you, we’ve created the ultimate list of tools so everyone can find something fit for their specific needs.

When rating them, we’ve taken into consideration all those features that are vital for successful LinkedIn outreach, such as:

👉 Primary use case – as each of these tools has strong points that make them an excellent fit for particular needs;

👉 Safety – because no one wants to risk getting banned;

👉 Ease of use – including overall UX and assessing how intuitive the UI is;

👉 Pricing plans.

1. Sales Robot - Gets you a highly personalized outreach on full autopilot

Source: salesrobot

On a side note, before we dive in – although Sales Robot is our growth hacking tool, we’ve rated it honestly and with no fishy business. We were as unbiased and fair in rating Sales Robot as we were with all the other software on our list to help you find the right one for you, even when it’s not us. After all, our clients’ success is as important to us as our own, so we wouldn’t dream of promising something we can’t deliver.

Sales Robot claims to be “the smartest LinkedIn automation platform on the market,” and the features Sales Robot’s team offers speak for themselves better than any words.

As it has plenty of options for automating various activities, Sales Robot’s a perfect LinkedIn outreach tool for a wide range of users, from lead generation agencies to start-ups, sales teams, recruitment agencies, and individual small business owners.

Sales Robot - Perks

  • Top-notch personalization options - with this software, you can effortlessly draft and send highly-personalized messages and connection requests in just a few clicks. Sales Robot’s latest generation AI can automatically find the things that stand out from a particular profile, such as experience with volunteering or top certifications, among others.
Source: salesrobot

The tool uses that data for drafting a message so human-like that your leads will feel like they’re talking to an actual person rather than a software.

And if you decide to write your messages, rather than use the pre-made fully customizable templates, Sales Robot will calculate the probable response rate of those messages.

Source: Salesrobot
  • Several foolproof methods of safely bypassing LinkedIn limits - which allow you to send more than 200 messages and connection requests per day. In addition to using email and InMail, Sales Robot also sends bulk messages to group members. By doing that, Sales Robot enables you to work around the LinkedIn 100 weekly limit in a way that’s both effective and completely safe, given that they’re not against LinkedIn policies;
Salesrobot configurations
  • Email enrichment option - this means that the tool will find and verify your prospects’ business email addresses effortlessly. Since Sales Robot has integrated data from a verified email address provider, the chances for a mismatch or difficulties in verification are reduced to a minimum;
Salesrobot settings
  • Safety first - Sales Robot takes personal care of its users’ safety, as it mimics human activity almost to perfection. It achieves this by randomizing activity, skipping holidays and weekends, making delays between actions, and minding LinkedIn limits. You can schedule and gradually increase your activity to avoid raising LinkedIn algorithm flags and set up daily limits of various activities. In addition, Sales Robot’s cloud-based, which makes it practically undetectable by LinkedIn;
salesrobot connection requests
  • Creating smart campaign and message sequences – you can make them from scratch or use one of the ready-made templates that are fully customizable to fit every goal and purpose. The sequences are based on your lead’s behavior, so there’s no chance for embarrassing missteps, such as sending a follow-up even when the lead’s already answered your first message.
Salesrobot campaigns

You can also delay and schedule specific steps, set up triggers, delete pending invites, blacklist individuals and companies, skip duplicates, etc.

salesrobot campaigns

As Sales Robot’s interface is very intuitive, you will have no problem creating your own campaigns in no time. And as an added help, there are ready-made campaign templates to help you start and learn the ropes on the go;

salesrobot campaigns
  • Various integration options - Sales Robot integrates seamlessly with all the most popular tools, such as Zapier, HubSpot, Salesforce, etc., enabling you to effortlessly export all the relevant data to your CRM or database choice in a few clicks;
  • Smart Inbox to help you manage all of your conversations in one place, so you’ll never miss sending a follow-up or responding to a message again.
Salesrobot inbox

Sales Robot - Shortcomings

  • GIF and image personalization isn’t as advanced as in some other tools – although Sales Robot has an option for creating unique content through integration with Hyperise, the visuals are not as customizable and original as they could be;
  • The price – Sales Robot comes with only one pricing plan. However, the value you're getting for your money is more than enough to justify the price. After all, you get a flawless UI, options for fully automating practically every activity you might need for getting a steady stream of warm leads, and plenty of features that enable you to personalize each step of your outreach way. Moreover, Sales Robot’s team intends to include another plan at $99 per month in the near future to add some more versatility.

Sales Robot - Pricing

salesrobot pricing

At the time being, Sales Robot have two pricing plans:

  • Advanced at $99 per month.
  • Professional at $179 per month.

Even though there are only two pricing plans, it includes everything you may ever need from a LinkedIn automation tool and more.

Better yet - it’s perfect for teams of all sizes, as it allows easy integration and team collaboration.

And as it comes with a 14-day free trial, Sales Robot provides plenty of time to try everything out and decide for yourself whether Sales Robot’s the way to go.

What’s more, the folks at Sales Robot will include another pricing plan at $99 per month sometime soon, so stay tuned for that. 😉

Get more sales on LinkedIn. Start a free 14-day trial today.

When to go for Sales Robot as the right LinkedIn growth hacking tool?

Ultimately, if you want a growth hacking tool for LinkedIn that will enable you to get a steady stream of warm leads on complete autopilot and level up your sales in no time, you need to look no further than Sales Robot.

This tool has advanced options for creating various smart sequences and complex campaigns that run by themselves once you’ve put in the desired actions, triggers, limits, and delays.

Creating, customizing, and adjusting smart sequences and campaigns has never been easier, thanks to Sales Robot’s simple UI that makes everything all that smoother for you to tune to your business goals.

The fact that Sales Robot is cloud-based and provides its users with a Safe mode that’s available no matter what pricing plan you opt for is another huge plus.

Salesrobot settings

When you combine that with the automatic randomization of all activities and the options for setting up limits and gradually increasing various activities, you get the formula for foolproof safety of your LinkedIn outreach.

salesrobot settings

In addition, Sales Robot’s latest generation AI is more than capable of crafting highly-personalized messages that are so human-like that there is no chance your prospects will figure out that they’ve been chatted up by software rather than an actual person.

And let’s not forget the one thing that’s important to most users – Sales Robot offers as many as 3 safe and efficient options for bypassing the dreaded LinkedIn limits that work like a charm.

So, if you’re ready for an automation tool that can create fully autopiloted smart sequences and campaigns that bring a predictable stream of hot new leads and make bypassing LinkedIn limits a breeze while keeping you safe and sound – then Sales Robot is the best LinkedIn growth hacking tool for you.

Don’t just take our word for it. Sign up for a 14-day free trial and see what Sales Robot has to offer first-hand.

And there are no strings attached – we won’t ask you for your credit card info. 😉

2. Phantombuster - Gets you all-around automation of any web activity to complement your LinkedIn outreach


Phantombuster is not an exclusively LinkedIn growth hacking tool. This software automates a range of web activity on many different social media and platforms, including Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and even Reddit, Craigslist, Medium, and many more.

Phantombuster - Perks

  • It automates a whole range of actions in lots of different social media and platforms - in fact, it can automate entire campaigns by connecting individual Phantoms, that is, activities, into a chain, or a Flow, that carries on working on auto-pilot;
  • It scrapes data – it can extract almost any information that’s available online and store it for your further use;
PhantomBuster-LinkedIn profile scrapper
  • It’s cloud-based – thanks to that, you can schedule your workflows, set triggers, and leave the rest to the tool, which works 24/7, without the need to keep your device running all the time.

Phantombuster - Shortcomings

  • It’s not devised for LinkedIn alone – as such, it’s not as fine-tuned to LinkedIn requirements and restrictions as some other tools are. In fact, Phantombuster doesn’t even offer an option for working around the LinkedIn connection invite limitations, so you can send out just 100 invites per week by using this tool;
PhantomBuster-LinkedIn invitation limit
  • Bugs and issues with some of the Phantoms users have reported problems with some of the automated activities, as they can often lag, miss data, or fail to extract it thoroughly without an apparent reason;
  • A limited number of Phantom slots – the number of slots you get in a plan determines the number of automated activities you can simultaneously have installed on your account. That dramatically restricts your effective lead generation and outreach options, especially if you need more complicated, multi-step workflows for your campaigns.
  • Time restriction – you get a limited number of hours per day during which Phantombuster performs. Of course, more expensive plans provide you with more working hours than the cheaper ones;
  • Safety might be an issue - Phantombuster demands access to your cookies to log into LinkedIn as you. To enable Phantombuster to do that, you have to download a Chrome extension. That raises the question of safety and probably increases the risk of being detected by LinkedIn bots that do not look very favorably upon such tricks.

Phantombuster - Pricing

PhantomBuster pricing

Phantombuster offers several pricing plans that include different features:

  • Free forever – that comes with just one slot, which means you can automate just one activity per day, with a time limit of measly 10 minutes per day;
  • Growth Hacker - $30 per month, with 5 slots and 1h per day;
  • Business - $70 per month, with 10 slots and 3h per day;
  • Enterprise - $200 per month, with 20 slots and 10h per day;
  • Premium - $900 per month, 40 slots, and 60h per day.

The pricier plans also include priority support and a dedicated expert in some instances.

In addition, each of these plans, except for the free one, comes with a number of email credits per day, which is essentially the number of email addresses you can scrape in a day.

Phantombuster also offers a 14-day free trial.

When to go for Phantombuster as the right LinkedIn growth hacking tool?

Phantombuster is perfectly apt to automate practically any web-based activity you might need. As such, it has plenty of automation features that are suited to different social media and platforms.

However, this tool is somewhat lacking in LinkedIn automation.

Phantombuster doesn’t have an option for going around the LinkedIn limitations, which is a massive issue for many users who are precisely looking for a way to bypass those restrictions to grow their business.

Moreover, although it is primarily cloud-based, Phantombuster demands access to your cookies to log into LinkedIn as you. To do that, you have to install a Chrome extension, which significantly raises the risk of being detected - and banned - by LinkedIn.

That’s why Phantombuster will be put to its best use as a complementary tool to a tool that’s primarily devised for LinkedIn. By automating activity on other platforms, you can supercharge your overall outreach and raise your brand awareness all over the internet.

That way, you can effectively drive traffic towards your business’s LinkedIn page and get a surge of new leads. You can leave the rest to a tool that can seamlessly autopilot your LinkedIn outreach and sales.

To wrap it all up, Phantombuster is an excellent software when you want to automate activity on the web in general and then combine it with your LinkedIn-based outreach.

So, if your goal is to automate various actions on several channels and platforms simultaneously to drive traffic towards your LinkedIn profile – then Phantombuster is the LinkedIn growth hacking tool that will do the trick.

3. LeadDelta - Gets you a fully equipped LinkedIn-based CRM


LeadDelta is a CRM software designed for LinkedIn.

That means that LeadDelta is a tool that helps you organize and manage your LinkedIn leads in one place, providing you with a clearer and more straightforward overview of essential data.

It also includes some automation options, such as sending bulk messages to a targeted segment of your LinkedIn network.

LeadDelta - Perks

  • Helps with organizing your LinkedIn network - LeadDelta is masterful at giving you a clear, simple, and decluttered view of your LinkedIn contacts and their data, such as their email addresses, phone numbers, companies, positions they’ve worked at, etc. In addition, there are options for tagging and filtering contacts for further segmentation;
LeadDelta contacts
  • Management of LinkedIn inbox - LeadDelta gives you a hand with organizing your LinkedIn inbox, which is notorious for its cluttered and unintuitive interface. You can add notes and tags with reminders or relevant information about the correspondent and even pin the most important messages to access them more easily;
LeadDelta Inbox
  • Importing and exporting data - LeadDelta lets you gather all the necessary information from your contacts’ profiles in just a few clicks. That way, you get a complete and understandable database you can further export and integrate seamlessly with any other app or CRM.

LeadDelta - Shortcomings

  • It’s a browser extension - as such, it can slow down your computer a bit, but it’s nothing too serious;
  • Limited bulk messaging - it can send only up to 25 messages in a batch to first-level connections;
  • 5-day free trial and just one pricing plan - you don’t really get to see how the tool performs when given such a short trial, so you basically have to subscribe for at least a month or so to see whether LeadDelta gets the job done for you.

LeadDelta - Pricing

LeadDelta pricing

LeadDelta has one pricing plan alone at $23.70 when billed monthly.

You get a discount when you opt for annual billing, in which case the tool comes at $19.75 per month.

When to go for LeadDelta as the right LinkedIn growth hacking tool?

LeadDelta is one of the best LinkedIn-focused CRM apps out there since it delivers a nice, clean, and decluttered overview of everything you need to know about your prospects on LinkedIn.

That way, you’ll find it much easier to discern what prospects to include in a particular campaign, and you’ll also have an easily accessible database of all the vital info in one place.

Moreover, LeadDelta’s interface is pretty intuitive and easy to use, even if you’ve had no experience with CRM so far.

Overall, having a CRM for your LinkedIn prospects could prove to be a mighty weapon in your LinkedIn sales and outreach, especially if you combine it with an automation tool that puts all of your activity on autopilot and takes care of everything in your stead. That way you’ll get the best results in your LinkedIn growth in no time.

So, if what you’re looking for is a LinkedIn-focused CRM software that will help you organize, manage and have a clear overview of your LinkedIn network and leads, then LeadDelta is the ultimate LinkedIn growth hacking tool for you.

4. Lempod - Gets you increased post visibility and engagement on LinkedIn


Lempod is a tool that “supercharges your business growth” by increasing your LinkedIn post views and engagement.

As such, it’s a great solution for marketers, business owners who’d like to build and promote their brand, as well as recruiters looking for the best potential employees.

The main way this tool works is by enabling users to join groups or “pods” of other users who will then like and/or comment on each other's posts.

Lempod - Perks

  • It increases your post visibility - by joining relevant pods and publishing posts in them, you’ll effectively get your content in front of a crowd of eager audiences. Since you can choose pods based on your target industry or location, chances are you’ll attract at least some potential leads that way;
  • You’ll get higher post engagement - you can choose whether you’d like other pod members to both like and comment on your posts, or you can disable one of these options. In addition, you get to choose yourself what comments your audience can post;
Lempod Inbox
  • You can create your personal pods - this is a great option for companies in particular, as by doing that you can ensure that your teammates and employees engage with your content the way you intended them to.

Lempod - Shortcomings

  • It’s not the best of options for lead generation - since there are no advanced filtering options, you can’t really choose which users will engage with your content, as all members of a given pod will like and/or comment on your posts. However, there are no guarantees that any of them are actually interested in what you have to offer, given that Lempod works on a “you scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours” basis;
  • It can infest your LinkedIn feed with irrelevant connections and content - when you’re a member of a pod, your feed will inevitably be swarmed by content from all the other pod members you may not be interested in the least. In fact, it’s a very common problem Lempod users face;
  • It’s a browser extension - due to that the question of Lempod’s safety is rather dubious. Moreover, extensions are prone to lagging and slowing your device down, so it’s another thing to have in mind;
  • There’s a limited number of posts you can publish per day - judging by the information that can be found on their official website, you can share between 1 and 3 posts per day for “safety reasons”.
Lempod limitations

Lempod - Pricing

Lempod pricing

Lempod has two pricing plans, one for individuals and another for companies.

The main difference between the two is that individuals get charged per pod, while companies get charged per user in a pod.

That means that if you want to join any pod and post your content there, you’ll have to pay $5 for it.

Companies on the other hand pay $2 per user in a pod.

Lempod offers users the possibility to choose between getting a 7-day free trial and 3 free pods to try the tool out.

When to go for Lempod as the right LinkedIn growth hacking tool?

While Lempod can definitely help increase your overall post visibility and get people to engage with your content in whatever way you want them to, it doesn’t work as seamlessly as we’d like.

The biggest issue with Lempod is definitely the fact that it delivers very artificial engagement with your content. Namely, other pod members will comment and like your posts only because they expect the same from you, not because they’re genuinely intrigued by what you have to say or sell.

If your main LinkedIn use is focused on lead generation, then Lempod will leave you with much to be desired.

Moreover, expect your LinkedIn feed to be absolutely infested with content from members of all the pods you’ve joined. And again, if there’s nothing you find to be relevant to you and your business, it quickly becomes a downright pain in the neck.

However, the fact that you’ve gotten your content out there, in front of throngs of people who’re ready to play along and engage with it, can surely help boost your posts.

That way, in the long run, you increase the chances of your content being seen by potential leads who might believe you to be a genuine thought leader based on the number of people who’ve engaged with your content.

So, if your primary concern is solely to increase your post visibility and get people to like and post comments of your own choosing on the content you’ve published - and are aware that more traffic does not necessarily mean more leads and conversions - then Lempod is the go-to LinkedIn growth hacking tool for you.

5. Crystal Knows - Gets you a detailed DISC personality assessment of prospects

Crystal Knows

Crystal is an AI that provides users with detailed DISC personality insights for customers, prospects, team members, and potential employees.

DISC is an acronym that stands for:

  • Dominance;
  • Influence;
  • Steadiness;
  • Conscientiousness.

DISC-based personality assessment helps you predict things such as a person’s behavior in any given circumstance, emotional responses, preferred communication styles, how they prefer to be approached, their personality traits, etc.

As such, Crystal is a handy tool for sales reps, marketers, teams, and employers looking to hire.

Crystal Knows - Perks

  • Helps you draft highly-personalized pitches for every prospect - since it delivers invaluable insights into a person’s personality traits and predicts their emotional responses and buying preferences, Crystal will enable you to create the perfect outreach strategy for every single prospect you want to approach. Understanding what makes a prospect tick and what communication style works the best with them will surely give you a stark edge over your competitors who are kept in the dark about such vital detail;
  • Ease of use - Crystal will predict a person’s DISC profile based on the data it finds on their LinkedIn account. All you need to do is enable the Crystal extension and the tool will do the rest, presenting you with an on-page detailed overview of a person’s DISC profile in real-time, alongside suggestions on the best ways to engage them in conversation;
Crystal Inbox
  • It’s a great solution for various types of users - employers, teams, and sales reps alike can all find something to their liking in Crystal. Moreover, individuals interested in gaining insight into their own personalities can also give Crystal a go.

Crystal Knows - Shortcomings

  • A significant margin of error - there’s a sea of difference between a person willingly taking a DISC assessment test and a person whose DISC profile was predicted by Crystal based solely on their LinkedIn account. In the latter case, the process is not an exact science, as there is plenty of room for misjudgment and mistake.
  • It’s a browser extension - Crystal comes in the form of a Chrome extension that has to be enabled on your LinkedIn. As such, it can slow your device down and cause some glitches.

Crystal Knows - Pricing

When it comes to the LinkedIn Sales Premium solution Crystal comes with one pricing plan at $49 per month, which is billed annually.

The prices for Teams Premium and Hiring Premium remain undisclosed.

As far as a free trial goes, there’s a different trial for each product:

  • Sales Premium comes with 10 free views;
  • Teams Premium comes with your individual DISC personality type;
  • Hiring Premium comes with one free job with sample candidates.

When to go for Crystal Knows as the right LinkedIn growth hacking tool?

Crystal Knows is a useful and fun little tool that help predicts things that are vital to any business that aims to grow and close more deals.

By having insights into the way a prospect will presumably react in a given situation, in addition to their preferred communication style and key strengths and weaknesses, you’ll be creating highly-personalized pitches that are sure to make a favorable impression in no time.

On the other hand, Crystal is far from infallible, so you should take everything it delivers with a grain of salt, as assessing people based on their LinkedIn profiles alone is far from an exact science.

Moreover, you still have to look for potential leads on LinkedIn manually, since Crystal can only predict a person’s DISC profile when provided with their LinkedIn account.

That’s why combining Crystal with a tool that can automate the most tedious part of outreach could be a good idea for any serious business.

So, as long as you have in mind that there’s always a possibility of error, Crystal Knows is a great LinkedIn growth hacking tool that helps you gain a better understanding of your prospects’ traits, behavioral patterns, and buying preferences to get you to close more deals smoothly.

6. - Gets you the email addresses of your prospects in a few clicks is a tool that offers various solutions for sales and outreach.

However, it’s their email finder that makes this software really stand out, as it can find email addresses from virtually any place on the web.

Moreover, has a special extension for LinkedIn alone, called LinkedIn Prospect Finder that easily finds verified email addresses of prospects from LinkedIn. - Perks

  • It has an advanced LinkedIn email finder - this extension enables you to find any prospect’s email address on LinkedIn. The tool can scrape email addresses from individual profile pages, basic or Sales Navigator search results, as well as company pages;
  • The email addresses on LinkedIn are pre-verified - that means that you don’t have to pay extra for an email verifier tool, as’s LinkedIn extension includes verifying emails in addition to finding them. When an address is proven to be valid, you’ll see a green dot next to it. - Shortcomings

  • It’s a browser extension - because of this is not one of the safest tools out there. In fact, there are timeout limits within the app you have to set manually to prevent being banned by LinkedIn. Should you forget to set these up, you’re in for a very nasty surprise, as LinkedIn will restrict you in a flash;
Browser extension
  • Has a complicated interface - there are one too many things you have to check and set manually and the learning curve is pretty steep. Furthermore, the extension itself is pretty difficult to install, as there are quite a few steps to it, and the entire process is nowhere near intuitive and seamless. - Pricing pricing comes with a plan that’s entirely free of charge that provides you with 50 email finder credits per month.

However, most businesses will need to find much more than that, in which case you can choose between 5 pricing plans:

  • S for startups and solopreneurs at $39 per month with 1000 email finder credits;
  • M for small sales and marketing teams at $99 per month with 5000 credits;
  • L for companies that aim to expand their outreach at $189 per month with 20000 credits;
  • XL for established sales teams at $369 per month with 50000 credits;
  • XXL for agencies and enterprises at $738 per month with 100000 credits.

When to go for as the right LinkedIn growth hacking tool? can come in really handy when you’re focused on email outreach campaigns or aim to work around LinkedIn limits via Send connection request by email option since, in both of these cases, you need valid email addresses to make it work.

By using this tool, you’ll quickly find verified email addresses of any prospect on LinkedIn: from their profile pages, LinkedIn search results, or company pages.

On the other hand, can get a little tricky when it comes to safety since it is a browser extension that has no pre-set limits or safety features to keep users away from potential bans.

Moreover, the extension itself is not as easy to wrap your head around as we’d like, as there are a lot of bits and pieces the user has to understand to make the best possible use of the tool.

And when you take into consideration that some LinkedIn growth hacking tools that can fully automate your outreach from A to Z come with additional options for finding and validating your prospects’ email addresses, paying extra for an email finder alone becomes pretty pointless.

However, if what you need is just an app that can find pre-verified email addresses of your prospects on LinkedIn at an affordable price and without much hustle, then might just be the perfect LinkedIn growth hacking tool for you.

7. Shieldapp - Gets you detailed analytics reports of your LinkedIn performance


What Google Analytics does for tracking your overall web performance, Shieldapp does for your LinkedIn stats. As such, it’s an essential tool in any serious LinkedIn outreach plan.

Shieldapp takes careful notice of various LinkedIn metrics and presents them in the form of comprehensive and actionable reports.

Having detailed analytics of your LinkedIn performance helps you understand what works and what doesn’t on the platform, so you can adjust your growth strategy accordingly.

Shieldapp - Perks

  • It keeps track of all the essential metrics - Shieldapp will provide you with data that’s vital for growing your network and acquiring more leads. It delivers reports on things such as content performance, audience demographics, increase in connections and followers over time, the best time for posting based on prior engagement, and all that in real-time;
Sheildapp analytics
  • It’s affordable - none of the pricing plans are too expensive, and even the starter plan offers a lot of features that are more than enough for an average user to get all the important insights.

Shieldapp - Downsides

  • The reports can be a little difficult to interpret - especially if you’ve had no experience with analytics so far;
sheildapp analytics
  • It’s a browser extension - as such, it can cause lags and glitches and it also raises the question of safety, like any other third-app extension that you use on LinkedIn.

Shieldapp - Pricing

Sheildapp pricing

This tool comes with 3 pricing plans:

  • Starter at $8 per month;
  • Creator at $16 per month;
  • Influencer at $25 per month.

You get a discount when billed annually, and there’s also a 10-day free trial.

When to go for Shieldapp as the right LinkedIn growth hacking tool?

Understanding what type of content resonates the most with your target audience on LinkedIn is essential if you’re serious about making the most of the platform’s potential for lead generation.

Shieldapp will provide you with exactly that - actionable insights into everything you need to know for discerning whether you’re on the right track with your LinkedIn outreach strategy.

Knowing what kinds of posts perform the best, who consumes your content the most, as well as getting comparison charts of all the relevant stats will do wonders for your LinkedIn growth because you’ll be able to modify your plans and efforts in accordance with your top results.

On the other hand, if you’ve never dealt with analytics before, be prepared to put some time and work into getting a real grasp of how it all works.

In addition, since Shieldapp is a Chrome extension, it’s not as safe, nor does it work as seamlessly as is the case with cloud-based apps.

Despite those small shortcomings, Shieldapp is still a really handy LinkedIn growth hacking tool to have when you are keen on getting real-time insights into your LinkedIn performance that can further leverage your LinkedIn lead generation.

8. Sales Navigator - Gets you untapped access to LinkedIn’s prospect pool

Sales Navigator

Sales Navigator is a native LinkedIn product that allows you to really make the most of what this professional network has to offer.

By using Sales Navigator instead of Basic or Premium plans, you get unlimited searches on LinkedIn, in addition to a bigger number of InMails and options for applying advanced filters to your search.

Sales Navigator - Perks

  • It’s completely safe to use - since it’s LinkedIn’s own product, you can’t get banned for using it;
  • Unlimited search and advanced search options - this allows you to really dive into the ocean of business opportunities that can be found on LinkedIn;
sales navigator search options
  • You get 50 InMail per month - which comes in quite handy for bypassing the weekly connection limit
  • Smart Links - they enable you to see how users engage with the content you’ve sent them, so it’s a form of very basic content performance analytics.

Sales Navigator - Shortcomings

  • The price - Sales Navigator is definitely on the pricier end of the spectrum, and the features it has, as cool as they may be, are simply not worth that much money. Moreover, you’ll have to opt for the most expensive Sales Navigator plan if you want to see a real difference compared to the Basic and Premium LinkedIn plans.
  • Apart from the search and InMails, it has nothing more to offer - that’s why if you really want to leverage your LinkedIn outreach, it would be best to use Sales Nav not as a primary tool but more as an addition to a tool that can take care of your whole outreach for you.

Sales Navigator - Pricing

sales navigator pricing

There are 3 Sales Navigator plans:

  • Core at $99.99 per month;
  • Advanced at $159.99 per month;
  • Plus at an undisclosed amount.

There’s a free 30-day trial for each of the plans, as well as an additional discount when billed annually.

When to go for Sales Navigator as the right LinkedIn growth hacking tool?

Sales Navigator, being LinkedIn’s native product, is an investment worth making if you want to make the most of LinkedIn’s vast database.

When using just LinkedIn Basic, you’re quite limited in your search options and don’t have any InMail whatsoever, to mention just a few of the problems Basic users face. That means that your lead generation will be seriously limited, as you just won’t be able to make the most of LinkedIn’s resources.

Sales Navigator will enable you to do just that - search for leads with no restrictions, use InMail to engage prospects in conversation when you’re not connected to them, save searches, etc.

On the downside, Sales Navigator is just not enough for successfully - and quickly - growing your LinkedIn network and attracting leads.

It only makes for the first step of the way, and all else is up to you.

That’s why combining Sales Navigator with a more advanced outreach-focused tool is a winning formula for achieving optimal results on LinkedIn.

So, if you want a chance to make the most of LinkedIn’s enormous business potential, then you should start with Sales Navigator as a great LinkedIn growth hacking tool, which will deliver the very best of results when used with an outreach automation tool.

Key takeaways

It’s been a loooong read, we know, so here’s a shortlist of all the vitals:

👉 If you are looking for a tool that can automate almost any web-based activity and help complement your LinkedIn growth and outreach by managing other platforms and social media, go for Phantombuster as the best LinkedIn growth hacking tool;

👉 If you want a first-rate CRM system that’s designed especially for LinkedIn, then try out LeadDelta as a fitting LinkedIn growth hacking tool;

👉 If you want to boost your LinkedIn posts by getting them more views, likes, and comments, then Lempod is the right LinkedIn growth hacking tool for you;

👉 If you’re intent on easily charming any prospect with a highly-personalized offer based on their individual DISC profile, then give Crystal Knows a go;

👉 When you want a tool that finds verified email addresses of LinkedIn prospects in just a few clicks - and are ok with sacrificing some of your safety for it - then might just be the LinkedIn growth hacking tool for you;

👉 When precise and detailed LinkedIn analytics is necessary for a clearer insight into your business goals, then Shieldapp is the way to go since this LinkedIn growth hacking tool has everything you need to understand all the vital stats;

👉 When what you need is untapped access to LinkedIn’s business potential, then Sales Navigator is the suitable LinkedIn growth hacking tool for you to begin with;

👉 Finally, when all you want is a tool with an AI that can automate and personalize your outreach to the tiniest of detail, work around LinkedIn limits without breaking a sweat and keep you safe at all times, then look no further than Sales Robot, the ultimate LinkedIn growth hacking tool for you.

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