Octopus CRM Review: Is It a Game-Changer or a Waste of Money in 2023?

Octopus CRM Review: Is It a Game-Changer or a Waste of Money in 2023?

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This article is your go-to resource if you're a B2B salesperson or a sales manager eager to improve and boost your sales process. 

I've prepared an in-depth Octopus CRM review for you!

As I take you through Octopus, I will draw on my own experience and the valuable insights of numerous users.

So, what's in store for you in this Octopus CRM review? Here's what you can expect:

  • We'll start with a clear, captivating overview of what Octopus CRM brings. You'll get an accurate picture right from the start.
  • Next, we'll uncover it's top-notch features and areas where it may have room for improvement. It's important to know both the strengths and limitations of this tool.
  • After that, get ready for an exploration of it's pricing structure
  • Lastly, we'll compare it with another solution for those considering alternatives to help you make a well-rounded decision.

Now, find a comfortable spot, grab a refreshing beverage, and prepare for this Octopus CRM review. 

By the time we're done, you'll have all the essential insights to determine if it is the perfect fit for your business.

Let's jump right into this Octopus CRM review, shall we?

So, What is Octopus CRM? 

Octopus webpage
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Octopus CRM is a tool known for its LinkedIn lead generation capabilities. It helps users generate leads from LinkedIn and manage prospecting activities.

The tool offers automation features for tasks like connection requests and messaging, enhancing efficiency. The Octopus CRM extension helps users track their outreach efforts with basic tracking and analytics. 

However, it has received criticism for limited automation and a clunky interface. 

Poor customer support and a lack of flexibility in customization options have also been reported. Canceling the subscription has proven difficult for some users, leading to frustration.

Now that we know what this tool is let’s move to the next part. 


Octopus CRM for LinkedIn: How does it work?

Octopus CRM for LinkedIn offers a comprehensive solution to optimize and simplify your LinkedIn prospecting endeavors. 

Operating seamlessly as anChrome extension, this tool empowers you to enhance your outreach efforts while efficiently managing your LinkedIn interactions.

Its core functionalities include automating tasks such as sending personalized connection requests, crafting and dispatching automated messages, viewing profiles to increase visibility, and skill endorsements to boost credibility. 

These features are seamlessly integrated into your LinkedIn experience through the Octopus CRM extension.

The tool functions in two distinct yet interconnected components: a pop-up window and a CRM page. The pop-up window serves as the entry point, enabling you to transfer LinkedIn profiles to the CRM. 

Once these profiles are transferred, the CRM page becomes your command center, allowing you to organize profiles into different campaigns based on specific actions.

With the Octopus CRM extension, you can efficiently manage your connection requests, compose and save message templates for automated outreach, engage in profile visits to attract attention, and even endorse key skills on selected profiles.

Moreover, the Octopus CRM extension provides a range of essential capabilities to streamline your prospecting journey. 

It integrates seamlessly with LinkedIn Basic, Premium, Sales Navigator, and Recruiter Lite accounts. This enables you to work in the background while the tool executes tasks, thus maximizing your productivity.

 The extension also offers integration with other applications via Zapier. 

This integration empowers you to synchronize data with various tools, including CRM systems like HubSpot and Google Sheets, enhancing your workflow and expanding your outreach capabilities.

To summarize, Octopus CRM, functions as a powerful Chrome extension, is designed to optimize LinkedIn prospecting. 

Its automation features, the pop-up window for profile transfers, and CRM page for interaction management combine to offer a holistic solution for saving time, enhancing engagement, and tracking key LinkedIn metrics.

Octopus CRM Review: Where does it shine?

Here are the advantages of Octopus CRM: 

Advantages of Octopus CRM

LinkedIn lead generation: 

It stands out for its exceptional ability to generate leads from LinkedIn. With this tool, you can effortlessly build a funnel of potential prospects and efficiently manage your day-to-day prospecting activities. 

The benefits of this feature are numerous, including:

Customer review of Octopus CRM
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  • Easy lead identification: It simplifies the process of finding and connecting with potential leads on LinkedIn. 

It provides advanced search filters and customizable criteria that enable you to narrow down your target audience based on specific industries, job titles, locations, and more.

  • Streamlined outreach: Once you've identified your prospects, it allows you to reach out to them seamlessly. 

The tool enables automated connection requests and personalized messaging, helping you establish meaningful connections with your leads.

  • Time-saving convenience: By automating the lead generation process, it helps you save valuable time. 
Customer review of Octopus CRM
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Instead of manually searching for prospects and sending individual messages, you can focus on other essential aspects of your business while the tool handles repetitive tasks.

Automation and efficiency: 

One of the standout features of Octupus CRM is its automation capabilities, which greatly enhance productivity and efficiency. 

With this feature, you can streamline your prospecting process and experience the following advantages:

  • Campaign management: It empowers you to set up and manage campaigns effortlessly. 

You can create predefined sequences of actions, including connection requests, follow-ups, and message sequences, allowing you to engage with prospects systematically.

  • Personalized automation: Despite being automated, it enables you to maintain a personalized touch in your outreach efforts. 

You can tailor your messages to each individual prospect by incorporating dynamic placeholders that automatically populate with their relevant information.

  • Time optimization: By automating repetitive tasks like connection requests and follow-ups, it helps you optimize your time and focus on building meaningful relationships. 

You can schedule actions to be executed at specific times, ensuring that your outreach remains consistent and timely.


Tracking and analytics:

While Octupus CRM has room for improvement in terms of tracking options, it still offers valuable tracking and analytics features

These features provide you with essential insights into my prospecting activities, allowing you to:

  • Monitor outreach progress: It allows you to track the number of messages sent and received, providing a clear overview of your outreach efforts. 

This data helps you evaluate the effectiveness of your messaging strategies and make necessary adjustments.

  • Measure response rates: By analyzing the responses you receive, you can gauge your prospects' interest and engagement levels. 

This information is invaluable in identifying the most receptive leads and fine-tuning your approach to maximize conversions.

  • Refine my prospecting strategy: Its tracking and analytics features enable you to identify patterns and trends in your prospecting activities. 

This data-driven approach empowers you to refine your strategy, identify areas of improvement, and make informed decisions to optimize your outreach efforts.

Overall, Octopus CRM LinkedIn offers leads generation, automation capabilities, and tracking and analytics features that offer a powerful combination that simplifies lead generation, enhances efficiency, and provides valuable insights for effective prospecting.

Octopus CRM: Where does it fall short? 

Here are the disadvantages of Octupus CRM:

Octopus CRM disadvantages

Limited automation:

Octupus CRM's automation features have been compared to a slow-moving snail trying to keep up with a sprinter. 

Users find themselves having to manually transfer and launch each step of their campaigns, which defeats the purpose of automation altogether. 

Multiple daily logins and manual connections make the process more time-consuming than it should be. It needs to step up its game and deliver the seamless automation experience it promises.

Customer review of Octopus CRM
Source: G2

Clunky interface:

Octupus CRM interface has been described as confusing and unintuitive, leaving users feeling like they're lost in a maze without a map. 

Customer review of Octopus CRM
Source: G2

The disjointed and cumbersome user experience adds unnecessary frustration and wastes valuable time. It should prioritize improving its interface to make it more user-friendly and streamlined.

Poor customer support:

Numerous users have reported a negative customer service experience with Octupus CRM, and that's never a good sign. 

From unhelpful responses to difficulties canceling the service, it's clear that it must prioritize its customers' needs. 

Some users have even claimed that the company uses fake LinkedIn profiles, which raises concerns about transparency and authenticity. 

When encountering problems, users expect reliable assistance, not a wild goose chase. Octupus CRM should invest in improving its customer support to providing timely and helpful solutions.

Customer review of Octopus CRM
Source: G2

Lack of flexibility:

It has received criticism for its lack of flexibility and limited customization options. 

The Octopus CRM LinkedIn Users feel constrained by the inability to filter the scrape from LinkedIn effectively or manage multiple profiles efficiently. 

It should work on expanding its customization capabilities to better meet the diverse requirements of its users.

Difficulty in cancellation:

Users have faced challenges when attempting to cancel their subscriptions. 

Some have reported ongoing charges even after requesting cancellation, while others have struggled with unresponsiveness from the company. 

Customer review of Octopus CRM
Source: G2

Canceling a subscription should be a straightforward process, not a frustrating ordeal. 

Octupus CRM needs to prioritize providing a smooth and hassle-free cancellation experience, ensuring that users can easily terminate their subscriptions when they no longer need the service.


Octopus CRM pricing: How much does it cost? 

Here are the Octopus CRM pricing details: 

Octopus CRM Pricing Starter Plan:

For just $9.99 monthly, you can start with Octupus CRM. It's like having your own personal assistant for LinkedIn. 

With the Starter plan, you can enjoy features like auto-invites, bulk messaging, and the ability to create your lead generation funnel. 

It's perfect for those who want to dip their toes in the water and see what it is all about.

Octopus CRM pricing Pro Plan: 

If you're ready to take your LinkedIn game to the next level, the Pro plan is for you. Priced at only $14.99 per month, this Octopus CRM pricing offers all the features of the Starter plan and more. 

With Pro, you can connect with premium LinkedIn users, export/import data, and integrate with popular tools like Zapier and Hubspot. It's like having a superhero sidekick for your LinkedIn outreach.

Octopus CRM pricing Advanced Plan: 

Want to be an advanced LinkedIn master? The Advanced plan is here to help. At just $21.99 per month, it gives you everything the Pro plan offers and then some. 

You'll have the power to auto-view profiles, auto-endorse skills, and even activity control to keep you safe on LinkedIn. 

  • Recommended: 

For those who want the ultimate LinkedIn experience, the Unlimited plan is the way to go. Priced at $39.99 per month, it's a steal considering the incredible value it provides. 

With Unlimited, you get all the features of the Advanced plan plus compatibility with Premium, Sales Navigator, and Recruiter.

Octopus pricing
Source: Octopus

All plans come with a 7-day obligation-free trial so that you can test drive Octupus CRM without commitment. No credit card is required, and you can unsubscribe anytime.

So, here’s what we have covered so far in this Octopus CRM review

It is a LinkedIn lead generation tool known for its automation features. 

It simplifies lead identification and streamlines outreach, saving time and enhancing efficiency. 

Despite its advantages, the tool has limitations in automation, a clunky interface, poor customer service, and a lack of flexibility. 

Pricing starts at $9.99/month with a 7-day free trial available.

With this, let’s explore the reasons why you must consider an Octupus CRM alternative. 

  • Better automation: Other automation tools available in the market provide better automation than this tool. 
  • User-friendliness: As Octupus CRM is not at all a user-friendly tool, other options provide a more intuitive and easy-to-use interface, making your experience smoother and more enjoyable.
  • More Customization Options: This tool's customization option is very limited, so considering an alternative with more flexibility in customization is a must. 
  • Transparent Cancellation: Look for an alternative that offers a straightforward and hassle-free subscription cancellation process, avoiding any potential frustrations.
  • Better customer support: Octupus CRM's customer support is unreliable, so it's important to consider an alternative that offers better customer support to get assistance when needed.

For these reasons, let’s explore an Octupus CRM alternative and see if it can do the work for you. 

The #1 alternative to Octopus CRM is Salesrobot, a cloud-based tool with reliable customer support and an intuitive user interface

Allow me to acquaint you with Salesrobot, the leading competitor to Octupus CRM. 

Wondering why it’s better? Allow me to elaborate. However, before we dive in, let me provide you with a concise overview of our tool.

Salesrobot is a comprehensive sales engagement tool that operates across various channels, such as LinkedIn and email.

With Salesrobot, you can:

  • Execute drip messaging campaigns and multi-channel campaigns on LinkedIn and email.
  • Directly deliver messages to prospects' LinkedIn inboxes, yielding impressive positive response rates of 32% or higher.

Now, let's explore the features offered by Salesrobot and how it surpasses Octopus:

  • Highly Configurable: 

Salesrobot's "highly configurable" feature means that the platform allows users to customize and adjust various settings and parameters to suit their specific requirements and preferences. 

Here are some aspects of Salesrobot's configurability:

  • Access management: Salesrobot enables you to control and manage access for your teammates or clients. You can define user roles and permissions, granting different levels of access based on individual responsibilities and requirements. 
  • Daily activity limits: With Salesrobot, you can set daily activity limits, which determine the volume or frequency of actions the robot can perform on a given day. 

This feature helps you regulate and optimize the robot's activities, ensuring it operates within desired boundaries and aligns with your business objectives.

  • Customization options: Salesrobot allows you to customize various aspects of its functionality to align with your unique needs. This could involve modifying the robot's behavior, preferences, or output format. 
  • Tailoring to unique needs: Salesrobot can be adapted to meet specific requirements that may vary across industries or organizations. 

It provides flexibility for users to configure the platform according to their specific workflows, business processes, or industry-specific demands. 

This enables Salesrobot to integrate seamlessly into your existing systems and align with your unique business needs.

Salesrobot's automation is superior to Octupus CRM, which only provides limited automation. 

  • Dedicated Customer Service:
Customer review of Salesrobot
Source: G2
  • Salesrobot provides dedicated 24/7 customer support to assist you promptly with any issues you may encounter.
  • Our goal is to provide exceptional service to ensure a seamless and productive experience.
  • Unfortunately, Octupus CRM's customer service has received negative reviews, with complaints about inconsistencies and a lack of responsiveness.
Customer review of Salesrobot
Source: G2
  • Enhanced Customization for Personalized Outreach:

Salesrobot allows you to create personalized messages tailored to each recipient's needs and interests.

This customization greatly improves your chances of receiving positive responses and building meaningful connections.

Octupus CRM users have reported limited customization options, hampering their ability to achieve effective outreach.

  • User-Friendly Interface and Resources: Salesrobot is incredibly user-friendly. Even if you're new to automation, you'll find it easy to navigate and use. 

We've got you covered with step-by-step video tutorials on our YouTube channel, ensuring a smooth experience without any confusion.

Salesrobot youtube channel
Source: Youtube

This is not the case with Octupus CRM. With its limited guiding resources, users find it very difficult to use the tool. 

Customer review of Octopus CRM
Source: G2
  • Bug-Free and Efficient Performance: Salesrobot is bug-free. You won't encounter any pesky issues or performance glitches.
  • Ethical Business Practices:

Salesrobot takes the high road when it comes to ethics. 

We offer a 14-day free trial without asking for your credit card information upfront. We want you to fully explore our tool and see if it fits your needs.

There are no tricky billing contracts that tie you down, and you will definitely get all the features we promise at the time of billing.  

It's all about giving you flexibility and control.

The situation is not the same for every user of Octupus CRM. Check out what users have to say about it.

Customer review of Octopus CRM
Source: G2

Now, let's get real and dive into an unbiased Octopus CRM review and Salesrobot.

Where does Salesrobot fall short? 

So, when it comes to Salesrobot, let's talk about where it falls short compared to other options out there. One area to consider is its pricing

Salesrobot is pricier tool  than Octupus CRM. Don't get me wrong, Salesrobot offers some impressive features, but if you're conscious of your budget, Octupus CRM might be worth checking out. 

They have a monthly plan that starts at $9.99, which can be a real boon if you're just starting out or working with limited funds.

Now, Salesrobot does have its own pricing structure. Let's talk about Salesrobot's pricing plans.

Salesrobot offers a three tier pricing plan which is at $99 per month, $ 397 per month and $497 per month. 

However, there is a silver lining – if you decide to pay for an entire year upfront, Salesrobot extends a generous 50% discount, which can definitely help you save some hard-earned cash.

But wait, there's more! 

Salesrobot also offers a 14-day free trial, and the best part is we don't even require your credit card information. This means you can take it for a spin, explore its features, and really see if it aligns with your needs before committing to a subscription. 

It's always great to have the chance to try something out and make sure it's the right fit for your sales process.

Salesrobot pricing

This concludes our Octopus CRM review.

In conclusion, while Octupus CRM offers valuable features such as LinkedIn lead generation, automation capabilities, and tracking and analytics, it falls short in terms of limited automation, a clunky interface, poor support, and a lack of flexibility. 

That's where Salesrobot, the leading alternative to Octupus CRM, comes in. 

Comparison between salesrobot and octopus

Salesrobot provides better automation, a user-friendly interface, more customization options, transparent cancellation, and superior support.

With Salesrobot, you can enhance your sales engagement, personalize outreach, and enjoy a bug-free and efficient performance. 

Give Salesrobot a try with our 14-day free trial, and experience a new level of productivity and success in your sales efforts.

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